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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Mercury in Libra/The Virgo New Moon

 Espace (space) by Antoine Chintreuil (1869)

There are several little quirks indicated by September 16th’s New Moon (at 23 Virgo) occurring on the same Sunday that Mercury enters Libra.

Probably the quirkiest of these quirks is the fact that Virgo and Libra are signs which are adjacent to each other on the zodiac wheel.

This ‘sign next door’ quality gives us what’s technically known as a Greek Whole Sign aspect known as a semi-sextile…which at a more metaphysical level we’d probably liken more to ‘that’s too close for comfort.’ It’s sort of as if the neighbors have heard a debate between you and your Significant Other which was supposed to be private. Or how in relationships, someone who knows you really well will make an observation you could really do without.

(I know you’ll be shocked, but I tend to do that more than some.)

In any case, this 30-degree semi-sextile generally comes off as being ‘too personal.’ Or ‘hitting a little too close to the mark’ for our comfort. Often times the input (and trust me, with Mercury moving into Libra there will be input!) is something you don’t want to talk about. Or someone pointing out that while the argument you’re mounting may be decent enough, you’ve forgotten to put your pants on before making it.

Is there any reason you meant to leave your brass out there for the…uh…observing?

There’s a little bit of vulnerability involved with semi-sextiles. It’s a odd if far too often felt commodity with this aspect. Why this would be is not all that exotic, either: any semi-sextile is going to connect two signs of different modality (manner of action) and element (basic aim or transactional standard).

In this case, Virgo is a mutable earth sign. Virgo finds its way to the goal (that being the modality part) in a trial-and-error manner, the trial-and-error thing being the way that we all learn how to do things more effectively, efficiently and productively. The earth sign part of Virgo is the fact that the Virgo stock and trade involves life’s ‘realities’…which often involves a little wrong with the finding of the way to a lot of right.

Semi-sextiles also connect signs of different elements…which generally translates as ‘concerns.’ Libra is an airy sign into the ‘idea of the thing’ and ‘the moment’ and Virgo is an earthy sign which deals with the tangible and wanting to get things right so that all can continue apace without having to devote every other minute to twiddling with something.

So with Mercurial thoughts moving into Libra mode, there well may be these moments when one person (sitting on the Mercury side of things) says …’just imagine if…’ with the earthier Virgo person answering ‘have you given any thought to what it would take to do that?’

And just think…both of these things are going to be going on in each of our lives. Some of us will undoubtedly use the Mercury-in-Libra factor as a ‘thinking ahead’ and ‘keeping our eye on the ball’ (or how we’re effecting others) part of life with the Virgo New Moon being a new dedication to quality or effort or quantity or just ‘getting it right.’

That we’re likely to be concerned with what we’re bringing to bear on situations and what we’re doing so as to get what we want out of life is also a part of this Mercury/New Moon image. How? It’s just because Virgo and Libra are signs which belong to different hemispheres…

The good news here is that this combination does have some rather useful aspects, particularly for those trying to get something done, anyone trying to get something out in the open (political pundits should enjoy this part!) and people who are wanting to connect with someone in particular (maybe someone in an HR department?) or where working out matters-gone-awry (i.e., misunderstandings, grievances, litigation, avoidance of litigation…etc.) is concerned.

All that comes from the fact that the New Moon is in Virgo – the last of the private-personal-internal signs – with the Mercurial energetic of connecting, transmitting information, conversation, trading thoughts, working out agreements…with Mercury in Libra, the first of the public-visible-external signs.

That would make this a particularly good time to be establishing new connections. Or for renewing some conversation or relationship. Or for presenting someone with something you’ve been working on, particularly if you’re trying to get help with it, get feedback about it or find someone who wants to ‘partner’ with you at any level (paid or unpaid).

Since Mercury will be in Libra until early on October 5th and this Virgo lunation will be with us until October 15th (with a Full Moon on September 30th) we have a while to work things out, through…or in whatever other direction pleases you.

With all the general(issimo) stuff now said, what about the details? Well, for one, there is the fact that this Virgo New Moon is happening some 21 hours before Mercury entering Libra, which is something of a metaphysical suggestion that there will be a ‘critical mass’-feeling period not all that long after this New Moon hits our skies. Not to bore you with the math or anything, but the suggestion here is that the first couple of days after this New Moon could feel urgent….or be when we’re getting urged to do something, consider something or ‘hurry’ ourselves along.

Considering that Mercury will enter Libra and immediately conjunct the position of a gigantic galactic black hole (M87 would be its name), there’s a strong likelihood that no sooner are we off and about our business than we’ll realize that there are other points of view to be considered.

For some – notably those who are in a rebuilding or development phase of some kind – this is a good thing: suggestions and observations which happen in the days between September 16th and (say,) September 21st should be considered. This doesn’t mean that everything you hear or encounter needs to be incorporated in your plans, but chances are you’ll be better off if you’ve at least thought things through.

There is only one really strong planetary aspect to this lunation – one coming from Sedna, which is still at 23 Taurus. With 23 Virgo (the degree of the New Moon) being one about where and how and why we try to escape our responsibilities to Self and others…and what causes us to be out of touch with our greater society or the world’s values (which, like it or not are important to us!)…this suggests that for some, the whole of this next lunar month is going to be about learning why your life works or doesn’t work.

Interesting also is how Sisyphus is at 18 Virgo and Persephone is at 28 Virgo (and conjunct Mercury to the degree) at the very moment this New Moon occurs. With standard orbs being 5 degrees, that means both Sisyphus and Persephone are 'out there’ or ‘at arm’s length’ or maybe just ‘lingering on the edge’ of our thoughts.

Sisyphus is one of those really complex Greek myths. In simplest form, it’s about our hospitality of spirit – how we treat those who we befriend along the road in life. It’s also about how we use what we know and native brainpower, with that also (at it’s core) being a question of whether we care about anyone else on this planet or just our Self and personal pleasures.

Suffice it to say, Sisyphus is one of the two greatest ‘sinners’ in all of Greek mythology. And with Sisyphus at 18 Virgo, this ‘you shall not take advantage of others’ quality is aimed very specifically at those who are less fortunate that you are, more innocent than you are (which includes but is not limited to children) and our seemingly endless ability to become aggressors in that crucial moment that we consider ourselves victims.

Considering how this New Moon is tied by trine to Sedna (retrograde), this would seem to be a moment of reflection, too – a time when we realize there are wrongs needed to be righted in our own lives personally…and in the lives of others we have encountered or been associated with. There’s also a very distinct Sisyphus quality very much like that alluded to in the old saying ‘oh, what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive.’

 Unlike spiders (who don't get caught in their
own webs) humans seem to get endlessly
caught by not just the 'webs of lies' we weave,
but by threads of compromise and loose
ends left dangling in our minds and lives.
(photo credit: Luis Nunes Alberto)

The big lesson with Sisyphus is that the person we are deceiving first and last is ourselves.

Considering that, let’s hope that the Mercury-Persephone quality in this lunation is our (Mercury) coming to realize that while we do need to consider our Self, that we need to give (Persephone) ‘equal time’ and equal consideration to the wants, needs and aims of Self and others.

It’s where they (Libra) meet which in the end generally determines how things turn out – yea or nay – for us in our own lives.

Evidently it’s time to pay attention to how that works. 

Looking around, there’s plenty of evidence that just caring about the ‘me and mine’ of it all doesn’t work.

Sometimes life has to show us all the bad in order to inspire us to do something better.

 Dwarf planet Pluto
(photo credit: NASA-JPL, June 2010)

Oh yes…and did I mention that Pluto is about to go on station?

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