by Boots Hart, CAP

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Orcus, Venus, Mercury: Bringing Us Down to Earth

Bain de Venus by Odilon Redon (ca.1900)

TNO Orcus goes direct in early Virgo at 6:05pm in the evening (UT/+0) on May 15th. Several hours later, first Venus, then Mercury will move into Taurus.

Venus in Taurus is the taste of…or often for the finer things life has to offer. For those who like pop astrology, Venus tends to be spoken of as ‘lucky’ or ‘fortune in money’ and thought of as connected to a love of beauty, ease and all things tasty and pleasurable….and a period when we can manifest things as we will.

To this last, a big ‘well….sometimes yes and sometimes no.’ Much depends on what is going on in life as a whole. Venus (and Mercury) are both personal planets. So they certainly speak to what we’d like…and in particular, Venus in Taurus speaks to a time when we’re likely to really want what we want out of life. So with Venus entering Taurus with Mars – symbol of ambition and drive - already in Taurus, it’s pretty plain our hearts (if not our eyes) are firmly on personal goals and what we think is good, right and…to put it plainly, our due.

Venus moves into Taurus at 10:13pm (UT/+0) on the 15th and what with Mercury follows suit at 11:19pm (UT/+0) we are all heading towards the May 17th Full Moon with our eyes on the personal goal, need, desire, ambition.

But there are a few other things to consider here. One is that Damocles is on station to go direct tomorrow (May 16th) in Aquarius. Another is that Nemesis just went direct last week (on the 11th) in Virgo (score another for the earth sign team).

Damocles outlines difficulties we don’t recognize until we take the job on. Nemesis is the 'you know better, don’t you?’ which is now being heard. People are going to be very big with hindsight right now…that would be the Nemesis part. With Orcus going direct today (May 15th) there will also be a lot of pointing of fingers at things which have gone wrong. And we can count on a lot of that really irritating ‘now that you’ve screwed things up…’ sort of tone going around – as if everyone chooses to do the wrong thing?

Actually…no. But sometimes, yes. And the difference between these two factors (or factions, if you prefer) is part of what’s on our minds now. Could we have known? Should we have known? Could anyone have known? If they did, why did they choose to do the thing which has the negative consequences anyway?

Events, comments, realities, news…all which happens now will have a peculiar sense of consequence and often enough, resignation attached to it. Now all we can do is cope…but why would anyone want to be in the position of coping with this? (Whatever ‘this’ is.)

That all the named factors save Damocles are in earth signs says the matter is very real and very tangible. Damocles here adds…oh, call it a touch of the societal – and like as not, economic.

The Full Moon we are heading towards will occur in Scorpio. And as a matter of fact, that Moon is entering Scorpio as of 4:33 in the afternoon (UT/+0) on this self same May 15th we’re talking about after having just ‘tinged’ off Venus, which at that point will still be at 29 Libra.

 Road with Cypress and Star by Vincent van Gogh (1890)

That Moon/Libra connective sets up a bit of a hint that this is all about how we relate to others. Or how we feel about them. Or whether we think they think of us or even known we exist. Or matter.

By the time Orcus is turning direct in Virgo, the Moon will be in sextile from Scorpio, granting us an  opportunity to do something. But whatever that is, it had best take others and their opinions, needs and values into account.

That the Full Moon of the 17th will be in Scorpio tells us this whole lunar cycle is to some degree all about our ability to recognize that life is not simply about us or how we think. Or our ‘group.’ Only when something works for all does it…really work for all!

That would seem obvious.

About now though…we’re probably asking ourselves how obvious it really is – and why anyone in their right mind would ignore the idea that to work for everyone, things have to actually function and satisfy (you know, Venus in Taurus?) everyone.

Which leaves….what? The question of who is in their right mind? Yes, that would be apt, especially as we’re heading towards a solar eclipse in Gemini, sign of mentality – and one conjunct Aldebaran (think: integrity).

There are a lot of ways our reality can get shattered. And when we don’t die...what are the consequences of that?

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