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Friday, December 17, 2010

Self Worth to Worldly Worth: The Fixed Sign Process

 Force of change evolution by Ade McOCambell (2010)
This is part of an email I wrote to a friend having a hard time. Since it seems to fit with a lot of what a lot of us are going through, I thought I'd copy it onto the blog. 
The metaphysics of money are all about self worth. That won't fix things in the moment, but it's something to add to the pot which may turn out to be constructive.
Take a few words - like "worth" We think of it as money (“how much is your worth?”) but the reality of it is that how much we acquire is one way of pointing out/at how much we think we are “worth.” My favorite saying on this was spouted by The Donald (Trump) who said “money is a scorecard. It just shows you how well you’re playing the game."
Of course you have to also be playing the right 'game' - meaning, for who you are.
There are four parts to the equation – astrology calls this the “fixed sign process.” All cycles are start/finish in the same place because they are circles (cycles). So the first is worth-resources as talents-values (start)/satisfaction-security-resources as money in the bank, car in driveway, etc.
In other words, you have to start with having some (Taurus) regard for yourself. You have to be okay with that Self (self worth). Then you size up what you really believe in and really love and that you have an aptitude or talent for (Taurus) – which is why I asked you about getting a job (in that section of town where you felt so at home) 
Step two is Leo: developing your skills. During this process we explore the heck out of the skills and in time we also start thinking about what we could do (in the big world) with them. We scope out a niche. We develop ourselves or our talents as a “product” with one little piece of our mind thinking about what will/won’t work in the world (and why it will or won’t work).
Step three is Scorpio: putting yourself or your product out there to be critiqued, judged, earn support from others or whatnot. This is the submitting a book to a publisher, apply for a job, showing others that ‘you got the stuff’ and so on. Here we have to be our best person but make an appeal based on what the values of everyone are. When we ignore the everyone, we get bounced. This is notoriously the hardest part in many a human process for most of us. Some of us are just plain risk averse. Some of us are so Self-oriented that we find it hard to think in terms of pleasing everyone including us.
 Representation of different elementary forces within man
or woman by Ade McOCampbell (2009)
Some of us refuse to learn/observe the rules of “the game” whether that’s a community’s standards, an industry’s rules, a nation’s laws, a gender’s natural tendencies. Scorpio is the land of dominance and submission for many, but it’s not SUPPOSED to be about dominance and submission (or acceptance and rejection, approval and critique, etc.)’s supposed to be about merging, joining together and creating “joint ventures” where everybody has a chance to get what they want from the pot.
In Scorpio, the object is to earn the regard and cooperation of others so that they will join with you and give your talents/abilities a place to function and a forward path to follow. This is the getting the job, the having your project accepted, the group taking you to its heart. Scorpio is a “gatekeeper” through which we pass from the realm of “I/me” to “us/the world” in which Scorpio is the “us”...which yes, is why so many people who have control issues have problems in any worldly Scorpio endeavor.
Step four is the Aquarian “the world” where we put ourselves or our product out into the ‘world’ whether that world is a community or a society or an international market. Aquarius is the marketplace – the free wheeling world of ‘some will love you, some will like you, some could care less and some won’t be bothered with you.’ The object in the Aquarian world is to earn acceptance – one measure of which (the Donald Trump 'scorecard') is money.
That money (support), acceptance (support) and knowing how to work this world, which is plainly ‘self-supportive’ is what gets us back to and fulfills the Taurus drive for security and satisfaction.
There is no substitution for any of these steps. Where we falter, we falter generally not because we are out of order with ourselves (we go in a Scorpio door without having done the Taurus and Leo steps) or we don’t build our lives from strength to strength.
Here's hoping that what I wrote to him also resonates with you. He'd like that - he's just that kind of a really nice person.
Doesn't mean he doesn't have problems...we all do. Doesn't mean he's one is. But he is the kind of person who hates to complain and who confided in me today because I was sad - and felt devalued, or like I hadn't tried hard enough - because he hadn't shared when he had a problem a couple of weeks ago.
So if you find this of interest or worth, you have a really nice guy named Michael to thank. Just look up and say - 'thanks, Mikey!'...He just may hear, and for sure he will feel better knowing he has done something caring and useful for others.

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