by Boots Hart, CAP

Friday, January 21, 2011

The FBI, the American Mafia and Jupiter/Juno

 New York City as photographed from Rockefeller Center back in 1935
photo credit: National Institutes of Health

When I heard the FBI had spent its January 20, 2011 Thursday morning arresting 91 Mafia members and associates and that those arrests pretty much ran the gambit of those famous of the New York crime families named Gambino, Colombo, Bonanno, Genovese and Lucchese...that got my astrological thinker to thinking.
After all, this would be the day when Jupiter and Juno are in direct opposition from Pisces to Virgo, with Jupiter on the Pisces side and Juno finishing its transit of Virgo.

Any time you have important celestial objects (planets or otherwise) facing each other across the zodiac, the issue is not just to be thought of as an opposition - a face off, which is in this sense highly applicable - but an assertion of the polarity between those signs. Signs which oppose each other are in a sense, a completion of each other's effort. Virgo seeks to get it done, Pisces says 'it is done' or 'it shall be done' and lets it go. Virgo is diligent, Pisces expresses faith.

And together, they represent morality and functionality - and how those ideas are linked. The 'what works' and how to make it work for your own interest (the Virgo side of the equation) in Pisces meets up with whether the idea is acceptable in the whole or on a universal level.

With Jupiter the planet of legality and law in action, today those Mafia families got a big 'guess what...nooo, your activities are not acceptable to the rest of us!' courtesy of the FBI.

Probably the FBI's most famous chief, J. Edgar Hoover in 1961
photo credit: National Archives

Or at least that's the accusation.

But considering the laundry list of charges in the offing, some of which date back to 1981, one would figure the FBI not only got their ducks in a row before setting out today, but made sure their ducks were all real - no quack ducks, thank you!

The list is extensive. As reported by the media, charges will include conspiracy, arson, extortion, narcotics trafficking, illegal gambling, racketeering and murder.

That's a pretty serious list.

In any case, whether or not any or all of these charges become convictions, particularly considering Juno is in the mix here, it struck me that it might be an interesting thing to look at all the charts involved to see if there were any placements or astrological 'comments' in common.

And why Juno? Because Juno tends to act like a mastermind. Juno is a symbol of organization and implementation - or the organizer and implementer. So that this transiting opposition had Juno in the employee sign of Virgo would not only represent the FBI sending it's agents (employees, civil servants) fanning out to do the job, but the who they were doing it to would all have been 'underlings' of the crime families cited.

But that last is being said in astrological terms...which is to say that even if the current head of any of the New York Mafia families had been taken into custody (and no, I don't have names), that person would be in the family heritage a 'theoretical subordinate' of those who founded those families to begin with.
Which would be why, when looking at this question, the birth dates which got looked up were those of the men who founded each of the five famous families.

Of those families, birth dates (no times, and in one case, no location) are available for four of the names in question.

For Carlo "Don Carlo" Gambino, founder of the Gambino family, Joseph "The Olive Oil King" Profaci, founder of the Colombo family and Vito "Don Vito" Genovese, founder of the Genovese family, there are birth dates and birth places out there for the finding.

For Guiseppe (Joseph Charles) Bonanno Sr., founder of the Bonanno family, there is only a birth date.

And unfortunately, for Gaetano "Tommy" Reina (founder of the Lucchese family), neither birth date nor place came to light.

As for the FBI, the FBI's original chartering date is July 26, 1908. It was created under Title 28 of the United States Code (Section 533, if you care...) and it's chart looks like this...

  The FBI: July 26, 1908, Washington DC

The substantial opposition from the 10th house to Chiron in the 4th house is plainly the FBI's charge to "work visibly, but invisibly" to protect the interests of the American people. The opposition from the 3rd house South Node-Juno-Uranus to North Node-Venus-Mercury-Neptune-Moon in the 9th house on the other hand...that's a good picture of the fact that it's one thing to go out and arrest someone, and another to get them convicted. With the Cancer Moon being the last figure in the 9th "on the way" to the Midheaven (our symbolic "goal") it's interesting - given how the Moon is the symbol of 'business money' how often the FBI has gotten people on tax evasion.

Especially the Mafia.

The FBI's chart is actually a really interesting chart in and of itself, but that's not why were here. For the moment, what would seem to be important is that the by-now infamous Solar Eclipse at 13 Capricorn which occurred back on January 4th is conjunct the FBI Uranus - a symbol of 'break through's and discoveries. And yes, anarchy, which probably applies when this symbol is hit and an investigation falls apart!

In being conjunct the agency's Uranus, this eclipse would also be exactly in opposition to Mercury and closely opposition Moon/Neptune.

Bottom line's all about how squeaky clean those ducks are. If the paperwork and proof is there, the FBI will have their case. If there's hearsay in the works, it's likely to be a big giant problem.

Whatever happens, it's going to take time. There is a 9  Cancer Solar Eclipse in June will will set off the FBI's Venus/Mercury (financial doings) while opposing the agency's June and squaring its Saturn/Sedna. Will we hear that someone overstepped their authority? With someone get off because of a technicality or some sort of ....odd monetary transaction?

Only time will tell.

Meanwhile, with Mars having opposed the FBI's Sun at 9:32 in the evening before these arrests, one would love to have been a cosmic fly on some wall, listening to the 'it's all systems go' order - as that would be exactly the kind of signal we would look for to green light such an operation.

But yes...they my version does sound a little more like NASA than FBI. (Yes, I'm a NASA fan.)

With that said, on to the first father-of-the-mob chart - that of Carlo "Don Carlo" Gambino.

 Carlo Gambino - August 24, 1902
Caccamo, Palermo, Italy - Aries Wheel (no time)

With the January Solar Eclipse having come squarely between Vesta and Chiron of this natal chart, the first comment which springs to mind is they don't know how to do what they're told. Vesta is a symbol of service, which to a Mafia Don such as Carlo Gambino surely must have been projected not merely on what one owed the family (personal or extended) but the loyalty of service and - with Chiron in this mix - the qualities one should bring to the service that they do.

Come mid-2011, there will be two more Solar Eclipses - the one at 9 Cancer and before that, one at 11 Gemini.

The Solar Eclipse at 11 Gemini will complete a Grand Trine with Jupiter (at 10 Aquarius) and Juno (at 9 Libra) with both positions being again hit by the 9 Cancer eclipse which follows a month later. The combination of the Grand Trine and what will then be a problematic 8th harmonic inconjunct to Jupiter and a square to the Juno Libra would at the very least seem to cost money, if not image.

Even more problematic perhaps is that the 9 Cancer Solar eclipse completes Don Gambino's natal t-square - a formation which starts at the Juno in Libra (how to be a leader to others) which is tested by Chiron at 9 Libra (trial and error in achieving one's goals) and which ends with Sedna in Aries.

Together this is a personal test of maturation which as bequeathed becomes a question of whether the 'younger generation' (as Gambino would have seen them from his perspective)...whether they have sufficient wisdom born of savvy (Chiron/Sedna) and a willingness to undertake the hard work or perhaps make some sort of personal sacrifice (Juno/Sedna) to see that things are done correctly.

Moving on to the chart of Joseph Profaci, whose original 'family' would go on to be known as the Colombo family:

 Joseph Profaci - October 2, 1897
Villabate, Palermo, Italy - Aries Wheel (no time)

One of the first things which is notable between this chart and that of the FBI is that Don Profaci's natal Mars is conjunct the FBI Ascendant.

Let's just say there was probably no love lost, and yet with Profaci's 24 Aries Mars in trine to Neptune positioned at 22 Gemini, one has to wonder whether one or both sides didn't quite size the other up very well.

(I'm not a scholar on the Mafia. I'm just reading charts - news of the day doesn't really allow for running to the library and reading a bunch of books! So if anyone knows about this, I'd appreciate a comment on same!)

The January 13 Capricorn Solar Eclipse affects this chart (allowing for the fact we don't know the Moon or axis points) an inconjunct to the Gemini Pluto and sextile the Scorpio Chiron. The inconjunct to Pluto (being that from Capricorn to Gemini is a 6th house harmonic) sounds like a communications issue: crossed wires, missed information. This isn't nearly as strong as the aspects struck by the eclipses to the Gambino chart. There also, the 8th house harmonic is plainly emblematic of the 'other people's money' notion and thus racketeering, tax evasion and anything else of that ilk.

 Joseph Profaci at the 1959 Crime Commission hearings
photo credit: New York World Telegraph & Sun - 
Library of Congress - National Archives

However here, with Profaci's natal Pluto in square to Vesta, there's a legacy of 'tension in the ranks' which may yet mean there are stories which will be told.

The first of the mid-year eclipses - the one at 11 Gemini - will however, hit Pluto square on, setting off the Sun which is in trine to Pluto and that Sun's opposition Sedna, Sedna being in sextile to Pluto. With the second of the mid-year Solar Eclipses (the one at 9 Cancer) then coming along and squaring this Sun opposition Sedna with an uncomfortable semi-sextile to Pluto...

...the sum and total of this sounds a bit like betrayal. Maybe someone talking. Maybe someone giving in or making a deal with prosecutors.

Again, we'll just have to see. There is some chance this odd set-up will manifest as members of this coalition being ratted on by someone else - maybe one of the other families? Would that be so unprecedented?

On to Guiseppe "Joseph Charles" Bonanno Senior's chart...

 Guiseppe Bonanno Sr. - January 18, 1905
Sicily, Italy - Aries Wheel (no time)


The interesting tale told in this chart is how the January Solar Eclipse atop Don Bonanno's Pallas suggests someone in this organization may have known something about the impending FBI operation.

Of all the charts, this one is also hit the most directly; with Black Moon Lilith at 29 Pisces, the exactitude of Jupiter's conjunction and Juno's opposition came as the FBI began it's sweep of arrests.

Let's remember...the asteroid Lilith is what about ourselves we try to deny. The calculated Lilith (aka the Black Moon) is about Moon and proximity to Earth - in other words, that part of society we like to deny which then comes close to us.

Again, did somebody know? Or did somebody in this family get told but just dismiss something the wisdom of experience (Pallas) would have taught them?

It will be interesting to see how members of this family fare as 2011's mid-year Solar Eclipses come around. The one at 11 Gemini ill squarely square South Node conjunct Juno (ease of operations) and North Node both - this is a bad time with society however you cut it.

The 9 Cancer Solar Eclipse which follows conjuncts founder Bonanno's Neptune, too. But it does so in a manner which sets that Neptune up to be the apex of an eclipsing t-square with Sedna as the start and Vesta the "solution." About the best this would seem to come out as would seem to be becoming a turncoat of some kind on some level to some person for some reason.

This is a weakness being shown up for sure. Without a proper time for this chart, we can't know what it represents. All we know is that at the heart of the problem lies some sort of inner conviction of about what life is "supposed" to be (Sedna). The eclipse blows that up - what we don't know is how.

Sometimes astrology just makes the story more tantalizing!

The last chart we have is that for Vito "Don Vito" Genovese...

 Vito Genovese - November 27, 1897
Naples, Italy - Aries Wheel (no time)

When the FBI started arresting people, Jupiter was trining Uranus in Don Genovese's chart. With Uranus at a critical degree (of Scorpio) conjunct Saturn and Mars, that's the first clue we have that this confrontation with the government is likely to do some damage - at least financial damage - to the organization Vito Genovese originally built. 

This would seem to be a symbol of repercussions, especially since the Saturn and Mars are in Jupiter-ruled Sagittarius. Without a time of birth it's hard to be sure but it's to be supposed that there is a wall of legal resistance worthy of Saturn/Mars strength bristling as it builds a defense. But will that work?
This is all made a little more complicated than this when we look at the whole of the chart - which is plainly the chart of a very ambitious man - and see Sedna (again, Sedna) at 7 Aries in opposition to Jupiter at 5 Libra with Ceres sitting within orb of the midpoint to these two positions at 10 Cancer.

 Vito Genovese in 1959
photo credit: New York World Telegraph & Sun 
- Library of Congress - National Archives

It's a t-square. And not just any t-square, but one which was set off by the January eclipse (which opposed Ceres) and which will again be set off by the mid-year Solar Eclipse at 9 Cancer. Just prior to this second upheaval, the June eclipse at 11 Gemini will hit just between Black Moon Lilith (at 9 Gemini) and Pluto (at 13 Gemini).

Black Moon/Pluto is a lurking strength (or stronghold) you haven't wanted to think about or have long denied exists. In Gemini, the strength is probably information.

Given the state of the judicial system, it will like as not take until June or July for these cases to arrive on a court docket with everyone ready to stand (or sit) before a judge for the lengthy preliminaries. The legal process then being what it is, one would suspect we should look to the Solar Eclipses which happen at the end of 2011 for whatever results.

That eclipse occurs at the end of November (sounds likely, no?) and will fall at 2 Sagittarius.

Without looking back at anything written here, I go through the charts and see a trine to Venus at 5 Leo on the Gambino chart - like as not, that's money. Two Sagittarius being in opposition to the Profaci/Columbo family founder's 3 Gemini Black Moon Lilith looks more damaging - more like a silencing or a dissolution of some partnership.

Two degrees Sagittarius is an uncomfortable semi-sextile to the Bonanno chart's 3 Capricorn Mercury and 2 Scorpio Mars - business interests? Being required to divest one's self of some activity or involvement? This smacks of both money and business activity, though in the organizational sense (again, granting that we don't have full natal charts) seems more problematic than deadly.

Last in line, the Genovese chart seems the most definitely impacted, as by anyone's estimation 2 Sagittarius is conjunct the Genovese 5 Sagittarius Sun and 3 Sagittarius Mars/Saturn. Given the nature of Solar Eclipses and their 'habit' of revealing the worst before dealing with underlying problems, what happens in this realm is anyone's guess.

As for the FBI's chart, the sextile to a 1 Libra Pallas and trine to Sun at 3 Leo suggests a simple resolution of a case file. There is an inconjunct to Venus/North node (What? The FBI go over budget?)...but other than that, nothing much.
It's interesting how in such an incident, all the parties  have such descriptive charts, isn't it? Astrology's effects are always in the news, just as the news continuously illustrates astrology.

But then, that is how it works, right?

Stay tuned!


  1. "Sometimes astrology just makes the story more tantalizing!"

    Boy, is that the truth here! Thanks for putting in the effort to post this! VERY interesting indeed!

  2. You are so welcome!

    I'm hoping to get back to this as the story evolves to see how things turn out. To me, one of the really interesting points is about the FBI itself - how the FBI's Moon speaks not only to why they've gotten Mafia figures eventually incarcerated not on murder but on things like tax evasion, but also why they are such a key figure in bank robberies and other 'monetary' acts. It's so very clear in the FBI chart!