by Boots Hart, CAP

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

A Headache the Size of...Saturn?

 December 28, 2010
(Aries Wheel - afternoon)

The folks at SpaceWeather (dot-com) were nice enough to send out a little blurb today which in part said: A giant storm even brighter than Saturn's rings is raging through the planet's cloudtops.

Here's a link. Or just go to  And if you arrive there at any point after December 28th, specify the date in the upper right corner to get to the page with the nifty picture of Saturn having a stormy day.

For us here on Earth, that this is happening as Mercury goes on station underscores the sense of challenge, need to think things through and decisions which may change the 'structure' of a situation or some status quo.

Let's call it a celestial exclamation underscoring of the point. What point? Well, with this photo being reported to us as the Moon has been moving through Libra (where Saturn is)...that suggests the need to think about our relationships and interactions with others. What are they worth? Where do we want to go with them? What are others responsible for, and what should we expect - or even ask - of anyone?

Yes, there will be more on this Mercury station in a day or so. But in the interim, I thought you might like to see Spaceweather's photo of Saturn. Somehow it makes me think the planet has a headache.

And if Saturn has a headache.... well! Need I say more? That's a serious bottle of aspirin needed - and maybe (just possibly!) for us as well? Hmmm....

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