by Boots Hart, CAP

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Mercury enters Pisces + a 10 Aquarius New Moon

There’s definitely something about Mercury in Pisces which heightens our ability to relate…maybe to our own situation, maybe to the plight or words of someone else. Technically defined astrologically as being ‘in detriment’ Mercury in Pisces may not be the ‘typical’ crisp defining force and mental sorting tool we tend to think of when thinking of Mercury, but that doesn’t mean this incoming influence is weak or unworthy of consideration.

As a matter of fact, probably nothing could be farther from the truth. Planets in signs of detriment often represent attributes which are every bit as dynamic as a planet in rulership – it’s just that the energy is acting atypically.

In other words…the Mercury which in Virgo often speaks to precision, technique and getting the job done in Pisces becomes lingering in the moment, reveling in the feeling and allowing ourselves to dream.

Astrological dignities in two tables
Just don’t get too comfortable. All this loveliness comes at a price – which is the other issue with detriments. Any Pisces influence - at some level – relies on a little Virgo earth-bound practicality and pragmatism to keep things in line. So if the planet being influenced by Pisces is Virgo’s ruler (which is to say, Mercury) then we could get a bit off base.

Even a lot off base, off schedule or off point…which would be why Mercury in Pisces tends to be a time when we may ‘color outside of the lines.’ Those may be our lines…in which case we may exceed or fail our standards – we just won’t be hitting them. Or maybe we’ll be becoming involved in is taking us beyond our previous experiences.

Or even ‘out of bounds,’ whatever that may mean in any given situation, in your community or in your life.

The Mercurial awareness implied here is that of emotionality…which is to say our feelings, how we feel about things specific or general…and what our feelings lead us to think about in that ‘imagining it’ sort of manner which gets us ever closer to who we really are…or our willingness to move past our dreams to seeing and doing things in reality.

So there we all will be…January is ending, and Mercury moves into Pisces on the 31st (UT/+0 time). We’re all in the middle of some sort of powerful Venus process which by April will have forced some sort of inspiration to know ourselves better than we ever have. It’s not easy. It’s not  subtle. Things which are inescapably true about life and equally true in our life in terms of who we really are – that’s all becoming ever clearer.

As are (unfortunately) the gaps between that inner and outer world – the individual (personal) and interactive world. In this moment, and going forward, something about us which pertains specifically to what we really value – is getting exposed. For some of us this will represent a goal. For some, the errors of choices past will surface in a morass of complications, most of which will be suffered in personal moments of questioning.

Mercury enters Pisces at 2:30 in the afternoon of the 31st (UT/+0 time) with Venus not actually going direct until 8:50 p.m. (with all of this being dated February 1st for those in Oriental longitudes).

And all of this will occur just after we get a New Moon – an Aquarian New Moon at 10 degrees of this most systemic of the zodiac air signs. In Aquarius we consider the whole idea…the big picture…how things will work if XYZ happens – or doesn’t. Under Aquarian influences, perspectives broaden, but they may be far from flexible.

There’s a curious quality of brittleness some might even call fragility often elicited by Aquarius. And with this being the New Moon, that may manifest physically. Known for its symbolic connection to electricity and ‘electrical systems,’ Aquarian physicality issues include matters having to do with how “power” functions in our body, whether that involves exhaustion, ambition, anxiety, any of the neurological systems and (on occasion) issues having to with vision, muscle function, circulatory issues and/or sleep disturbances.

Of course issues of “power” may also have to do with power grids. Or your “power” to be effective (as an individual in a greater social system)…the concept of “buying power” (which brings in matters of income) and all things digital, technological, universal and separatist.

As a sign which alternately unites the disparate, separates through improvement and judges nothing based on gender, beauty or any of the “usual suspects” Aquarius dares us to be human… which may just be the crux of current doings and that which unfolds as we move away from all of those things we were forced to contend with under Venus retrograde while not liking a one of them.

Yet it’s not like we’re out of the personal woods just yet. The Sabian Symbol for 10 Aquarius being as follows… DURING A SILENT HOUR, A MAN RECEIVES A NEW INSPIRATION WHICH MAY CHANGE HIS LIFE… it would seem that we have some thinking to do. So to start with, isn’t it handy that we’re about to go into a Mercury retrograde?

No…don’t groan. I know how difficult Mercury retrograde can be – and considering how this one is going to quickly move back into Aquarius, a word to the wise here: do your mechanical and tech maintenance. If you drive a car and have been putting off some ‘little thing’ …do yourself a favor and don’t put it off. Get those important letters, emails and phone calls made. Tend your site, blog or whatever else you have.

Mercury will go retrograde on the 6th – which means its station effects begin on the 4th (use February 7th and 5th respectively if you live in Middle East longitudes or east from there). What this amounts to is a pretty narrow window, but it seems worth mentioning.

(I’m feeling very pragmatic today.)

For those prone to dismissing responsibilities, you may be tempted. In fact, with dwarf planet Sedna going direct on February 5th, there’s a distinct aura of ‘wanting to play the game our way’ now which isn’t likely to get us anywhere.

Will we get the message? Some of us will, but only when it hurts enough to get us to let go of our armor-clad positions.

Getting back to 10 Aquarius, the fact that it’s the degree of a New Moon speaks to something which begins here and continues to evolve – maybe dynamically…or perhaps subtly – until March 1st, the date when Mars goes retrograde.

That tells us there is work yet to be done. Not that we may be in the mood to do it. Mercury in Pisces isn’t known for its dynamism, though it is known for faith, artistry and confidences which touch us so deeply as the create vulnerabilities while healing hurts. Mercury in Pisces can represent a time of dissolution or dreams or effortless prowess, depending on how we use it.

The essence is all about ego. Or more precisely, letting go of ego and trusting that who we are and what we are is enough – and that we are in the right place to do what we need to do next, even if we aren’t quite ready or still need to work through a few details about this or that.

Moreover, this New Moon comes with a Yod – that most peculiar of astrological images:

With Pallas at 10 Virgo we may be tempted to ‘sit’ on something, often to our disadvantage. The position at the ‘point’ of a Yod describes the tact or tactic we think will ‘control’ some problematic situation – the situation represented by the “Y” or double inconjuncts built into this formation.

And that would be wrong. Though yes, we do have to adjust, what we have to adjust is not to the situation but our thinking on whatever situation(s) arise now…or as the Moon ‘trigger’s each of the Yod points (dates: February 4th; February 16). Where Pallas does come into its own here is in the idea that as the Moon reaches these points it is the information or perspective we achieve or become privy to which ‘develops’ the doings of the month. Sun/Moon sextile Uranus is a description of innovation which ‘seconds’ the Sabian given for 10 Aquarius in saying there is newness to be and to be done this month.

And that will require some (Pallas) perspective. 

Unfortunately Pallas is positioned in a degree which can be difficult as it’s known for being a focus for when we don’t know ‘friend from foe’ and indeed can go along with someone to our personal detriment.

This may argue that we need more Aquarian individualism (and maybe some better personal boundaries or thicker skin). Then again, maybe this may be the moment when you realize you have been getting towed off course by someone who may love you all to pieces, but who isn’t living your life.

Again…maybe more (Aquarian) individuality is being called for. Then again, since the ‘solution point’ for a Yod is the degree immediately opposite the ‘pointer’ of the Yod (9 Pisces) maybe all that’s happening is about us. Maybe the ‘other people’ are reflecting our indecision. Maybe we haven’t decided who friend and foe really are and they’re just playing along with us… a thought which carries us on to the other image which is part of this New Moon – namely a magic square which includes Venus stationary…and no, I don’t mean writing paper.

Any planet on station can be considered to be potent in the utmost degree. With Pluto conjunct this stationary Venus there is an enormous amount of power which we will be tempted to use or utilize for our own purposes.

That would be questionable. Venus-Pluto connections are often obsessive, and as part of a magic square, whatever you’re obsessing about at the moment may hold huge potential and longevity, but there is a danger – namely that we will take the good for granted and in doing so, destroy that thing which carries us to such heights.

That’s not an immediate or mandated danger here, though it is a possibility – and when the ‘magic’ experienced through a magic rectangle ‘breaks’ we tend to feel hopeless and helpless about putting things back together. It’s sort of like we didn’t earn something through challenge and travail to begin with, so we end up floundering instead of simply taking the task on as a task and getting on with it.

Jupiter opposition Pluto/Venus spells huge potential and an equally huge desire to achieve or get something done…and the possible cost of doing so. Here ‘cost’ is described as emotional, but the cost is not to us so much as it’s with or in us.

In other words…we come into this time with all sorts of (Venus-Pluto) ambition and desires. Chiron-Juno in Pisces speaks of deep emotions and overwhelming emotionality as well as some sort of lack of understanding when it comes to why things have to be as they are.

This is a lunar month rooted in what we think of others and what others think or think about, with or without us.

There is distance described here, and that distance, that gap, that difference between the “I” and “thou” of life – whether that’s personal or societal – exists so that we can grow…learn…find our way to that which allows us to fulfill our destiny and potential through taking the time to take ourselves seriously.

Under Aquarius, as under Pisces, our passions can’t be solely about what we get. Only by seeing ourselves as a resource which in giving to others powers life inclusively do we achieve both a clarity of identify and the fostering of acceptance… that which ultimately grows our satisfaction in humanity personal and global – and thus our gratitude towards life itself.


  1. Wow, Boots. Having just gotten back from a week in Tucson and the Memorial service, I am greatly appreciative of your Venus Direct and this Aquarius New Moon post. I did have some life changing events at the end of 2010-beginning of 2011 and the acknowledgment of their playing themselves out now is interesting. I know that natal charts have Vertex points. I feel like my LIFE has just hit its Vertex point right now. LOL. Thank you so much. I re-read your posts very 'consideredly'. Nothing is to be taken lightly at this time for me--and since it is the astrology for all of us, I am not alone. Big smile to you.

  2. Boots, please take care. Your gifts are so needed and valued by people like me. Whatever happened, Be Well (comment for your Venus Direct post that disappeared.)

    1. Thank you,'re always so kind! (If I find the post I'll put it back!)

  3. And now, in the 3rd quarter Moon phase, and re-reading this post (realized I HAD to go back to the New Moon to try to wrap my brain around what happened this week). I really think I understand now. how some one MAY have shot himself in the foot by trying to force the timing of the situation, and again this ill-fated, incredibly instructive and life-changing for the positive (for both of us) relationship is being used to get me (and surely him) to keep growing up. Even through another Little Death. .
    Do hope you are well. I do not have the words yet to describe how amazed and thankful that I am one of your readers and learners.
    Be Well, Boots

    1. You've just named one of the primary reasons why I think written astrology works best - so you have something to go back to and learn from. Good for you!