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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Sabine direct

 Airglow: the refraction of city lights along with natural  atmospheric incandescent properties as photographed by the Space Shuttle  photo credit: NASA

It’s an interesting celestial ‘comment’ for asteroid Sabine to go direct the day after a Solar Eclipse. And yes, that's what's happening: Sabine goes direct on January 5th at 11:47am (UT/+0).

The degree of Sabine’s station is 12 Taurus...which those who are astrologically inclined will probably recognize as being in very close to perfect trine to the eclipse Sabine's station/direct is following so closely.

Could that suggest that this station is ‘part of’ the eclipse process?

Maybe. But being in a 5th harmonic (departing trine) to the eclipse, whether or not it's 'part of' the eclipse process, it's certainly sensible to think of this as a 5th harmonic "commentary" on the Solar Eclipse.

And what's a 5th harmonic, you ask? The basic concept of all astrological 5th harmonics involves what I want to do. Or I hope/want things to be.

Into this comes Sabine. And what is Sabine, you ask? Taking its name from a nasty bit of invading, pillaging and raping of 'the Sabine women,' Sabine the asteroid is about being taken or held captive...or the desire to hold others or something captive.

Obviously this combination describes 'will' and 'willfulness,' wherever you go with it. And it’s that kind of ‘willful’ quality which marks the great pluses and minuses of all things 5th harmonic. On one hand, it is the artist's strength of will which brings great works into being. Anything we 'make' - be that a work of art or a child or an assertion - bear with it a form of 5th harmonic.

But let's be real. Whenever we step out there, there's a risk. If you choose to compete, you may win. If you demonstrate your talents, you may win an Oscar. But it's also just as possible that not everybody is going to cheer.

All by itself, Sabine going direct at 12 Taurus is a ‘being held captive by our feelings of self worth.’ Or lack thereof, yes. So whether we feel okay about ourselves now is core – and that which is supposed to be evoked so that we deal with whatever our strengths and weaknesses really are. 

That this is Taurus means it’s vitally and totally about us at a very tangible level. That 12 Taurus is a degree between 10 and 19 (a ‘2nd decanate’ degree) adds a whole emotional vibe to the situation. So emotions are stirred now.

The lore on Taurus tosses in an issue with reticence (in particular, liking someone else to make decisions) against which we work with/within ourselves about our ability to be positive or negative as a productive part of the process. Optimism is not a mandate; recognition of realities is the ticket.

An additional comment from the Sabian Symbol for 12 Taurus tosses in a comment on a ‘heavy load’ which amounts to be ‘indebted’ which, considering this is when a lot of folks will be balancing the books after the year-end holidays is a sobering thought.

And let’s not forget that this would be a moment when governments will be getting to work on Matters Economic local, national and international.

What is cited here is the need to shoulder the load and to move on with an eye on societal productivity. Yet with Medusa (fearful knowledge) just ahead at 13 Taurus, the thing in our face is some need to learn anew or learn something new or some sort of recognition about how had no idea what we were doing when we committed ourselves to something. We are disquieted by the prospect of merely just knowing the truth.

 The Rape of the Sabine Women
by Peter Paul Rubens (17th century)

But that’s the point. The fear is ours, the fear is also ours and the recognition or knowing remains the truth there to know whether we like it or not.

Because Sabine is an asteroid, the difficulty It’s not the ‘thing’ per se, it’s us. It’s that honesty clause, that realism thing. But what it isn’t…it isn’t any sort of ‘doom.’ It’s uncomfortable – maybe. But if we can get past the discomfort, beyond that lies a more ‘productive’ time.

Still…talk about another shoe dropping after the eclipse! And with that eclipse having delivered unto each of us a serious dose of clear understanding that things can't go on as they you now feel like a captive? Do you feel like life is trying to rape you and make you captive? Are you thinking to try to subdue something in life to your will?

This all sounds very dramatic and variably dangerous. But remember, these terms are mythic. With Sabine going direct, this is not an 'internal' discussion (read: argument, debate...) which you are having with yourself since last September 15th or 16th, depending on where you live.

No, now the struggle is external. And that may mean you're standing up against Sabine - you are saying 'no more will I be captive!'

Or you may be asserting the necessity to 'take' something captive. Maybe run-away expenditures? Being someone who lives in California, I listened to Governor Brown being sworn in amidst discussions of 'hard budget cuts' a-coming (allegedly a-coming, I should say). And when those cuts show up, everyone in California is going to have to 'share the pain.' Putting aside whether 'everyone' will have to share that pain is an actual truth of those proposals, the concept is very Sabine. And thus to hear such a 'news flash' out of California's state capital (Sacramento) as Sabine came into its station was very apt indeed.

And yes, when (if?) such cuts get proposed, some (no doubt) will scream that some important program is being 'raped.' Hello, Sabine?

When you think metaphysics - in particular in using astrology, think not literally...think figuratively! Sabine is all about the pain of struggle, the pain of asserting one's rights and what you think of as right. And that, considering this station/direct happens just a day after the Solar Eclipse at 13 Capricorn...that may be the dotted line those who are dotted line hunters may be looking for.

If you are someone whose life is in transition, you know it by now. If you realize that some part of how you have been living cannot go on the way it has know it. That part of your life is getting eclipsed.

And now - as Sabine goes direct, what needs doing, what has to be done and resisted is becoming plain. It's not a discussion in your head any more...or in your kitchen. It's something which now requires action. Something which is going on in your reality or your world.

What is happening...the question of what is being 'eclipsed' is affecting what you can and cannot do. What you want and yearn to do. Or have. Or be.

And thus maybe...just maybe Sabine is also about the degree of discomfort it takes to make us stand up, take on, prioritize, and get to doing what needs to be done. 

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