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Friday, January 14, 2011

Mars enters Aquarius


Mars in Aquarius can be very different things. It can represent a dynamo of energy which gets all sorts of things done. It can represent incredible insight as to what is needed, and the courage to do that which is right and necessary, even if it’s not very popular.

Branching off from there, Mars in Aquarius can be that inexorable, unquenchable quality which causes us to embrace something we would otherwise reject. Or to reject everything we originally thought or accepted...or that which the majority, our 'group,' even our society accepts (the "system," social order, legalities, manners, rules, rights.)

Everything we think of as civilized and/or ‘civilization,’ because it's a 'theoretical collective' (or to the extent that we conceive of it that way)'s Aquarian. And as Mars enters Aquarius, it serves to separate that which does...or doesn't fit. What is or isn't acceptable. Or accepted.

Mars in Aquarius also speaks not just to personal energy, but to energy systems - and particularly any and all things electrical. Aquarius being the sign of ‘modern technology,’ Mars in Aquarius is the land of innovation and invention, cyber attacks and both implementation and/or interruption of all which is ‘transmitted’ or carried by computer networks, electronic media-networks-systems.

With Aquarius representing the greater marketplace and income, Mars entering Aquarius equals jobs and commercial activity (as opposed to ‘commerce’ as a business sector). Obviously a pretty dynamic combination, right? Too true – which would be why Mars entering Aquarius, especially just after Lilith has entered Sagittarius is something of a commentary on social dynamics.

 View of Manhattan taken from the Empire State Building
photo credit? Mathew Spolin (2006)

Oh, who are we kidding? It’s a HUGE comment on social dynamics!

(Mars in Aquarius allows for no pussyfooting!)

Aquarius is an interesting sign which is both about the individual and the societal collective. It represents the dynamic of freedom and universal equality and egalitarianism…and yet at the same time represents anarchy, elitism, tyranny and separatist instincts, actions and attitudes of any kind.

The concept here is integration - which makes sense as the polar opposite of Mars in Aquarius as the act of separating that which works or doesn't work. That Aquarius is one of three signs ruled by two planets tells us the whole sign (and everything it touches) involves a process...and the accepting of the idea that processes take time, take effort, take diligence - and that they sometimes need changing or refining along the way simply because they take time to enact or reap the benefits of.

Everything Aquarius begins with Saturn precepts of realism, facts, time and taking the time to dedicate one’s self to knowing what the realistic facts are without wasting time or procrastinating. Saturn being the first or primary ruler of Aquarius, it lays the foundation for Aquarian successes and failures, all of which are symbolized by Uranus.

Uranus represents change. Whatever the status quo is, Uranus changes that. If you are informed, Uranus affords you the chance for discovery. Where you are well integrated or well integrated in a system – or where a system itself is well integrated – the result is accomplishment, output, advancing of the cause and discoveries of new and interesting kinds.

Without having a basis in Saturnine patience, dedication, perseverance and the self-discipline which learns the rules, works to understand the rules and understands the structural limitations of various rules, the result is anarchy, disruption, rejection, lack of integrity, and ultimately, destruction.

 Bethesda Fountain, Central Park
photo credit: Dan4th Nicholas (2007)

There’s an obvious stewing sort of restlessness which can erupt from the desire to discover and be free (or freed) associated with Aquarius. Even the urge to excel which Mars in Aquarius may well signify and be squandered by haste – or otherwise hampered by the fact that Aquarius is a qualitatively ‘fixed’ sort of sign.

Here ‘fixed’ refers to the sign’s “mode” of action, with the zodiac having three: cardinal, fixed and mutable. Cardinal mode is direct and directed: do first, and learn by what happens. Mutable mode is try a little, correct course, try a little more, refine by what you learn – and so on.

Fixed is either hesitant, cautious or well equipped to excel through its willingness to size things up and  prepare. The hard part is knowing which is which – and as I’m sure any friend with personal planets and/or Ascendant in fixed sign will tell you, though the fixed sign inner conviction tends to be ‘this is necessary’ or ‘this is the right way to be/right thing to do’….as the old song says, ‘it ain’t necessarily so’!

Where Capricorn is the sign of achievement per se, Aquarius is the sign of advancement in the world. It’s not the job or the title, it’s the sense of belonging and relating to the world around you.

Mars being the will to do and the urge to get it done wants to be part of this world…or means we’re angry at the world…or means we are compelled to deal with and take on the world because it’s in our personal ‘Mars space.’

Given that, what notes on Mars in Aquarius do we get from the ingress chart?

Starting with the fact that Mars enters 0 Aquarius on January 15 at 10:42 pm (UT/+0), next we add that with Mars at zero, asteroid Hel is at 1 Aquarius, Ceres is at 4 Aquarius and Sappho at 29 Capricorn - just passed up by Mars.

Sappho by Leon Bazille Perrault (1832-1908)

That means Sappho, the ‘universal and poetic’ qualities of life is now being left behind as Mars plunges into Aquarius. And that may well signal our tackling Aquarian challenges – or the need to! Certainly some of us will carry the ‘Sappho vibe’ with us as a ‘reason to be doing all this.’ And for many, that will function well - particularly as a motivation). Others will try to be philosophic.

But with Hel at 1 Aquarius, there may well be the temptation to fly off the handle. Or to take off on some flight of fancy which gets you into trouble. This moment may arrive in your life as a provocation - something which you feel 'dares' you to prove yourself.

Should you? That depends. And what does it depend on? Probably why you're doing what you think you need to do. Mars/Aquarius works best when the effort or thought is for the benefit of many or for the defending of one's personal rights. Just watch the pure ego thing!

Oh yes - and don't be surprised if these next weeks feel like you're saddled with the chore of working through some difficulties. If things are particularly challenging, though you can fight, this is no time to fight bad behavior with bad behavior - integrity counts!  

With Hel at 1 Aquarius, this transition is marked as one where dreams might be shattered; such is the transition from the earthy, tangible-orientation of Capricorn into the airy world of Aquarius where determination gets overexposed to heady theory. Suddenly everything seems so complicated!

Answer: don't try to conquer Everest in a single bound. Make a plan, be realistic. Don't lose it - prove to yourself that you can do this thing you know you want to do!

With Mars taking about two days to move through one degree (on the average), the latter part of the 16th and on into the early part of the 18th (adjust roughly to local time) will thus like or not feel tedious or trying. Apart from that, Mars entering Aquarius with Hel just ahead gives the whole of this Mars-in-Aquarius transit something of an ‘it isn’t quite what I expected’ quality.

Remember – the rule with Aquarius is that offered by its rulers: be realistic (Saturn) and flexible (Uranus) those who surf the days between here and when Mars enters Pisces early on February 23rd will have more kowabunga to their credit and less black and blues from personal wipeouts along the way.

The Ceres at 4 Aquarius part is an intriguing note as it stresses all which is platonic and humanitarian. This is ‘friend of the world’ mode mixed with the Ceres understanding that you have to work today for that you harvest months from now.

(Implied by Ceres being at 4 Aquarius: four months from now.)

 Ancient Greek temple statue of Ceres

That Ceres adds such a marked note of nurturance required (the giving of as an investment in the future) with a distinct underscoring of thought through thoughtfulness, as opposed to emotionalism…?

This is a clue that Mars in Aquarius is best worked through with an air of consideration (of the situation, of everyone involved and of consequences down the line) rather than by taking the tact that we have any right to be a Mars bull in the world’s Aquarian china shop.

After all, Aquarius may be an air sign but its token symbol is that of the water-bearer. And since water is consistently a metaphysical reference to money (hence air sign Aquarius as ‘theoretical money’: economics and income) …with all that being true, it doesn’t pay to gore the water-bearer that feeds you!

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