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Friday, January 2, 2015

Venus in Aquarius

An ice block on the beach near Jökulsárlón, Iceland
(photo credit: Andreas Tille, February 2003)
As Venus moves into Aquarius on January 3rd (at 14:49 - 2:49 p.m. - UT/+0) time few will be looking up and shouting ‘whoopee!’ as if some gift had been given.

But in a sense, that could be what’s happening - depending, of course, on what you’ve been doing (or preparing to do) prior to now. Venus is, after all, the symbol not of ‘cause-effect’ as a system but that magical, sometimes longed for and sometimes dreaded moment when cause turns into effect.

Yes, Venus represents the ‘having,’ which we associate with Taurus (one of Venus’ two signs of rulership). But considering that Taurus is not merely the ‘having’ but the ‘using’ or even the ‘consuming’ - Taurus does rule food, restaurants, groceries, chefs and all which goes with that.

But why Taurus rules that is the point: food preserves life. Having food, knowing how to feed ourselves, even the simple act of eating - they’re all intrinsically and biologically linked to a primal feeling of inner security which comes from knowing you’re not going to starve.

So as Venus moves through Aquarius, this question or ‘quest’ for security and to bring things into a position where cause does turn into the effect we want - that becomes a generalized aim. Yes, the Uranus-Pluto square and Saturn squaring Neptune - all those inner recalculations and outer reconciliation processes being thrust upon us by our times and life - all those things continue (see previous post). But within that, the Venus part of our daily life - the search to make things ‘happen’ - that moves from the Capricorn structuring phase about what’s what and what got us where we find ourselves, what needs doing and why our values are as they are ... all the subtly past tense ‘how we got here’ themes which have been much a part of our past several weeks melt away.

And in their place we are faced with today: what it takes to survive today, whether we integrate that ‘past’ into today - or whether we simply accept today as its own thing and something we need to learn about and participate in. In adapting, might we become as functional as others? Might we be able to either ‘fit in’ or utilize some ability or talent that we have (all such things being Leo and Leo being the polarity sign to Aquarius) ... have we something in our ‘bag of tricks’ which will allow us to stand out?

More over ... if we (or what we do) does stand out, will that ‘cause’ turn into an ‘effect’ which is universally well received or only well received in the mind of a particular faction?

That’s the Aquarian part. Aquarius is the sign of the social, societal and human collective. Aquarius is the marketplace of thought, of ideas. In being the third of the zodiac’s theoretical airy signs Aquarius is also not the individual mind-and-mindset of Gemini. Nor does it embody or promote interactive communication or conversations good and bad between factions and collectives as Libra does.

Venus in Aquarius (glyph chart)
January 3, 2015 - 14:49 (2:49 p.m.) UT+0 - Aries Wheel (Location Not Specific)
 Venus in Aquarius (text chart)
January 3, 2015 - 14:49 (2:49 p.m.) UT+0 - Aries Wheel (Location Not Specific)
Zodiac signs all come in threes. The first is personal, the second is interactive and the third is global. So where Venus in Gemini is ‘what I like’ (or choose to pursue) and Venus in Libra is ‘what we like/don’t like’ (or choose to focus on), Venus in Aquarius is ‘what is liked’ ... or ‘what works’ or ‘that which is successful’ - the “proof” of which is the response, be that applause, accolades, ‘likes,’ popularity, money or the fact that when you flip the switch, the lights go on.

When the Aquarian system ‘works’ - the proverbial light goes on. And when an Aquarian system doesn’t ‘work’? Then we are in the dark - sometimes literally (Aquarius does rule energy and energy systems) and sometimes figuratively.

And all of this can be about others ... and then can be about us: sometimes Venus in Aquarius is all about feedback, the “results” of what we’ve done. Venus in Aquarius isn’t the Venus in Capricorn world of  bottom lines and ‘consequences,’ but rather is more about sizing up what’s working and what isn’t - and why. With it’s emphasis on functionality and a ‘system’ which works universally and across-the-board, this January 1st through January 27th Venus in Aquarius period will let us know where things don’t work, leaving us to sort through what needs updating against what needs an overhaul and (Pluto square Uranus) changing, whether that’s of some attitude or about the thing itself.

There’s a note of showiness to Venus in Aquarius which given our day and age lends itself to technology, gadgets and any of a number of means by which we entertain ourselves through some electronic or digital means. Venus in Aquarius will also point to the positives and negatives of money being operated on any theoretical level, whether that’s a reference to an economy, economics in general, wages, how money is spent, accounted for or moved - or any of the facets which pertain to  entirely basic questions of having “enough money to survive” ... or how much of anything (money, effort, time, loyalty) is “enough.”

Venus in Aquarius can reward. It can also deny rewards, which in some cases denotes being ‘cut off from’ (being ill-informed, being in denial) something.

Why that would happen is variable. But it can happen - and for some (those who are averse to life being other than how they want it to be) Venus in Aquarius is often a time where things get ‘bypassed’ or ignored simply because there’s an inner terseness and tenseness which translates roughly as ‘I don’t have to deal with that - so I won’t because I don’t want to.’

Let’s remember, after all ... Aquarius is a fixed sign: it isn’t easily ‘moved’ off it’s base or basis of anything. And if you’re saying ‘but then, neither are any of the fixed signs,’ I’ll agree but add that this particular sign in question (Aquarius) is the only one of the four (the others being Taurus, Leo and Scorpio) which is an air sign - which means it’s the idea which is at least initially captivating, not the reality. Like its Leo polar compliment, Aquarius functions in and as a world of possibilities: Leo is just the “me” part of that universal world of ‘the possible’ where Aquarius is the theoretical ‘entirety’ of possibilities - whether that range of possibilities is defined as some sort of communicative or interactive dialogue (human or otherwise), some sort of possible and/or powerful potential, or the quality of some global ‘whole’ - be that a society, a marketplace, a power grid or any sort of societal system (banking, media, transportation, educational, political, social, corporate, economic, infrastructural, etc.) or the hold-effect-influence any such system may have through its workings on a wider or broader population.

There is a definite plus of Venus in Aquarius in that it lends a pleasantly ‘airy’ quality to many a situation which might otherwise seem a bit leaden. Used effectively, understanding that people are ‘keyed’ or attuned to that which is presented in such a manner or phrased within the parameters of such a tone is useful, though any (read: all) of the fixed signs represent energies which can become ‘too much of a good thing’ too quickly - which in this case would be the sort of appearance or presentation which easily lapses over into the boorish, arrogant or even simply manipulatively friendly, often whether that’s the intent or not. With Venus in Aquarius there’s less of those free-floating moments when suspicions and questions about intent color the mental air than, say, one might encounter under Venus in Scorpio. But Venus in Aquarius has it’s own ‘darker vibe’ as this is a sign/planet combination which brings out not just the upstanding wheeler-dealer in many, but the underhanded con artist in some. This combination can bring out social turmoil as well as social (or economic) tendencies to ‘blackmail’ others in ways which have nothing to do with love or money.

And because we’re all on this frequency at the moment, we’re all primed to pick up on everything - good and back - that we have no idea we’re projecting.

Aquarius as pictured in a stained glass at the Chartres Cathedral in France
So that’s the down side. The up side of Venus in Aquarius is the capacity for simple, uncomplicated fun - and often a willingness to allow a little ‘coloring outside the lines’ when it comes to issues of humor.

Why humor?

Probably because laughter lightens our load and in ways both physical and otherwise, serves to ease our heart, putting us at ease - at which point we can think to extend our hand ... and maybe even our Self ... in joining in conversation if not friendship, with others.

And if that happens globally, you never know - Venus in Aquarius just might serve our personal, worldly and greater purpose ... which in essence would be the whole of our being - and part of our meaning in the vastness of an incalculable and eternally all-encompassing, boundless Existence.

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