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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Juno Stations at 19 Aquarius

White Doves at the Blue Mosque
(photo credit: Peretz Partensky, March 2011)

As of a few days ago we all were thinking on what we had to do. Now as MakeMake is going direct and we collect ourselves to do whatever it is which is in front of us, Juno goes on station – in Aquarius – and about to go retrograde.

Life isn’t ever simple, is it?

Well, in this case the message doesn’t seem to be all bad. Representing the ability to ‘manage our resources’ whether that refers to our temper, our time, the contents of our bank account or our ability to think things through, Juno is the emblem of how we protect what which we think of as either ‘precious’ to us or important to the continuity of life as we know it.

With Orpheus and Medusa crossing Scheat and entering Aries as Juno goes on station, it is to be expected that all the ideas jolly-trotted through in my last post now test our ability to batten down our whatever hatches in order to get through the weeks ahead. After all, looking at an ephemeris there’s Jupiter…heading for its climactic moments in Gemini.

Jupiter? Gemini? Surely that could be something being blown out of proportion? And as we noted a couple of days ago, Mercury’s just entered it’s pre-retrograde shadow….and we know that the week-to-ten days which leads into a Mercury station tend to feel pressure-ful, even if there’s no real reason to get bent out of shape!

Considering that, maybe it’s neither surprising nor negative to have Juno going retrograde as of 6:41 in the morning on June 15th (UT/+0). After all, isn’t Juno going into retrograde the metaphysical way of saying we will be all ready on the inside? That we will know that it’s time to take on those things which we know have to be done, as complicated and frazzling as they might be?

That’s my theory and I’m sticking with it. Of course, something may come along and smack me up the side of my head like a wet fish, but I’ll weather that too. I’m drip dry – I can make it!

Still, there is that ‘station notion’…the idea that during the days ahead (call it June 13th through 17th or or less) there will be a need to grab my personal tiller and steer my way through water which otherwise may slosh me right off course.

Something of that sort may happen in your life, too. After all, Juno isn’t doing this all by its astrological self out there. It’s conjunct Sualocin, so there’s something which tempts us…will we broach our personal boundaries?

Going into its station/retrograde, Juno is also conjunct Vaticana. In fact, Vaticana is conjunct Sualocin, which on one hand suggests a temptation to stand still. Or to centralize our power (or throw our lot in with some sort of already ‘centralized’ power). And with Damocles lurking out there ahead of Juno at 23 Aquarius, maybe we’re trying to be smart about what we’re willing to risk…or not risk.

The Sabian Symbol for 19 Aquarius reads ‘A large white dove bearing a message’…but does this mean the ‘answer to our prayers’ is there for the listening to? Maybe. But then again, the idea of a ‘message’ doesn’t always mean an answer – it could be some sort of ‘message’ which interferes with what we’re doing or had thought to do which we have to work through.

That Juno goes on station as MakeMake goes direct calls us to keep our priorities in mind. In the world of astronomical hierarchy, Juno is closer to us – so that may well translate into something which becomes ‘first and foremost’ in our thinking.

 An orbital diagram generated by JPL showing Juno's position at June 15, 2013 

On the other hand, Juno is an asteroid, where MakeMake is being considered for dwarf planet status. Until that’s confirmed (or not confirmed) it’s hard to know what to think of a TNO like MakeMake in any finite or metaphysical sense, but all TNOs are about introducing ideas and events which were beyond our thinking (or expectation) prior to the moment that they show up, so maybe the answer to this is to learn how to manage life as to take advantage of whatever the ‘new’ is which is ‘arising’ or ‘coming to be’ in life. You know the MakeMake thing.

Looking ahead a breath or two, I can also tell you as ye olde online astrologer that this isn’t the end of this particular ‘the times they are evolving’ sort of moment. This is an ultra-busy month for shifts and events, particularly those which spur us into a new mode of activity or lifestyle or building for the future. With Juno going retrograde in a degree (19 Aquarius) which is known to challenge us to find answers to tough questions just as solidity or viability or even security and safety seems to be slipping away, the ‘message’ here may be that we need to do the best that we can and allow ourselves to reach out to others when daunted, confused or otherwise in need.

It just may be that someone else…or something someone else knows is the perfect resource to draw on. If that’s true, then the ultimate ‘message’ which brings peace to our hearts is knowing that we don’t have to know everything or do everything ourselves…sometimes the right person with the right mindset or knowledge can give us some sort of ultimate ‘treasure’ in but a few words. That would fit with the idea that Juno is going retrograde in Aquarius, a sign which functions in the realm of theory, not things.

So we should probably just hold on to the good idea, even when things aren’t exactly good. Wishes aren’t solutions, but optimism helps sustain us while we get to work and work through whatever challenges are involved in investing ourselves in a fully vested and well integrated future.

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