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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Sun in Gemini: Mental Flooding

 Gemini by Mikalojus Konstantina Ciurlionis (1907)

The Sun’s move from Taurus into Gemini at 9:22am (UT/+0) on May 21st represents a move from ‘what we have on hand’ to ‘what are we going to do with it’ (or about it). It’s a yearly progression and very much part of life as we know it. The (Aries) infant is born and though it doesn’t know much about life, it knows it needs to survive. Then the (Taurus) baby begins to enjoy life and develop likes and dislikes. The ego which is so direct and simplistic (yes/no!) in Aries becomes ‘I want’ and ‘I don’t like that you’re not giving it to me!’ in Taurus…all of which leads – or maybe even motivates the shift into Gemini.

Gemini as sign of mentality is rather akin to the toddler stage of learning to be mobile. And as we learn to be mobile, we learn how with mobility comes an increased opportunity for discovery. And increased choices. And ever more to see.

From this comes the pop-astrology attitude that Gemini’s can never make up their mind. And while that may be true, when we consider that Gemini is actually the polarity sign to Sagittarius (which is all about figuring out how to get things moving in our life so as to achieve our aims) (yes, replete with detours, road blocks, pot holes and speed bumps!)….Gemini is actually all about learning so that we can make a choice, and from that choice build something. Something worth our time and worthy of our effort. Something which will get us where we want to go.

Gemini is the real world ideal of life as a jig saw puzzle. We can sit there and consider each piece in turn, yes. We can be careless and lose some of our pieces. Yes. But if our life and thus our goals in life (and life goals) are represented by the assembled jigsaw, then a.) we’d better focus on assembling the puzzle. And that b.) requires having some priorities about how we use our time. Plus c.) since life is the most extraordinary of jig saw puzzles, maybe we’d better get some tips on gig saw assembly from those who have done the job right while not allowing ourselves to get distracted along the way by other matters (or at least not distracted for very long – see item ‘b.’)

Gemini is about choosing to get things done. It’s about choosing what you want to get done. It’s about choosing how you go about getting to the goal and everything you need to learn along the way to move the job of being human from toddler-hood to full fledged adult replete with sound operational parameters.

And that last bit adds in one more issue: realism. In Gemini we have the facts and the status quo as it exists…and the goal: what life could be. Gemini is all about understanding the dotted line between these two polarities, and that life is what it is until we change it…and changing it takes work, most of all in and on ourselves. Or at least first within the Self.

Gemini asks that we know the fact and build on the fact by adding to our knowledge. It’s the first sign of the four mutable signs of the zodiac, ‘mutable’ here meaning changing through experimentation and learning how, or better. 

The zodiac's mutable signs

So while the Sun is in Gemini – which would be for about the next month – this is a time to think things through. And what with a solar eclipse about to grace us come June 1st in Gemini, we can all expect to learn much, change our minds about things and to have life teach us better.

As the Sun enters Gemini, we also have asteroid Orpheus entering Cancer, signaling a distinct moment of considerable self-doubt. Orpheus having been a gifted guy, he seemed to concentrate more on his own feelings of the moment than the repercussions of his choices. Ultimately, he loses out on what he really treasures (the fair maiden Eurydike) because he cannot govern himself and his actions. He figuratively...then literally...loses his head.

This is a warning to us all. And with Orpheus entering Cancer, the stakes are personal and serious. Those who gamble – or who have been gambling – things which really matter to them may now realize that they have by sheer careless lack of self control (maturity, maybe?) cost themselves…and others…greatly.

Where things go wrong now, yes, they really are because you lost your head. Or because you've denied what actually lies inside that head...which would be the alternative form of 'losing' - the refusing to find and use one's mind. You may not mind it...but others might!

This doesn’t get any prettier when we consider that at this moment Charybdis (the monster of effort) is conjunct fixed star Scheat.

You remember Scheat, right? The star which represents how society poo-poo’ed Galileo when he said that Earth went around the Sun because it didn’t fit what they wanted to believe at the time?

Conjunct Charbydis, we have the image of chorusing displeasure of the ‘we don’t want to hear it!’ kind which goes unfortunately well with Orpheus in Cancer (alas…some pictures are painted so well!) …and the keynote here is that you didn’t try hard enough or long enough. 

Combined that with Sun in Gemini – especially with an eclipse about to happen? It’s so a recipe for much ill will, much denial of what things actually take and what human capacity really is…all against the fact that yes, a lot of people really have been goofing off, cutting corners and living in fantasies so they can simply avoid living in and dealing with reality.

Last but not least we have Venus conjunct Mars conjunct Hamal. Hamal and the degree it’s currently positioned at (7 Taurus) we talked at length about yesterday (see the last post). Mercury (our minds) are moving on…but as they do that, our sense of wanting to make things right – at least for us – (Venus/Mars) has increased.

 Venus Showing Mars her Doves making a Nest in his Helmet
by Joseph Marie Vien (1768)

Yes, for many a person this is going to be one hot date night! But at the same time, there are a lot of issues which are likely to crop up now which really have to do with the person we are and how we either haven’t done enough to communicate that to someone else…or we’ve so gone overboard in humoring ourselves, in doing what we want to do that in our drive and need to scratch our psyche’s itch we’ve actually hurt others.

And some of those are going to be people that we love. Others we may not love, but they have the power and ability to really clout us one good!

With Drakonia still on station, we may hope to ‘play’ the part or the game or our luck until something ‘plays’ out. And that may work. Then again, it might not.

Sun in Gemini says this is a time to think things through. Bothering to consider all the possibilities and permutations and choosing your course of action in full knowledge of same surely seems the most productive course. It may not be everything you want, but maybe you’d rather be saved-by-the-Self than sorry?

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