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Friday, May 20, 2011

Mercury/Mars/Hamal + Drakonia… Really?

Mercury's Southern Hemisphere by Mariner
photo credit: NASA/JPL

So now that Saturn is sitting at 10 Libra (where it’s going to sit for many weeks during which time we will all be working a lot of things through)…

Now we have a few folks having gotten Ye Olde Stamp of Life’s Approval. But there are those who have just delivered – or received a good swift kick in the pants…you know, back around the time of May 17th’s Scorpio Full Moon?

The kickee’s are feeling sore. The kickers are feeling disappointed (with themselves and whoever has so offended them).

And now we get to Drakonia going on station as there occurs a triple conjunction of Mercury, Mars and fixed star Hamal.

Let’s be real here…we are now in the waning (as opposed to building/waxing) half of the Moon’s current cycle. So on one hand, there are things in  motion which are going to stay in motion whether we like it or not. There, we pretty much have to see how all spins out. As the Moon wanes and heads towards a next New Moon (which in this case will be a solar eclipse on June 1st), there is also a natural tendency for things to ‘wind towards their end’ or for us to ‘let go’…whether of expectations or situations or…considering this was a values/self worth-versus-risk sort of lunar cycle…that goes with the May Taurus/Scorpio thing.

Not to mention an incoming eclipse.

Make that eclipses. 

Not to go through the whole list of recitations, but we’ve also gotten plenty of celestial indicators that this is a time when things coming to an end is entirely apt. Even necessary. But that with those endings come consequences…(which you may regard as results).

The Mercury, Mars and Hamal thing of the moment is taking place in early Taurus. Early Taurus is all about what kind of shape our self worth is in…and how helpful/healthy our attitude is towards investing ourselves in our abilities.

To be more specific, the degree we are speaking of here is 7 Taurus. And 7 Taurus is a degree known for being ‘haunted’ by things which happened (past tense). Sometimes that’s plainly about events in one’s personal life, but sometimes planets placed here will indicate that a person has a sense of past lives – some of which may not even be their own.

Added to this is a serious sense of discomfort. That may be emotional or physical – and it’s not anything we simply shake off. Things are not made better by others simply saying ‘get over it!’ or ‘think positive’…this is a situational quality each person has to grapple with in their own way.

And all that urging from outside about how happy one ‘should’ be? That just makes things worse. And yet, how other people would make things worse is part of this 7 Taurus dynamic. The lesson here is about being and individual and being individuated. 

Then we add in Hamal. Again, though they’re called ‘fixed’ stars, stars do move. They just move really, really slowly. The whole fixed star thing is an interesting legacy of times when humans had no Hubble Space Telescope and such too. The fixed star could be seen from Earth with one’s own personal eyes. Distant objects which are actually in our solar system and thus a whole lot closer to us – things like Eris and Sedna, whose orbits can take hundreds of years (closer to a thousand in Sedna’s case)…they move pretty slowly too. But back when such things were being named, they weren’t seen. They were too small. They were not a light in the sky by which to be guided. 

So with Hamal, the issue is how you use the smoldering, bubbling, continuous energy which goes with this star. Currently positioned at 7 Taurus, this is yet another indicator of the aura of struggle which has become so manifest in many a life whether your struggle is physical, financial, moral/ethical…

Hamal has been positioned at 7 Taurus since August 1952 and will leave 7 Taurus as of June 20, 2024 (which will be just as Pluto and Neptune are changing signs again). Everyone born during these years – with an emphasis on those with chart points within 5 degrees either way of 7 Taurus, Scorpio, Leo and/or Aquarius – among other things, you were born with 7 Taurus energetics on high as Hamal magnifies proclivities, positive and negative. It also describes where and how we will tend to accuse others of our own worst fears (or flaws).

Mars in Taurus tends to manifest as what I want and how I want things to be. Remembering that Mars rules Aries and Scorpio choices, everyone with Sun, Moon, Ascendant and/or natal Mars in one of these signs or in 5-degree orb of conjunction, opposition or square to 7 Taurus (see above) stand to be challenged by their own sense of desire or feelings of being denied or discredited at the moment.

Add in Mercury’s mental/communication aspect and we have a recipe for disputes and accusations. There is plenty of energy here to think things through and find realities and solutions, but will we? Since that will take effort and self-discipline, we can bet there are a whole bunch of people who won’t go the mental mile.

And there is that Drakonia going on station thing to consider. Symbolizing play, the player and getting ‘played,’ Drakonia in combination with Mars, Mercury and Hamal could spell some grandiose manipulations, some of which may well be for good – but most of which will simply be of the garden variety ‘I can and I want my own way!’ sort of stuff.

There is an aura of ‘fixation’ going around, what with Lust (aka fixation) being at 5 Taurus (well within orb) as this Mars-Mercury-Hamal conjunction has its day.

But with Eurydike at 9 Taurus?

Well, let’s put it this way…just be sure you want to pay the possible price of what you go for now.

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