by Boots Hart, CAP

Friday, February 27, 2015

Huya and 28 Scorpio

An artist's impression of object 38628 - the Plutino we call Huya
(image credit: Lanthanum 138, May 2001)
It strikes me as an interesting thing that we don’t hear all that much about the astrological Huya. After all, it’s a Plutino - just like Ixion (shudder), Orcus (sigh) and Pluto (do I have to?) are.

And no - we don’t hear all that much about Orcus and Ixion, either. But maybe we should.

And maybe Huya deserves a little respect. After all, it’s not your common Plutino. (As if any Plutino is commonplace?) Defined as objects which have orbits controlled nebulously, magnetically and astrologically alluringly by Neptune - which in its role as planetary Plutino puppet master acts as the very essence of idealism and illusion - Plutinos generally represent things which tempt us oh-so alluringly: Pluto temps with the thought of being able to control things and have our way ... Ixion tempts us to think we don’t have to care about standards, promises or anyone else and Orcus - by its ability to confront us with truths which stem from things we can no longer change tempts us to frenetic denials and bluffs of various types.

But Huya? Named for a Venezuelan rain god, Huya represents that very painful thing we learn in life ... and that life can be painful ... and how by taking that hurt, by thinking through that painful experience we can become stronger and actually emboldened by deciding to either expose the pitfall we fell into to others (so they don’t do likewise) or to push past those injuries of the past in such a way that we become embodied as someone who can help others recognize there is possibility ... there is viability ... there is personal satisfaction and success to be found through standing against and working to dismantle that which demeans, which cripples, which destroys possibilities for productivity, creativity and the simple blessings of life for others.

And that’s hardly the stuff of personal allure. Where with Pluto, Orcus and Ixion we tend to be the ‘source’ of our conflict, Huya speaks to a conflict we experience but must then examine and work past, and let’s face it ... nobody’s delighted with having to pick up the pieces.

So where’s the common thread?

That thread would be in the transformational experience Plutinos signify. We associate the word ‘transformation’ with Pluto and that’s correct - but it would also seem that every Plutino times out periods of transformation when they periodically transit our chart.

To say nothing of where such points reside in our chart.

Plutinos can all become a great gift. To the extent we get our ego out of the way and become willing to accept our part in things without trying to control them, undermine them (that being the Neptune part) we can be or become lynchpin for change - and by being that lynchpin enrich our own lives and those of others immeasurably.

What we can’t do is decide that such successes (whatever form they take) are about our brilliance or greatness or ‘heroic’ stance, as that’s an egotistical stance which Huya transits (or transits to your natal Huya) will then reveal as detriments or a lessening of your ‘brand’ or sense of personal power (real or imagined).

In going retrograde at 28 Scorpio, Huya is doing two things right off the bat: it’s ‘taking a turn’ in a degree which denotes mastery (suggesting we need to master something within the situation or within our Self) ... and it’s not fully conjuncting fixed star Toliman (at 29 Scorpio).

Not conjuncting it yet, that is.
Fixed stars tend to represent ‘standing issues’ and ‘the background against which everything else gets set.’ And since in the world of fixed stars Toliman is a star which is relatively close to Earth, its issues tend to be more common, prevalent or ‘obvious’ to us than other stars. Spoken of by Ebertin (a famous fixed star astrologer) as expansive and possessed of a Jupiter-Venus quality, Toliman nevertheless is associated with peculiar situations which arise in, around, or possibly in spite of standing relationships ... and all of this is part of Huya’s station in that Huya will take its turn ‘in the face of’ Toliman - which is likely to manifest in any number of lives as those who turn around and go away (or blandly excuse themselves) after having ‘stirred up’ some sort of problem.

The Huya of it all here tells us that in many cases this combination is going to manifest simply as that - someone who goes away, or a situation which gets ‘backed away from’ (or which takes a turn which is then not publicly resolved) for some time - the  amount of time in this case like as not being at least until Huya goes direct on August 5 (2015).

And of course, as with all retrograde cycles it may take even longer - a notion anyone who’s had a really rancid Pluto transit knows well (oh, how some transits linger on ... and on ... and on ...). So the truth of this may well be that what we ‘face’ now (or what we ‘about face’ in the face of now) may not come back around for dealing with on any direct level until Huya returns to 28 Scorpio - an event which won’t even begin until November 2015. Even then, seeing as Huya is a relatively slow-moving object (in terms of its movement through zodiac degrees) once Huya does return to 28 Scorpio on November 2nd and lingers there for a couple of weeks (read: through November 26th), notions and inner understandings which need to be grown in association with 28 Scorpio (that which we grow to achieve ‘mastery’ of in our own mind, choice of actions or personality) may not be complete.

Yes, some of us are quick studies .,. and some of us are resistant, especially when it comes to Things Scorpio, a sign under which we tend to think (read: insist) that we’re right and “THEY” need to change (not us). For those who learn the first (or even second) time through, Huya’s subsequent passes become opportunities to utilize and improve on and polish one’s skills. Our current experience (the one which leads to Huya going retrograde on March 2nd, UT/+0) began this year back on January 10th - and that it began with Huya conjunct Charybdis suggest a need to ‘keep at it’ (whatever “it” is in your situation) in order to achieve you goal - or even some ‘level’ situation.

And still we’re not done. After Huya goes retrograde now (on March 2nd) and direct this coming November it will return to 28 Scorpio (in retrograde motion) on July 6, 2016 and after hanging there for a month goes station/direct at 28 Scorpio on August 7th, after which Huya remains at 28 Scorpio for another month until it finally vacates the degree premises (for another couple of hundred years) on September 8, 2016.

That’s a LOT of Huya at 28 Scorpio - almost two months of it now and two more months of this influence next year, after which Huya meets up with Toliman at 29 Scorpio and we get a ‘hurry up’ course in all those things we have been resisting about our Self ... which at the moment we’re still more or less intent on getting/gaining from (or through) others ... which, if we can find the emotional strength to accept and shift with will (in time) turn into an operational benefit.

It’s just we do have to wait. And we will have to do even more work (on our Self or our ‘side’ of things  most of all) to move ahead.

Even then we will meet up with glitches and course corrections and feedback which we could not have predicted, but which yes ... we will be all to happy to blame on someone else for not having mentioned.

Huya can represent a lot of ugliness in us, and in the lives which we experience. Then again, it can also represent the very best we have to offer. This cycle is one of many, reflecting this time and the year-plus ahead as one in which we can succeed through that which we have worked on and that which we have - and which we work to offer others. The 'Huya part' of it all lies in the idea that we have to be the one doing the offering ... and that what we offer must be, or be connected to something we learned through dint of experience. Such experience will have taught us some harsh realities ... and part of getting past them will be in recognizing how some of this world's most rewarding gifts are those we indeed need to learn ‘the hard way’ - and which we then share with all the strength of those hard-won lessons. But where we are constructive in spite of all, where we've learned that our ultimate enrichment lies in that which we do to enhance the lives of others which is the Huya notion, for Huya asks that we choose to act as a force for the enhancing of individual lives.

And it does that because Huya is the emblem of not who we started out being, but who we ultimately become.

You know... once we've mastered that Self of ours.

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