by Boots Hart, CAP

Monday, September 30, 2013

Dateblog: October 2013

See all the red in this month's diagram? That represents Scorpio. And Scorpio is the sign which represents everything in and about life which tests our security and sense of satisfaction...and which gets us to dealing with whatever we need to do in order to increase same - or cope with threats. Or at least what we perceive as threats.

(And yes, Scorpio is rightfully famous for getting us to imagine threats where there are none and for being the sign of overreacting as often as the sign of denial).

The 'famous' triad of issues Scorpio is rightly known for is: money, sex and power. And yes, they are all Scorpionic in the sense that these are issues which can provoke emotionality and/or which test our emotional stability - particularly as that pertains to how well we know our own ability to tolerate emotionality...or to survive emotionality and learn a good deal in the process.

So to say Scorpio is just 'money, sex and power' is pretty matter-of fact. Even rather bland. UNTIL they become a matter between me and thee, that is. (Or you and anyone else, of course!)

In all things Scorpio, it is the interaction which puts something at risk. Sometimes the risk is real and physical – as in surgery. (Yes, surgery is a Scorpio ‘operation,’ if you will.) (Bad puns rule!) But sometimes Scorpio risks are simply about embarrassment. Or ‘saving face,’ as it’s translated from the Japanese culture. In Scorpio we risk rejection. We risk being vulnerable – whether physically, financially, emotionally or any other way.

Of course the instinct is to try to control those risks. But that’s what Scorpio is all about: learning what needs to be controlled, what needs to be avoided, and what is simply a pea-brained choice on your part.

Or an insecurity which you really would do well to think through and own rather more than you do already, perhaps.

As the New Moon in Libra rolls through on October 5th, Scorpio Venusian-ness hits full tilt and we find out what works, what doesn’t work – and maybe that we’re just appealing to the wrong person for the wrong thing (or wrong reason, take your pick!). And interactions don’t stop there. With the Sun in Libra, Mercury in Scorpio and Venus in Sagittarius there’s a lot of energy going into finding out how to make things work.

But there is a fly in the ointment. It’s name is Mars in Leo. As October starts, Mars is moving into Leo’s third and most worldly decanate. It’s time to let go and see how far your wings will carry you! It’s also the point at which you may get shot down. And let’s face it, nobody likes getting shot down!

This gets into that ‘fixed sign’ thing. Leo and Scorpio are both fixed signs. But where Scorpio tests our ability (and willingness) to risk our feelings in a more or less personal setting where we choose who to interact with and what the stakes really are, Leo calls for a more global release into a theoretical marketplace which is far less personal…until you get shot down, that is.

And of course, all of this is happening in the weeks leading towards a November Solar Eclipse. In what sign?

Oh yes...Scorpio!

But before we even get that far, there’s going to be a Lunar Eclipse at 25 Aries. Occurring on October 18th, this is a high spirited time which functions on both the ‘cause’ and ‘effect side of the coin. That which we are or have done may shine. That which we have done and not done all that well…those dirty little pigeons may come home at this point to do a little roosting. (Not roasting, roosting!)

For good or ill, by the time that happens Mars will have moved on from Leo into Virgo, meaning emotions are far more likely to froth sans the cappuccino prior to the lunar eclipse than after. Mars in Virgo tends to be rather pragmatic – and that may well have be needed, as the week prior to the Aries Lunar Eclipse is going to be not just the final huzzah of Mars in Leo but also part of Mercury’s run-up to retrograde.

The net of all this is that the middle of October is going to be an intense time for everyone. Even if you’re playing it cool floating in a pool, things and people around you and in lifeare bound to make a few waves.

It’s just the nature of the time.

In the wake of the lunar eclipse, feelings of urgency and fervency will subside a little bit. But the end of October? With the Sun moving into Scorpio on October 23rd (or late on the 22nd for those in the Americas or eastern Pacific basin) …and with Mercury already retrograde? This is a recipe which can cook up some very intense thoughts – and the notions that certain decisions have to be made and acted on.

But not yet. When under Mercury retrograde, the ‘rule’ is that we don’t start anything new – and that we need to really think things through before letting go of something old.

It shouldn’t surprise anyone if given the impending Solar Eclipse the temptation, the urge, the desire to get past something or to be free of something overwhelms some of us…but if that happens, what you (or whoever does something) thinks will result aren’t likely to work out quite as expected.

There’s a lot of karmic pressure going around as October ends. It may surface in your life as emotionality, as financial issues, as matters which concern power or control – even the need to make some serious changes.

You just don’t know everything yet.

Most astrologers under most circumstances would say “wait.” But considering that November’s eclipse is going to occur under Mercury retrograde, the whole process of changing your mind or changing your mental perspective (or your ability or willingness to so that) may well be exactly what’s being called for. If your natal chart is being aspected with any exactness by 11 Scorpio (the degree of the eclipse) the very nature of what you think and how you think about something…even everything…may well be on the table.

It’s to think about.


The Challenging Aspects:
6 through 16 degrees of Scorpio, Taurus, Leo or Aquarius
9 through 13 degrees of Libra, Sagittarius, Gemini or Aries

The Opportunity Aspects:
8 through 14 degrees of Capricorn or Virgo 

Aspects indicating Transformations of Ongoing Dynamics:
6 through 16 degrees of Cancer or Pisces


  1. Thankyou Boots!
    I liked that expression, "playing it cool floating in a pool" .. I'll certainly be aiming for that, but as you say, the times are upon us. It's so tempting to hide away till the end of the year, but I just came out of hibernation so it's quite unadventurous and chicken-hearted of me to want back in after such a little while. I shall do my best to get by, with as little misadventure as possible, lol
    I'm hoping the opportunity aspect of my 11 Virgo Sun will outweigh the challenging aspect of my 6 Scorpio moon... I am going to stay positive!

  2. Hey there, Debbie!

    You're not alone - there's a lot of 'I just got out here, can I go hide at home?' going on all the way around. You may be hearing of a lot of people making big strides, but most of them are having second thoughts about the process, the effort, the challenges and the (very natural) insecurity which goes along with making any kind of change - never mind big changes.

    Staying positive is a good idea...though I'm not married to the idea of 'positivity at all cost,' personally. There is an aspect of that which is apt seeing as you're a Virgo - the Virgo need to learn the polarity sign (Pisces) is all about learning when and where and how to have faith, which sort of amounts to accepting the process whatever it may be.

    HOWEVER...! If I may, as a Pisces person surrounded by a bunch of Virgos (all of whom have my best interests at heart, I'm sure) sometimes we all forget that other people have lessons which may seriously differ from ours. I have a medical 'thing' I have to contend with and being that I'm a Pisces I come equipped with the ability to just not fuss and accept as part of my standard equipment...but my LESSON is to learn how to do all the Virgoan researching and making myself aware of facts and factors - which my "Virgo crowd" only recognizes as my lesson (as opposed to their lesson) when I remind them of it - sometimes with a lot of splashing around to make my point!

    Here's to all of us learning our lessons - and helping others learn theirs. I know that the support of my Virgos means a lot to me when I'm stuck for answers, particularly in the health arena. My life is immeasurably improved by being able to be there with the faith and metaphysical spirituality for my Virgos and I'm ever so grateful when they're there for me. The solar eclipse sextiling your Sun suggests a learning process which is about doing what you know how to do - and what you CAN do, which are two rather different things.

    Here's to all of us growing our worlds!


  3. That's so encouraging to know that Im not alone in wanting to retreat and wait for better days!

    But where is the guarantee they will come? No. I must live my life and do my best to cope with whatever comes before me, i know that :)

    I do actually agree with you on the positivity thing. For sure it beats over-thinking ( which Ive decided to do less of) but still, its not the answer for all times/ all situations either.

    I will be thinking of you and sending good positive (!) healing vibes your way. I hope this medical issue is resolved in a way that allows you to breathe easy and continue on your special and unique of helping and efucating others. Take care of yourself too by following the advice of your doctor's, those clever Virgoan friends.. as well as allowing your clos ones to care for you. And, dont forget to rest!

    I think Ive already started doing what I can (some small things, yet definite moves in a new direction)
    ..along with some other things that I know how to do. As you so rightly say, there is a difference .. i just didn't quite see it till you mentioned it.

    My thanks, as always... and yes, may we all learn and grow and flourish in our worlds!
    Take care,

    1. Thanks for the encouragement, Debbie! Between that and the fact we all learn together, I expect we'll muddle through.

      I'll probably post something which includes some notes on my personal issue, just because it's so darn on theme. And yes, I do treasure my Virgos...though as a Pisces, I treasure their humanity more than their positions in life. (We all do come from our own zodiac corners, right?) I find it amusing (and yes, sometimes incredibly irritating!) that my Virgos are natively analytical one and all, but they all preach this 'positivity and having faith thing'...which as a Pisces I think of as "gee, I was positive I had faith before I got out of bed this morning...what I need now are some facts!"

      And maybe that's the issue...underneath, Virgos tend to live from/through their skill sets while Pisces people tend to focus on humanity and our most human, feeling characteristics. One of my Virgos is a (holistic) doctor and it's a 'thing' which gets in our way: he focuses on his skills as the measure of his value and I keep saying that if our human-to-human relationship isn't in order, I wouldn't be placing my (Pisces) life in his hands to take care of, using those skills.

      Thanks again for the good thoughts - sending them right back at'cha!


  4. With Mercury, Mars and Jupiter in the target degrees, N. Node smack in the middle of wild Scorpio, correspondingly S. Node mid-Taurus, Saturn 10 degrees Sag., and Uranus 11 degrees Leo just to mention my 'major' natal planets .... Guess i better hide at home in the basement with the cover pulle ddown tight or muster as much love and courage as possible, call on a recent magical Golden Eagle (masculine nature) interaction as ally stand on the highest mountain and .... FLY!

    1. Where are you planning on flying to? Just curious...

      Seriously though...there is no escape from transits. (She says, sulking in a most patiently resigned manner.) I once tried that...there was this NASTY transit which I knew was a one-time thing (in other words, an event) and I'd done the calculations to figure out when it would happen - this being back in the days when all astro-calculating was done by hand providing you didn't have a university mainframe computer to work with. (...A friend of mine did get one installed in a bank computer, which always had me thinking about checks whizzing past planets...) the time I was living in a great 2nd floor apartment over a line of garages, so I figured I was safe. I put on my headphones and sat down to write (the book I'm at this point working to put through the publishing hoops, as a matter of fact...). Some two hours after the transit (mine are notoriously punctual) I went downstairs to go to the store and...

      Evidently while I had been upstairs being "safe" my car had been being stolen from the carport pretty much right under my feet. That was the last time I thought I could "avoid" a transit. Energy is Rob Hand puts it so well, "use the energy wisely, lest it use you unwisely." Your lesson may be just as simple as learning you can't 'hide' from anything. Then again, it could be something entirely different. Whatever is afoot, I vote for trying to deal with it. It may not be comfy or happy or even easy, but it's worth doing - that we live up to today we find we can rely on tomorrow.

      But in case you fly...happy flying!


  5. Flying.... in this case that would be meeting those perhaps earstwhile energies head on and making the most of it. That 'using the energy lest it use you' advice is well heeded truth for me, and feels most right during these whirly twirly cycles most of humanity is being buffeted about by at this time. I can fully empathize the experiences that can 'surprise' us when we think we are all battened down for the 'storm' ... only to find the the head sail ripped away when one emerges when things quiet down. Yes, i am feeling strong although it can be daunting when believes the 'forcast' looks a bit frightening ... on the other hand one gets an incredible opportunity to utilize this catalyst of forces coming together. and that is where that 'flying' part comes in!
    The book you speak to must be amazing (and i don't even have a clue as to it's subject ...astrology???) yet i feel what i call my 'ding-ding' ding-dinging! Loving to hold this jewel in my hands and sink into some meaty reading ... which is how i describe your unique style of influential astrological star-casting. Yummy!

  6. The book I'm putting through publication right now is fantasy - think "Lord of the Rings" in scale but with modern characters in a modern voice and told as a modern story. Everything I've ever thought about what it takes to be a person has gone into that book...though in story form. Maybe its because of my interest in astrology and psychology, but both (together?) have led me to have a deep regard for language and what language says about humans as a whole and people as you know them. A psychologist once told me "if you really listen to people they'll tell you who they are"...and not only do I think they're right - I obviously have never met a person since who I have not listened to so as to know and understand them. once upon a time I sat down to write a long story. And now I get to share it. It's going to be fun!

    To your point though - the book linked to in the sidebar here at the blog (Travel Gossip) does have a lot of direct ties to astrology and metaphysics....maybe oddly mixed in with a lot of travelogue encounters, but it's in there!

    I'll be (of course!) letting everyone know here at the blog when the fantasy comes out. Since all four books really need to be released simultaneously, it may be after the first of the year before they all make it through the publishing process, but I have faith it'll happen at the right time.

  7. Greetings 'to listen is to know them'
    After the first of the year ... perfect timing. Long Winter days next to the blazing fire, I'm there! Thank you so much for taking the time to outline as well as give an insightful intro to the heart strings that played in order to birth such a creation.
    Blessed Be

    1. Thank you, Aaleyth. You are, as always, the very breath of being.