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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Ask the Astrologer: The Nessus-Venus-Mars-Sedna (September 26/27, 2012) Edition

Hello Boots,
Any ideas the significance of Nessus, Venus, Mars and Sedna at 23° Fixed signs, representing a Grand Cross, on or about September 26,27 2012?

Signed, Anonymous


This question was left by someone calling themselves “Anonymous” (they write a lot of posts all round the internet) with regards to a blog post on Sedna which you can find HERE

Let’s start the ‘think it through’ moment with a diagram…

For one thing, friend Anonymous, I can thank you for bringing up the subject of Algol. I’d already put it on my calendar to discuss Algol next month, as October 15th is the date when the South Node will conjunct Algol.

You’ve heard me discussing Algol on and off: it’s a star which is often referred to as ‘the power of the feminine’ which ISN’T a reference to gender, but rather to our ability to contain ourselves and/or to respond thoughtfully (at least sort of thoughtfully) instead of just going whole-hog emotional.

There’s a greater confluence here too – with Sedna in the mix, there’s a sign of ‘not wanting to let go’ which in the ‘my values, my money, my perspective, my…my…my whatever’ sign of Taurus we are seeing expressed everywhere by just about everybody.

Oh yes – and Sphinx? As an abstract symbol, Sphinx translates to patience and endurance. But time and again I’ve seen Sphinx in active little knots like this when there are problems in the middle east – a term I tend to use liberally when it comes to the geographic concept.

The positive side of this ‘grouping’ would be to work on your own thing, paying attention most of all to those abilities which will help you make your way in the world. Sedna/Algol is tough enough as a marker in time; it’s a prime signature of all the selfishness ‘so long as I get mine, to heck with everybody else’ sort of thinking. Now that the lunar nodes have backed into Scorpio (North Node) and Taurus (South Node) this is playing out more and more on a personal and relationship level. The most insecure among us will act the most ‘me-me-me’ and are the most apt to take without regard to what the cost is.

Such people should remember…my aunt is still out here.

Who’s my aunt?

It’s a joke, but I do often make references to ‘Aunt Karma.’ Why? Because I see karma operating so clearly in people’s lives that it may as well be a family member I’m listening to the nefarious (if grievously fair) doings of!

Truthfully, I rather love the idea of karma. It’s an Indian (east Indian) term which enfolds the idea that in what we do…or what we don’t do is enfolding the result of that action or act of action. It’s a spiritual and metaphysical way to say ‘cause/effect’ without referring to the parts. All is one. I’ve heard psychologists speak of this when they say ‘choosing the action is choosing the consequences’ (which also holds true whether you act or don’t act).

 It Shoots Further Than He Dreams - a 1918 war cartoon by John F Knoll
which pretty much describes the nature of karma rather well

Those who are most apt to act without thinking or who blame others for what comes of their choices…I tend to think they are students of my aunt. After all, they seem to structure their lives as to spend so much time in relationship with her…

Anyway…while that’s happening, Venus is making its way through Leo. The up side of Venus in Leo is ‘worthwhile creative development’…of ourselves, or maybe some situation – or even others. Or some ability. With Achilles here, this might be physical strength or a physical skill, which could be athletic…or then again the ability to nail the nail into the wall without hitting your thumb with the hammer. Maybe you’re trying to master some sort of drawing skill? Or baking? Those are physical too. Sharpening our skills to some definite purpose is very Venus/Achilles in Leo.

Adding in Eurydike/Agamemnon however….? Now we get to the cost (Eurydike) of maintaining a stance (Agamemnon). So are you sharpening your skills at some cost? Are you doing one thing when you know you should be paying more attention to something else?

Combining the Taurus quotient with the Leo quotient we are seeing a theme of wanting to do something our way. Algol and Achilles/Agamemnon both lend and edge here which can be useful if you’re doing something productive…and not so useful if all you’re trying to do is have your own way.

I’m going to skip over Scorpio for a minute and go right to the Aquarian Nessus/Lilith quotient. This is ‘denying you have any feelings about’ or ‘denying you aren’t being realistic’ or ‘denying that you’re responsible for repeated problems’ which happen in a distinctly social (or) societal (and/or) income deriving area of life.

In opposition to Venus, this may speak to what you haven’t learned to do. Or what you don’t want to have to know how to do.

And yes, it can also be the not wanting to have to do it, no matter what.

Having said all that, wherever we find the North Node, we know we are heading in the direction we should be heading. In Scorpio, the way to work things is to negotiate and to own your responsibility (and ability) to contribute while understanding and being fair with others. Everyone should come out with an equal amount of satisfaction wherever a Scorpio dynamic is concerned…but it’s a whole lot easier to aim for either your own goal first and last (or at least first, with whatever remains being left for others) or to do something to distract yourself or “cover up” if or where you’re having problems. The Medusa quality in this grouping speaks to the uncomfortable or disquieting or anxiety provoking or seemingly frightful, frightening, even futile thing-person-situation you don’t want to deal with.

Then we add in Mars and when we do act we may go overboard, and when we resist we’re iron clad.

But then there’s that North Node thing. And you know what the North Node says?


Whatever it is you don’t want to do because it’s so uncomfortable, because you swore you never would give in on this point, because you just don’t want the hassle…do it anyway.

 Maria Spelterini walking a tightrope across the Nagara Gorge (from the United
States to Canda) back in July of 1876
(photographer George E Curtis, 1830-1910, Niagara Falls Public Library)

And that’s really the ‘solution’ to this whole grand cross puzzle. The basic dynamic of the grand cross is one which is challenging to the utmost. Most of us consider a ‘grand cross-type’ situation and just turn our mind to something else because the whole subject is so complicated, disquieting, challenging…call it mentally exhausting.

Or maybe it just ticks you off. (That too.)

Fixed signs linger and linger and hold back and don’t do and won’t budge and often won’t even talk about it. I know one person with fixed Sun, Moon and Rising who has decided that life is “fate” simply because he doesn’t want to deal with standing up for himself, his own opinions, his personal outlook and what he might have wanted to do with his life before he bought into a list of ‘shoulds’ which haven’t made him happy, haven’t played out the way he thought they would and which as time goes along become more and more complicated and internally confining.

(Yes, Aunt Karma knows about him. I happen to know he’s on her ‘to do’ list.)

The thing about fixed signs is that they are ‘last minute’ folks. These are the people who did all their homework and studying the night before the test or due date for that report. These are the people who freeze like deer in headlights, who vanish when times get tough but who (often) pull it together once they realize for real and sure that nothing but being who they are will work.

It’s a lesson, this fixed sign thing. We all have fixed signs in our charts and we all go through it.

Bottom line, the clue here is the North Node. Everything else is a variable – the North Node is an instruction.

So whatever that uncomfortable, icky thing is? Do it anyway.

Oh yes – two other things:

1. This Algol-Sedna-South Node ‘entitled not to care’ thing is going to (alas) go on yet for a while. Call it at least until February 2013 and in all likelihood through mid-April 2013.

2. If you decide to ignore everything said in the course of this blog (which considering all the fixed signs involved, wouldn’t be shocking!)…you should at least know that the Moon enters Aquarius on September 24th at 11:34 p.m. UT/+0 time and it remains in Aquarius until the wee hours (3:34 a.m.) of September 27.

That means that on about 14 hours prior to that time (call it 3:30 or so in the afternoon of September 26th, UT/+0 time)…the Moon will be moving through the early part of Aquarius’ 3rd decanate: degrees 20, 21, 22, 23….
And that will set a lot of this energy off.

So don’t be surprised. Third decanate energy is energy that comes at us from the world, so this could be anything. It could be commentaries you’re expecting or out-of-the-blue events such as you haven’t ever anticipated.

If you see my Aunt Karma, say ‘hi’ for me – will you?

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