by Boots Hart, CAP

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

News Flash: Earth to Einstein...We Love You!

Albert Einstein during a 1921 lecture in Vienna, Austria
photo credit: Ferdinand Schmutzer 

NASA Science News: Earth really does live in its own personal and private planetary time-space vortex.

Call it a bubble! Call it a field. Just don't call it late for dinner. (Yes, I know, old joke.)

Want to read the whole article? It's a teeny bit techy, but just don't stress on the intricate stuff and give yourself over to oooh-ing and aaaah-ing at the very fabulousness of it all! 

Link HERE to Nasa's page...or past the following into your favorite local browser: 

This is SO what we might think would be part of Edisona moving into Gemini today, as we discussed in the earlier post. News! New ideas! A better grasp and  understanding of how things work. 

And of course - now this prompts new questions, as all information should. Isn't astrology interesting if you follow it in some sort of detail?

Personally, I'd also love to have been at a table listening to Edison and Einstein chit-chatting. How about you? Now that we know Earth's spin does in essence create a very small time/space vortex, that may well open new doors to the idea of how to move back and forth through time! We're a long (looooong) way from being able to do that, of course....but it doesn't hurt to dream.

If you could sit down with a couple of people who have lived on Earth, bringing them together from different points in time, who would they be?

My dad (Saul David, who would become a force in publishing and motion pictures - LINK to Blog) actually met Einstein when he was a young man. He and his buddy went down to Princeton where Einstein was living and teaching and staked out a spot along the route where he was known to take a daily walk.

Sure enough, along came Einstein and my dad (never one to be shy about such things) struck up a conversation. He ended up being invited back to have  tea on the porch of Einstein's house.

Dad said the thing which got him about Einstein was how really and truly fascinated by what he was doing Einstein really was. Yes, he enjoyed the fame (at least parts of it). And yes, being acknowledged for his work was really nice. But science and physics...they were  truly Einstein's passion.

Which is something of a statement to us all...if you follow your gifts, your passions, your abilities and share them with others and the world, who knows what can happen.

Maybe you too could impress NASA...or someone equally important to you. Like maybe your children's children, perhaps?

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