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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Libra Ingress 2012: Sync or Swim

 La Toilette de Venus
by William-Adolphe Bougereau (1873, oil on canvas)

The Sun’s yearly shift into Libra is the signal for all of us to…look up, look out and look at what we’re doing and who we’re being in the process of doing it.

This year finds that signal being sounded on Saturday September 22nd, at 2:50 in the afternoon, UT/+0 time.

In some ways the Sun’s passage of Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces could be paralleled to the idea of planet-direct versus planets in retrograde.

When planets are direct, their functionality is external, representing things which go on around us and with which we must interact and contend. And when planets are in retrograde, our life and times in the area that planet symbolizes point to internal developments and challenges…our working to understand how to do something, or why it isn’t working, or how to improve our abilities to get where we really want to go.

The first six zodiac signs (Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo) are about the growth and development of personal attributes. The second six signs of the zodiac represent where and how we take those attributes out into the public and worldly realms of efforts, interactions, relationships, commerce and the very sort of testing times which teach us what works, what doesn’t work and whether we know everything we might want to know about our world, our problems, our potential and other people.

This year, with the Sun entering Libra only a few days after Pluto goes direct, you might say there’s a ‘fateful’ quality to goings on. It’s time to get things done, and lots of people will be tackling efforts and embarking on personal journeys they’ve worked long and hard to reach. The Pluto signal tells us there will be a sense of urgency and intensity in the air.

Time is precious. There’s a lot to do and a lot to get done.

And with the Sun entering Libra with Polyhymnia and asteroid House just ahead at 4 Libra, there’s some reflecting and reflections (projecting?) going on.
Here’s the setup: Polyhymnia is a muse. Muses represent inspiration. And House is all about ‘feeling at home’ which can be with your situation, in your skin, in your current environment, with what you are faced with doing – anything. So with the Sun coming into Libra, we are going to find ourselves being ‘inspired’ (Polyhymnia) by one things or another to consider how we’re feeling about various issues. Situations. Relationships. Choices to do or not do.


The tickler here is really 4 Libra, a degree which by decan is defined as personal, meaning it’s about us, our beings (body) or our actions or activities. More specifically, 4 Libra is about a reflexive sort of self-consciousness which in choosing the right or wrong kind of people to associate with represents the gains or missed opportunities we build into our ongoing life.

Then we add in how September 20th through 26th will also be colored by the Sun’s proximity to  supermassive Black Hole M87. Black Holes/Sun encounters are always a time ripe with the possibility to see ‘other alternatives.’ But are they the right way to go?

Black Hole lore being relatively limited thus far…(they are a pretty new in the astrological lists)…plus the fact that Black Holes are always a bit Alice-down-the-rabbit-hole (is it real? could it be real? would I want that to be my reality?)…that’s iffy. But the lore on 4 Libra does tell us that this degree is in essence a referendum on self-worth and self-respect issues. Those with the biggest problems in this regard will choose the flattering admirer or the overly cooperative person who says what they want to hear. That, we are told, is a sign that we need to reflect on what our problems really are, and why we have them.

To add to this reflection-festival, Pallas will be sitting in opposition to the Sun (and Polyhymnia/House) at 3 Libra at the Sun’s ingress. And ditto for Uranus, which is currently at 6 Aries.

 This ingress has a whole lot of oppositions going on!
In the above, the Sun is conjunct Polyhymnia/House and
in opposition to Pallas. Polyhymnia and House are in 
opposition to Pallas and Uranus (which are conjunct).
Mercury/Diadem are also in opposition to Pallas-conjunct
-Uranus, but Mercury/Diadem is not conjunct the Sun even
if it is conjunct Polyhymnia/House! 
Got that? There's going to be a quiz, so
sharpen those #2 pencils!

As we remind ourselves that Pallas and Uranus are doubling down on the ‘it’s all about me’ thing (one part being their placement in a first decanate degree and the second part being about the sign being "I Am” themed Aries) …what we end up with is a whole lot of Self being on the line.

Not exactly what you wanted to go into this ingress with? Sorry.

Listen, there’s a reason why I keep humming ‘The Times They Are a’Changin’’ And no, I don’t do a Bob Dylan imitation. I could, but I don’t!

Things have been topsy-turvy-intense of late. The metaphysical handwriting is on the wall telling us to change or be changed. Some of us are taking the hint, and some aren’t. And it’s the ‘arent’s who are making things tough – not only for themselves, but for the ‘are’s that they know (and who care about them pesky ‘aren’ts) and in general, simply because they’re clogging universal processes up.

But let us be frank, real and honest here: this Libra ingress ushers in a lot of major astrological movement. It ends with our rolling into and through that infamously famous end of the Maya creation round. Before that, Pluto will do it’s big shebang with fixed star Facies. (And not a moment too soon!)

And prior to all that we’re going to get a pair of November eclipses which are sure to mark thrills and chills of every type. The Solar Eclipse of November 13 will be at 21 Scorpio, guaranteeing much frustration and emotional struggle. And seeing that solar eclipses tend to being ‘breaking things down’ about six to eight weeks in advance of the eclipse date, we’re just in that zone.

Just to add sprinkles to your mental whipped cream, there will also be a corkscrew of a Lunar Eclipse at 6 Gemini on November 28. Usually Lunar Eclipses are rather like high tides of emotion which approach tsunami size. Yes, they can be good, but with this one being in conjunction with Black Moon Lilith and Aldebaran…well, let’s just say it’s a prime moment for doing stupid people tricks and when such foolish choices already made will come to light and slap us in the face like a giant wet fish tail.

With all those sabers rattled, back to the main program for today – the ingress itself. The details of those eclipses will be left for another blog on another day.

Pallas is about dispassionate knowing. If you think of Pallas as logic and reasoning, you simply can’t go wrong. And at the moment of this ingress we have Pallas sitting in a degree all about the following question: am I courageous or just darn impulsive (and maybe a bit vain)?

Can you say ‘internal conflict’?

Maybe this is a conflict you are putting ‘out there.’ Maybe you’re working to resolve a conflict? (That would be a good idea…!) Or maybe you’re all dug in about something and conflict is being foisted upon you. Are you being logical? Or is your lack of logic exactly what the challenge (read: problem) is all about?

Then there’s Uranus. Uranus is an edgy sort of energy under any conditions. But that’s the nature of the thing. When we’re not stuck in some rut and insisting on clinging to the past, having our way or not changing what we’re doing (or how we’re going about doing it) “Uranus moments” will signify when you finally get to that breakthrough point.

Or when situations break you.

Or foist change upon you.

Remember? Change, lest you be changed.

This is really, really, REALLY one of those times! Those who tackle the task, renovate, innovate and take on those ‘I don’t WANT to!’ beasties we all have stuck somewhere deep in our craw…for them, Uranus is that maximal critical mass which finally causes things to give way.

The question thus becomes…were you prepared?

Still, this isn’t darts being tossed willy-nilly at any dartboard. Uranus in 6 Aries speaks specifically to who we are – as individuals, I mean. There’s a whole theme which comes (free of charge!) with 6 Aries. It’s about every facet of leadership, ‘trying to get ahead’ and the achieving of personal goals.

The quirk here is how 6 Aries shows up any lacks in said regard. So with Uranus at 6 Aries, this is where inability, lack of balance or false fronts are likely to show up. The façade may crack. In speech or via product, some slip up may occur. Those too into materialism with a lack of spiritual balance or those entirely into spirit and faith who refuse to make pragmatic efforts…the highly independent person who can’t compromise or the person in a relationship who is afraid to be their own person…all these things get revealed. Or prodded. Or prompted.

Or they just plain fall out there for all to see.

Compounding Uranus’ position, another reason this would be a time for weak spots to show up is because of the very nature of Sun in Libra. The Sun rules Leo – the sign of self-conception which ideally leads to creative development others enjoy and appreciate you for. (Okay, so Leo can also be egotism and being totally absorbed in your own ‘stuff,’ yes!) The point is that the consciousness – the energy we associate with the Sun – is at ‘greatest (rulership) incandescence’ in Leo. Leo is the Sun at its sunniest, in other words. Replete with sunburns and sun-blindness, Leo is the Sun radiating brightly.

Manifesting as ‘life,’ the Sun is also exalted in Aries. An Aries Sun is filled with the consciousness of being. And thus Aries is a sign all about that which we do when we are conscious of our being.

Both these signs are where the symbolism of the Sun is felt and ‘acts’ in line with that conscious essence. That connection with the Self. Yet since all which is tossed up must fall down, so the signs in opposition to the Sun’s signs of exaltation and rulership are where the Sun doesn’t get to act all by itself (Aquarius: groups) or just for itself (Libra: partners and relationships).

We speak of the Sun in Libra as being ‘in Fall’ or somewhat ‘weakened.’ What’s meant by that is that the singularity of the ‘ego’ quotient is either turned down a notch, or engaged in an interactive mode.

In Libra, sign of balance, we thus attract counterparts for what we’re putting out there. Act badly and Libra becomes the sign of ‘open enemies.’ If you’re in need, Libra becomes the sign of those who support us when times are tough – clergy, doctors, lawyers, partners.
So with Sun in Libra and Uranus (and Pallas) in opposition, this becomes dicey. We’re trying to get something done. We may feel frustrated, in which case Uranian energy could manifest as fractiousness, rebelliousness or even aggression or anarchy.

The idea is to be aware of what you’re putting out there…which takes us back to Pluto having just gone direct. Particularly if Pluto’s degree of station (6 Capricorn) aspects your chart, you’re already in a state of flux. Will you negotiate with others? Take a chance and put your best foot forward? Will you strike out? Will you try to bluff your way through this next while to come?

One more Uranus/Pallas note we need to think about is Mercury/Diadem at 8 Libra. The change (Uranus) we need to 'knowingly' (Pallas) make needs to take into account the idea of loss. Why? Because 8 Libra is all about loss. There is always a loss where 8 Libra is involved, and those of us who deal well with that loss become wise indeed.

Given this configuration, Mercury indicates the 'idea' of the thing. So this doesn't have to be an actual loss - it could be merely the letting go of some conviction, position or idea. Then again, it could involve letting go of a dream. Or the memory of someone once loved.

Or even the conviction or stance that you were right about something you know - deep down - you were not 'right' about at all.

Also worth noting is that Venus (ruler of Libra) is at the moment of the Libra Ingress at 17 Leo…in conjunction with Lust/Dionysus at 19 Leo and trine Eris (bless her dwarf planet core) at 22 Aries.

Venus in Leo wants to do what it likes to do. In trine to Eris, this could be the pleasure some take in upsetting someone else’s applecart.

Then again, this could be (and would work very well as) doing anything which helps improves a situation for everyone. Or at least some group.

Eris used for the benefit of others helps us learn that we’re bigger and stronger than we ever knew. Trying to use Eris for our own purposes however…? That’s seldom smooth sledding.

The last complex of ideas to consider here is that the signature for this ingress (and thus the celestial quarter) involves an out-of-sign t-square involving the Sun, Moon and (oh yes…) the Galactic Center.

Ordinarily, a t-square (or any simple square) links signs of like modality. On the horoscope wheel, these signs will be at a 90, 180 or 270 degree angle to each other.

In the above, the blue houses are those which with the Sun in Libra, would be the ‘natural’ signs for a t-square to be constructed from, should the Sun be at the ‘t’ of the t-square. (Which yes, it is.)

But since the Moon is in the very last section of Sagittarius (all signs having 30 degrees with the Moon at 27 Sagittarius), the Moon-to-Sun aspect is within the 5 degree orb of the Sun, if not in the “normal” sign we would think of first if talking about squares to the Sun in Libra.

Thus we have the ‘out-of-sign’ quality.

Libra is a cardinal sign. It’s modality (style of action) is direct. Do, and learn from the results is a cardinal mode mantra. Sagittarius…and its opposing sign (Gemini)…are both mutable signs. Mutable signs start something…then they see what happens…then they course correct and continue. Where cardinal signs do-then-learn, mutable signs learn-as-they-go.

Astrologically, this is not a totally smooth fit. What it will tend to manifest as is second guessing and interruptions in the process. You know…that ‘unexpected’ problem which needs attending to before you can continue with what you’re doing? The ‘wrench in the works’ which you hadn’t thought of? The objection which arises because of circumstances which just happened this morning somewhere overseas and which your boss knows about but you don’t?

Uh…yeah. That stuff.

With the Moon (the ‘value’ of the thing) absolutely and positively conjunct the Galactic Center, the object of all things is ‘catching the wave,’ as they say in surfing. This may be a matter of timing. It could be the need to appeal to a certain person, group of people or demographic.

Knowing what you need to be able to deal with (or appeal to) tells you what you need to do (Sun in Libra) in order to get either past ‘Go’ or to the point where you can go about your business as you want, need or prefer to.

As for the Galactic Center, that’s the final note here. The Galactic Center is a point which asks that we contribute. You only get what you want when others get what enhances their life.

That, by the way, is one of the big challenges with Libra. Libra asks that we get along…or that we lead…while requiring us never to lose sight of the idea that the ‘other party’ (or your audience) has value and values which must be part of our equation...this being why by our friends we are ultimately known, and a great driver of our reputation and ultimate success in our personal - and worldly life.

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