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Saturday, January 18, 2014

Sun in Aquarius

 Sunrise, February 17, 2009
(photo credit: Harald Hoyer)

Aquarius is a worldly, public, collective, ‘Big Picture’ sign. Its successes come from embodying something which everyone appreciates (or can relate to), at least on a mental or theoretical level. So in order to accomplish our goals and get what we want out of life over the next four weeks we need to own, understand and utilize our individual potential(s) in such a way as to focus our individuality.

If we focus what we’re doing and how we’re doing it correctly, others will react as we are hoping they will – which means that at some level mistakes and failure are particularly informative now, as generally errors under Aquarius tend to be (or become) rather obvious.

And yet, they don’t all get fixed – the reason for which is because Aquarius is a fixed sign, the first sign of which is to move slowly or deliberately. We may know there’s a ‘jump’ or change to be made, but…

Some of us just don’t want to change. Some of us haven’t put enough work in yet to know what to change or how to change it. Then there are those among us who won’t be able to take critique or responsibility now. Aquarius embraces both extremes, with precision, strict attention and focus (even over-focus) at one end and the irrational and irresponsible at the other.

With this ingress happening under a Venus retrograde which falls in the sign before Aquarius, some will feel very sensitive about their reputation or how others regard them at least until Venus goes direct on January 31st. Some will pull back. Others will cut back on efforts because they aren’t getting the response they want. Or because they think narrowing their focus will increase success – or even their chance of success.

Like all fixed signs, Aquarius symbolizes needs, desires and whatever processes lead to our ‘securing’ or receiving something important. Function and functionality is important – as is the ability to get things done in a timely manner.

Aquarius draws events out – or dismisses them in an instant. The thought may linger even if the person or opportunity doesn’t.

On the other hand, this is also a sign which teaches us to reach. And reach out.

Hebe Asleep (1869)
by Albert-Ernest Carrier-Belleuse

Those of us who think life is simply going to deliver what we want on command tend to have a very hard time with Aquarius. With the first part of Sun in Aquarius under Venus retrograde (from ingress to January 31st) our ability to value ourselves in this world with or without demonstrated approval- support is in for some testing.

Then things will begin to change. Mercury’s moving from Aquarius into Pisces as Venus is on station (January 29 - February 2) signals rising emotions, changes of heart and emotional turnarounds. With this happening as the Sun moves into Aquarius’ second ten degrees (10-19 Aquarius) surprises and shocks – even unforeseen emotional outbursts and trying situations may be in the making.

What is being signaled here is fervency, not empathy, so don’t think soft, think strident. Think rebellion. Think ‘determination to win.’ On all levels and whether for good or ill, these first few days of February support that which is meant to connect the genesis of something and its outcome, with an emphasis on our willingness and ability to think (and for some, act) not only in our own regard – not only for our own pleasure or purpose.

Under Sun in Aquarius, we want things to work. Most of us will see some purpose which serves our good and the greater good as well – or that’s what we think. This is a global sign all about systems, whether we’re talking about a water system, a social networking system, our systems of international travel, commerce, communication or economics or simply our ‘system’ for running our life. During Sun in Aquarian we are more aware of others and who they are…and thus we’re likely to learn a few things about ourselves.

Both the differences and similarities count now. We are drawn to those we feel comfortable and ‘similar’ to, but we may stand to learn more from those who are different. Sharing experiences can be alienating. Then again, they can be educational – or even stunning as we learn that someone we thought very much like us is a stranger…and how someone or something we thought alien is not so odd at all.

That everything we think of as accomplishment or success (personal or professional) depends on our willingness and ability to interface our individual world with the greater world around us (on whatever scale) comes into play here as Aquarius is famous for everything from frivolous gatherings to job interviews. Anything which connects – whether that’s a connecting of people or machinery or money or anything else – all those things are Aquarian. But with Mercury going retrograde on the 6th, particularly after Mercury retrogrades back out of Pisces into Aquarius we can expect all sorts of interruptions, delays, misunderstandings and troublesome moments – especially when it comes to anything electronic or digital.

With the Sun at the apex of a fixed sign Sun-Hebe-Altair t-square coming into Aquarius our conflicts are composed of whatever it is which prevents us from being able to live, explore and profit from our abilities. The trick, however, is fairly simple here: you can’t just think about yourself. Whether the issue is what you’ll get from anything or what you’re willing to give, understanding where others are coming from is essential. Memory and memories can function against us if we don’t let others in…and yet we will have no peace if we try to go it alone.

The object here is ease of relationship – with ourselves as much as with others…and with others as much as ourselves. But with Amor in the description of the goal and Kalypso at 4 Taurus (a degree which tends to be anti-marriage and possibly overly masculine) this is definitely not about physical intimacy and probably not even about an ongoing intimate relationship.

But there is some sort of ability or rhythm being described. Often associated with artists, musicians or any sort of person or act which acts to ‘harmonize’ or ‘blend’ separate streams of input or possibility, Mirach conjunct Amor at 0 Taurus seeks to establish something new – something which will stand out.

You know, for it’s Aquarian uniqueness.

Our uniqueness, that is.

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