by Boots Hart, CAP

Monday, October 22, 2012

Sun in Scorpio: Is the Fix In?

We all have our pet peeves, right? So here’s one of mine: we all know someone (or have heard someone) say ‘I’m a Scorpio - I’m sexy.’

Uh, maybe. But then, maybe everybody’s sexy – just not in the same way you are. After all, every chart has all twelve signs, right?

So with a Sun in Scorpio, what’s the deal?

Considering that Scorpio is an emotional sign which is only activated through interactions and risking our personal (Taurus as opposition to Scorpio) value by exposing what we think of ourselves to others – or by joining some group in a ‘joint venture’ (financial or otherwise) maybe that ‘I’m sexy’ comment is Person A venturing into deeper water than they’re used to. Or maybe it’s their attempt to be part of a group.

There are three water signs: Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces. Cancer is the sign of the surf zone and all which can live in or out of the (emotional) water. The tide pool can provide safety – or it can expose a young grab to deadly danger. The same goes for all things Cancer, sign of home, childhood, habits and family. Our home can literally be our safety zone. Then again, it can be the place where we’re least comfortable. Considering how the zodiacal water sign triad is also our bedrock of wealth (not bank account: wealth – as in ‘sources of’ wealth)…real estate or simply where we live can be the best and most vital place to invest our time and money – or our greatest headache or financial torment.

At the other end of the water spectrum is Pisces – oceanic deep water. In the Piscean zone water is all there is. There is no crawling back out onto dry land like the Cancer does. Metaphysically, this translates to Pisces as the sign of feeling my feelings (or feeling how I feel about things – emotional reflection) and all forms of wealth which just keep being generated even without further effort. Pensions, royalties, annuities…these are all examples of Piscean wealth sources, as is anything which generates this kind of money flow – like oil. Like the power of artistic endeavors which connect with the broad scale audience.

This Else Bostelmann's illustration of a bathysphere descending into deep water was made for William Beebe's 1934 National Geographic article. But it's a great way of considering the difference between Pisces and Scorpio. The Pisces confrontations with our own feelings are often bewildering - as if we are strangers immersed in a strange land of our own human emotionality (and confounded in part merely by the fact that there's any way we can continuously be so foreign to ourselves throughout the whole of our lives!). In Scorpio, other people and external forces like societal institutions and world situation serve to prompt a re-examination of, or need to assert our personal values...and the most vulnerable among us tend to bristle, insist, assert and threaten far more often than those who simply have confidence in their ability to ride out the storm.  

Between these two we have Scorpio – the fixed water sign. Ever hear the expression ‘caught between the Devil and the deep blue sea’ ? That’s rather in keeping with the Scorpio dynamic. Scorpio asks ‘how much is enough’ against ‘how much is too much’ and the thing being measured is our emotional risk. How far can we go before destroying ourselves or that which we are interacting with or utilizing as our vehicle through which to explore our Self?

Scorpio is the realm of strong currents and storm washed seas. All three totem Scorpio emblems – the scorpion, the gray lizard and the eagle (Scorpio is the only sign to have three animal symbols)…all three of these creatures are air-breathing. So in Scorpio, or by Scorpionic means we can be overcome. We can drown. Considering this, it’s not so very surprising that Scorpio is the sign of death, conception,  brutality, torture, surgery and war.

It’s also the sign of psychology and doing psychotherapy, a process which can help us understand why we tend to drown ourselves. Or why we submit to control or abuse – or why we feel the need to inflict such on others.

The power of Scorpio is really about understanding how we work. And we learn that through interactions with others or things in life like investments, taxes, inheritances which raise questions and test us, provoking our emotions. The crux of Scorpio as control and helplessness is about how we react to these themes: the person who is willing to own what they have chosen to do learns what works and doesn’t work through a Scorpio interaction. Those who know to make others feel insecure have the choice whether to press their advantage or not.

Whether they do or not…? That’s the measure of their Scorpio-Taurus axis. And this is not about strength – this is about self worth, self respect, self control and personal values.

Those who cannot be happy without rendering others vulnerable and harming them (even threatening to harm them) aren’t testing ‘the other guy’: they are seeing if they can pass their own tests. Thus we have the great dichotomy which is so very Scorpio: in seeming to be ‘about’ others, Scorpio reveals to us who we actually are.

And from seeing where those things do or don’t meet, the path of wealth (emotional, financial or otherwise) lies in finding that which works for all involved parties. Because Scorpio is defined as a ‘public sector’ sign – such ‘workability’ has to offer everyone equal satisfaction. It also has to comply with established social, societal or ‘group’ standards.

Thus Scorpio is a sign of drives and our striving to get where we want to go while dealing with where our less ‘integrated’ (social/public) emotional factors represent vulnerabilities which – unless we master them at the inner emotional level – will shipwreck or drown us.

 The Costa Concordia (here photographed by Rvongher on January 14, 2012) ran aground at Isola del Giglio on the Italian Tuscan coast on January 13, 2012. Some 4,252 people on board were evacuated, thirty died and two people remain missing and are presumed to have perished in what is a painfully obvious image of the Scorpio circumstance where we are just beyond safety and yet foolish enough to think our presumptions will hold. Most Scorpio tragedies are merely emotional, though many are financial and some - as in the case of the Costa Concordia - involve the loss of life.

All these attributes and factors have become suddenly far more real with Saturn and Mercury’s Scorpio ingress back on October 5th.

Now, as the Sun enters Scorpio on Tuesday, October 23rd at 15 minutes past midnight UT/+0 time (which is obviously still October 22nd for much of the world), life grows more intense. After all, as the Sun enters Scorpio, there sits Medea.

Last week Medea figured in the Libra New Moon moment. This week Medea is very much conjunct the it’s involved in the Sun’s Scorpio ingress.

You could say that Medea gets around, yes. But since the astrological Medea is all about our tendency to love something so much that we end up killing our hopes, our selves, our ability to function freely, our whatever…(check your natal chart Medea position plus where the sign of Scorpio is positioned)…this may be where some of us follow some inner fixation right off a cliff.

Or where we recognize our tendency to do so.

Then there’s the matter of the solar eclipse. There will be a solar eclipse on November 13th – or November 14th for those more than two time zones east of Greenwich. Since this solar eclipse will take place at 21 Scorpio (a degree between 20 and 29 of a given sign) we know this eclipse is all ‘about’ how the world sees or responds to us.

Or doesn’t see…or doesn’t respond to us, yes.

That too.

Neptune having gone direct (indicating energies coming to us from external life) just a couple of days prior to the eclipse tells us that something is probably ‘melting away.’ And that something has to do with what we put out there…or what we have already put out there…or what we have tried to hide (about ourselves)…or what we have been in denial of (about ourselves).

Given that the Sun entering the sign of the upcoming eclipse acts somewhat like a trigger which brings everything in to ‘real life’ (Sun) focus, this Scorpio ingress may be a moment when you want to just give up. Or when you realize your ‘hand’ is all played out.

Thus for some, this ingress will manifest as having to ‘face the music.’

For others – notably those who have been most honest with their lack or incongruities, those who have been working hard on putting themselves as people on more solid ground (with themselves), this moment will be more like a gateway. Yes, there is still work to be done (with Sun conjuncting Saturn, probably a lot of it!), but now you’ll feel like you’re gaining a bit of traction. And that you’re capable of handling your own load.

Still, things aren’t simple. That we know from Pluto’s pressing in to finish its primary conjunction of Facies, the astrological ‘fixed star’ which is actually a nebula. Nebulas being composed of lots and lots of stars, the whole of this year has felt like a complicated set of choices where you couldn’t change one thing without changing another thing which depended on yet another thing and…and…and…

Perhaps just so that Cancer fans don't feel left out, a photo of the Crab Nebula
as taken by NASA's Chandra X-Ray Telescope. (photo credit: NASA-JPL)

We’re not done with Pluto/Facies yet, either. That conjunction reaches its climax in December – after the solar eclipse.

Thus we have the Sun’s entering Scorpio as our second step (Saturn/Mercury entering Scorpio came first) in a process of either bulldozing through the Gordian knot in our head, heart and life…or succumbing to it.

Some will now realize that they have been the architect of their own downfall. With Saturn and Mercury also transiting Scorpio as Sun/Medea opens windows on the proverbial ‘very best of times and very worst of times’ (i.e., things which will stir us to the core) the thing of the moment may well be important.

But what’s even more important is the Mercury part of such moments – recognizing how we feel about matters, why we feel that way and what that says about us….and the Saturn part of such moments – the confrontation with what we really need to do if we are to have anything close to the life we really want. The easiest thing is going to be to blame others, say ‘they’re nuts’ and do things like ignore the whole kit and caboodle. Even for those willing to tackle problems, they may wish they could ignore them!

The metaphysical ‘successful bet’ is on those who tackle wherever it is that they’ve been lacking…or wherever they’ve been blaming others for their own problems, lack of effort, unwillingness to change (learn, evolve, etc.).

That doesn’t however, means that those people are going to be in the majority. Just sayin’…this next month or so is likely to see behavior of the head/desk kind such as few of us can believe.

And you thought these past few months were bad?

(Okay, you did – and you’ve been right. But it can get worse, and in certain quadrants, it now will get worse.)

Yet for some, this will be a time of making headway. Yea verily, advances of the vital and significant kind. Who will be these people?

A diagram of various influences (including an astrological formation known as
a 'magic rectangle' - at center in blue and green) which add to, or perhaps modify
the Sun's entrance into Scorpio.
Most of those who make headway now will have dealt with the fallacies, implications OR differences between of where they come from (Chaldaea/Pallas) and where they (Mercury/North Node) need to be going. They will have (Sedna-South Node-Algol-Phaethon) dealt with the internal battle of native desires by taking hold of the determinative internal drive behind wanting things to be your way and, in owning that, gone through finding ways to make that (Virgo) work for them, despite the (Venus/Kallisto) beastly time they’re having or the ugly things which must now be dealt with.

This applies whether we ‘win’ or ‘lose’ in this moment and going forward, by the by.

There is an indicated Chaldaea/Pallas (in Pisces) square Vesta (in Gemini) in the above diagram – with Vesta also trine Eris/Lachesis. It’s an indicator that at some level, we all feel like we’ve waited too long to realize or get to doing something. We know we have broken tryst and trust with others and quite possibly with ourselves, which from here we can see but not change.

 Part two of the influences in play as the Sun enters Scorpio, here we have pictured the 'tough stuff' - the Vestia-Mercury-North Node adjustments which need to be made in order to keep our word (or get back to keeping our promises to self and others), the fact that we are Eris-Venus-Kallisto uncomfortable and should expect to (Lachesis) remain not so thrilled with things as we work through our challenges (that evidently being what it takes to get us to deal with reality instead of goofing off trying to have fun while ignoring life's rules, standards and karma), the Chaldaea/Pallas-Vesta square which is knowing we need to fix things in and for ourselves...and the not-so-loveable combination of two semi-sextiles (Chaldaea/Pallas to Eris/Lachesis and Eris/Lachesis to Sedna) which in conjunction with the thus-formed sextile of opportunity between Chaldaea/Pallas and Sedna have us wishing we could just keep on doing what we 'used to do' but faced with the necessity to let go of what was while applying ourselves to capitalizing on old understandings and knowledge while growing that into a new base and basis of personal viability.

In realistic terms, there is only going forward. And in metaphysical terms, this is a picture of life having brought difficulties and un-pleasantries from which we will learn.

The pain, the discomfort, the lack of peace with ourselves…we are supposed to be being bothered by our conscience at some level now, because that is how life gets us to do something else. People are always looking for ‘an answer’ or some ‘magical’ sort of moment which will clarify everything and make us feel better. But that’s not how it works. Some pains, some bad experiences, some moments of having fallen far, far short of our own minimal standards are motivation. We would like to think that we learn best when all is calm and well – but that’s not the truth of it. When all is calm and well and ‘enough’ we tend to go have ourselves a good time, however you define that.

Necessity is the mother of invention is a serious human truism. After all, nothing gets a person moving like a disaster. It’s a worthwhile recognition to think of how groups of people – be they a family, a social group or a nation or any other ‘collective’ – how when times are decent we tend to squabble and snarl like ill-behaved children. But let something terrible happen and we all instantly drop all the animosity and band together.

At some level this is what is happening to every one of us now as, with Saturn and Mercury in Scorpio, the Sun’s entrance into Scorpio ratchets up the heat. So expect challenges. Don’t be startled if a heated exchange breaks out.

But far more important to each and every one of us is the recognition of how these energies are part of our individual life. We are now within days of a Scorpio Solar Eclipse. There is something in your life which isn’t working. If you can now recognize where that comes from in you, you have a wonderful chance to fix it. And if you fix it, rather magically all the problems will begin peeling away and your life will be buoyed up and ride out the storm, no problem.

If you deny, if you project or blame others, if you try to hide in your security of wealth, sex, power or any other Scorpio ‘thing’…then life will come and get you.

It may even cause you to get yourself.

So the fix is in. For most of us this isn't going to be our most comfortable period...and yes, it does remain to be seen as to who is going to ‘fix’ whom.

But here's the metaphysical secret: those who take on fixing their own 'stuff' do not leave an opening to be 'fixed' by others. The trick here is knowing what it is which really needs to be fixed. The Sedna-Algol-South Node congruence (which, it should be noted is directly across the zodiac from the upcoming eclipse) is all about how we think we should be 'entitled' to run our lives. Or attributes we think others should just have to put up with.

By your successes you shall be known in this regard. Those who insist on having it 'their way' (no slight on the fast food chain which uses this slogan) with no regard to the usefulness (even advisability) of same...they are the ones which will suffer the most. And they will have very much 'done it' to themselves.

So be realistic. Recognize that you need to get along in this world based on the world's standards, not yours - not even of you and your friends. There is...well, let's call it a 'purification' process now under way which as part of it's removing of toxicity is making all sorts of bad behaviors, choices and priorities apparent in life, and in our lives as individuals.

 A map of general oceanic currents as generated by NOAA, if you
think about it in terms of history, says a great deal more than just
where the water goes.

That thing which makes you say 'but if I change that...' that's probably exactly what life is asking you to look at.

It's not the thing itself - its why you want it, cling to it, insist on it so much and so dearly which is the genesis of all.

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