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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Eris Direct

Lightning strikes as Indonesia's Galunggung volcano erupts.
(photo credit: R Hadian - U.S.G.S., December 1982)
So things aren’t quite settled ... which we know because there’s a lot of Uranian energy loosening the nuts and bolts (or our hold on) certain things we had finally really learned how to count on.

Which is all so Uranus-square-Pluto.

And with Uranus being currently in Aries, there is that oddity that just when we go to blame things on someone else we see or recognize something we hadn’t counted on.

Then there’s our relationship(s) with others - others known and amorphously unknown. A lot of things we hadn’t counted on are becoming important. We thought we could lean on certain things but now those choices need reconsidering.

Things are clearly in a sort of nebulous muddle. But it’s not anything we can simply walk away from or ignore. With Uranus conjunct the South Node and the Libra(north) and Aries(south) moving into 13 Libra-Aries with Pluto at 13 Capricorn forms a perfect transiting t-square: the transformation of our understanding of why something is important and how unless we get past thinking it’s just about us or “our identify” with or in the situation, we aren’t likely to get anywhere.

Or at least not where we really want to go.

With the North Node (the relationship to the thing or person/people we should have) at 13 Libra and Pluto at 13 Capricorn the primary challenge is to our sense of those we associate with. Do we know them? Are they changing? Are we changing? Do we need to change considering some (Eurydike) cost - and if so, what is the cost of changing? Are our chosen goals or aims still attainable - or would they be too costly?

Moreover, because the nodal shift (and thus the perfecting of the Pluto t-square) occurs on January 8th, that means that whatever all of this means to you (which - count on it - isn’t what it means to the person standing next to you) ... that date of January 8th highlights a metaphysical “dotted line” between the Plutonic/Nodal ‘transformation of relationship to...’ (something) and the idea that dwarf planet Eris is going direct on January 10th.

The Eris glyph
The time of said event: 27 minutes after midnight, UT/+0 time.

The degree of said event: 22 Aries, a degree which though spoken of as an indication of a lot of potential which though unpredictable and sometimes problematic (even deadly), is nonetheless a precious example of our endless ability as human beings to face life and to be spurred by life to various acts of amazing ... and at some level mysterious ... creativity.

Ciphered through discordant Eris, this is good cause to wonder. Eris is nothing we control - it comes and becomes without our doing anything ... and at some level, because we haven't or won't do something as we know we should.

Eris often manifests with something of a shock, a jolt, a stunning confrontation - most of all with our Self. With an orbit which takes just under 600 years, Eris effects mark eras of development in crisis. Having been in Aries since the latter part of April 1923, the best part of everyone alive in today was born under this influence with Eris indicating (among other things) how we will react to life's unpredicted shocks and insights.

With Eris in Aries, we'll take it personally. Or take it to be 'about' us - or due to who we are, which in the case of an object which can be used effectively as a means to stand up or against some universal wrong (especially if or where we are not a member of the 'wronged' group) can be a very good thing.

But when not harnessed productively, Eris in action can be problematic. A great hassle which whether it is or not can feel like some sort of fate-ordained personal harassment (that would be the 'personally' part). Wherever we find Eris in the chart, there will be drama.

What we do with that drama is the question. So ... with Eris going direct now in Aries, will its station-direct period bring some need to be creative, the ability to be creative or some inspiration as to how to ‘create’ the thrust or sufficient motivational energy to propel or carry something to its fulfillment?

Also - just to finish the thought: the reason we would astrologically connect the Eris event to the Pluto t-square is because we give all stations a two-day before, two-day after ‘station allowance.’ During this time, events which occur tend to have lasting effects which go beyond the date of the station with events happening prior to the actual station generally pertaining to things which have yet to happen and things happening just after the moment of station referring to issues (or lessons) which are finally at their end.

Eris Direct at 22 Aries (glyph chart)
January 10, 2015 - 00:27 a.m. (UT/+0) - Aries Wheel (Location Not Specific)
Eris Direct at 22 Aries (text chart)
January 10, 2015 - 00:27 a.m. (UT/+0) - Aries Wheel (Location Not Specific)
But what do we know about Eris?

We do know Eris’ station is in a receptive-responsive degree (all even number degrees have a hint of said quality). We also know that as Eris is on station, it’s in trine to a Jupiter which in Leo retrograde is referencing something which without additional effort (that being the ‘trine’ part of this) is being ‘delivered’ to, or received by us. If Jupiter was direct, we’d be doing the doing (so to speak!), but in Leo retrograde whatever is happening is (Eris) starting or startling us into an understanding which given Jupiter’s square to Sedna (at 23 Taurus) refers to something we want and believe we should have (or be able to/allowed to have) which is probably beyond ‘having’ at the moment.

All and all, this would seem to be a time which refers to corrections not necessarily about the ultimate course or goal (although it could be) but which certainly refers to some form of personal priority or prioritization which needs reexamination.

 An orbital diagram for Eris as of January 10, 2015
(courtesy of the JPL Small Body Database)
Plus this isn’t the only thing happening during this time. As Eris enters its ‘station allowance’ on January 8th in anticipation of going direct on the 10th and as Pluto and the Nodes create a dynamic which may break us out of some ‘easy/easy out’ mode we’ve been dallying in/with, Ceres is moving into Capricorn, joining the Plutonic parade in the sense that Ceres is a known astrological commodity, and to have nurturing, protect-the-process/protective-of-the-process Ceres moving into Capricorn is an interesting counter-balance to Pluto.

Let’s remember: Pluto is that hand on the celestial and cosmic clock which indicates transformation - as opposed to Uranus, which indicates change.

Pluto is ... well, to use the geological term, metamorphic. Plutonic changes take time. They feel like being pushed, being pressured, being overwhelmed and being stripped naked - often all at once, and definitely forever and always on an emotional level. However concrete Pluto effects eventually become, the rending of our emotional soul which comes with the process is the thing which really transforms us.

Against this, Uranus is ‘a change.’ When you reach for a light switch and flip it on - or you strike a match and light a candle, you’ve effected change. If you stub your toe there’s a moment before the stub and a moment after.

With Uranus, the moment of shift is virtually instantaneous. It’s a break or a breakthrough - the light which as fast as we perceive it has already banished our previous dark.

In practical terms, Uranus squaring Pluto is a lengthy period which is transformative in the sense that we (and our societies) learn to be more flexible even as our power of, and ability to focus goes into  marathon mode as we endure a long and longer series of unpredicted (and unpredictable) incidents, changes and sudden recognitions. To have to deal with that at the same time that we’re trying to be constructive (which most of us are) is trying at best - and nerve-wracking for many. So it’s lucky that things will begin to simplify (at least) once we get through Uranus’ peak South Node/conjunction effects on January 19th and 20th.

And about that...? The best suggestion there is the standard and Uranian one: remember to flex.

 The Ceres glyph
Until then, we do at least have an astrological assurance (labeled ‘Ceres’) telling us that we will persevere. Change or no change, the days will tick by, we’ll try, we’ll learn, we’ll recalculate and move on - and to have Ceres in Capricorn as we do this amidst all life’s pressures and bumps refers to an overarching ‘protective measure’ which is acknowledged by - and therefore a potential benefit to all. By nature, Capricorn always speaks to a ‘cooling’ of perspectives, so Ceres from this Friday until April 3, 2015 when Ceres moves from Capricorn into Aquarius, a lot of things which are currently ‘over heated’ will cool off, offering time for lots of constructive consideration and restructuring as necessary.

Of course that does mean we will have to deal with whatever needs cooling - which is slowly be/coming clear ... whether we're comfortable with it, or not.

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