by Boots Hart, CAP

Friday, May 13, 2011

TNO Orcus: Station Effects Begin

 One artist's conception of what Orcus looks like
credit: NASA/JPL

Currently in retrograde, Orcus is about to go direct. That it does so on May 15th at 6:05pm (UT/+0) means that station effects are under way as we go about our business on May 13th…and they will continue until late (+0 time) on May 17th – more or less.

This question of just how much time we should give for stations continues as a discussion, but for now, two days before and after the actual moment of station seems pretty assured…and it might well be a bit more.

But back to Orcus. Who is the mythological Orcus? Well apparently Orcus is said to be a son of Eris – not that I want to contemplate the point and experience of being consort or partner to the goddess of Discord, purposeful though Discord can often be.

As Eris’ son, Orcus becomes the ‘outcome’ of discord. So that may be good – social rehabilitation…or it might be a giant mess of badness.

Whatever it is, it is the consequence of how we deal with Discord (Eris). And that is pretty much where Orcus comes in.

Associated somewhat with the Roman Pluto as apart from the Greek Hades, Orcus is quite obviously a symbol of ‘what comes after,’ and in being associated with Pluto rather than Hades is more about the ‘jewels’ and ‘wealth’ which result from our life choices rather than actual (physical) life or death.

By going direct in early Virgo, Orcus is pointing to the functionality of our lives, whether that’s how we pay the bills, whether our health is with us (or in need of attention) – this is about the consequences of functionality or the lack thereof. Those who have dealt with upkeep and learning their lessons and attending to responsibilities are better off than those who haven’t.

This may well play off something we discussed in our last couple of blogs…Mars moving into earthy Taurus and how that, combined with Mercury and Jupiter’s still-functional unity in late Aries (and rulership of current Lunar Node functions) points to the need to look to our own situations as a product of our own choices…and how much easier it is to blame life on others than it is to stand up and do something about anything.

But that standing up? That tackling the job? That getting real and honest with ourselves? That would seem to be the way forward. Those who want things to improve need to improve things. Those who think the world is a lousy place who don’t do anything about bettering it should look into the mirror and ask themselves why they think they were put here to be a guest instead of a participant.

In short, this is a time when consequences are front and center. As such, something may seem very unpleasant. Or disquieting. But if that’s what it takes to get you to change your ways and confront the consequences of your priorities or choices or lassitude, ennui, lack of involvement or failure to educate yourself or hold yourself to a higher standard of behavior or participation… why do you think life isn’t going to press you more and more until you do change if life’s purpose is to get you to change?

The connection to Pluto (the Roman god of the underworld) rather than Hades (the Greek version of the same concept) leads us to understand that Orcus is an emotional process, an emotional recognition, an emotional experience of what consequence means.

One choice…one chance…one experience is over. It cannot be undone. It cannot be erased. Orcus going on station to go direct a day after Atropos (endings) opens its 'station window' to go retrograde drives that point home metaphysically like few things can.

It also asks us to consider the how's and why's of all before moving on. Though there are some things we cannot change, we can learn from what is going on and what's happened and do, decide or prioritize differently going forward...or at least become more aware of how what we do - or don't do - that things we say or choose have vital and very importantly real ramifications.

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