by Boots Hart, CAP

Friday, January 3, 2014

Dateblog: January 2014

The new year starts off with a lot of emphasis on pragmatism and realistic planning – plus a healthy helping of those January chores so many of us put on our calendar now because we’ve put them off so many times up until now.

More to the astrological point, with Sun-Mercury-Venus in earth and Mars in airy Libra the overall (earthy) Capricorn drive to achieve and accomplish is in the foreground for January’s first week-and-a-half.

But then (on the 11th), Mercury moves into Aquarius – a shift which begins sliding our entire ‘modality’ from the ‘what it is’ and ‘tackling the actual problem’ more into a thoughtful and/or discussion mode.

All of this is (let’s remember) with Venus in retrograde. So the ‘why’ of our moving from ‘doing’ into ‘talking about it’ mode may be about disagreements. Or differences of importance or priority. There’s much afoot but a measure of caution in the works as well; either we don’t know quite how to be with or get to ‘them’ (or possibly ‘that’) or you’re having a couple of weeks of ‘gulf’ or ‘gap’ (or lack) which involves someone else’s less than solid dealing with/ lack of response.

And that’s making for some feelings of ineptness which you may be feeling ‘in particular’ towards one or a couple of people…or which you’re just feeling about life and this world in no-holds-barred general.

But there may be a whole other side of this, so don’t get too bogged down in anything – good or bad. Since theory tells us that any retrograde is about discovering something in our Self or immediate surroundings which we need to know about or take care of in short(er) order, the current retrogrades of Venus and Jupiter suggest financial issues of either the very basic (or) truly luxury class. Another form of Venus and Jupiter retrograde would concern anything having to do with design or bringing something into being is likely to be going through a painstaking time.

It’s not bad, mind you…just not wonderful. Life is asking us to invest in understanding our Self and why we have the pluses and minuses we have so that we can comprehend and thus become empowered down the line and do a whole lot better with our lives. And yes, a bunch of us are going to ignore that nudge and tell life that we’re busy.

Oh, we so often think we know better than the world, don’t we? We humans are such a bunch!

But back to Jupiter and Venus…because the Moon is associated with money, the fact that January will also have two New Moons (on the 1st and 30th (UT/+0 time) says that good or bad, ‘money matters’ will seem very apparent now. It’s the combination which counts, but is it real? Is anything that anyone may be arf-bark-woofing about be any more dastardly (in reality) than it has been “ever before”?

Not so much during early January, but probably during the 2nd half of the month we’re likely to be in for a deal of ‘gas-lighting’ – that unpleasant thing which gets done when the ‘if all else fails’ alarm goes off and whoever wants something done starts using fear (and sometimes greed) as a true and blatant tactic.

Jupiter and Pluto will also be in opposition for the whole of the month. With Jupiter in retrograde, this would seem to be a representation of ‘shrinking,’ through that obviously can happen in any of a zillion ways. Whatever it is in life (and it may be multiple issues), seeing that the exact day of this opposition is January 30th …which is the same day that Venus goes direct (in Capricorn) and when Mercury enters Pisces…?

That speaks to January ending in a flurry of letting go (on one hand) and (on the other) some coming to a basis of reality not with Reality itself but with our reality, however that may be being manifested.

Throughout this month we cannot look to others to provide the applause and appreciation which – yes – we all will want. It’s a time for patience and for perseverance to be shown with regards to that which we know is good and right and valid. January is likely to be testing, but mostly to our ability to be fair – most of all with ourselves.

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