by Boots Hart, CAP

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Dateblog: September 2013

Mars is in Leo for the whole of September. And the Sun is in Virgo for most of September. What is that about?

Call it growing pains, call it finding your way to or through your challenges – Mars in Leo provides the urge and that all-important ‘you can do it!’ feeling while the Sun wants it done right.

Woe be to those who ignore their better angels this month, perhaps?

Yes, perhaps.

For the first ten days of the month, Venus in Libra is the grace which laughs off angst and frustration. Then the (emotional) stakes get higher as Venus moves into Scorpio. But are those stakes real? Or are they just about our having ‘staked out’ some emotional territory? Have we drawn a line with our Self which we don’t want to moderate or negotiate about stepping over?


Of course there are those who will come jolly-trotting into September with all their p’s and q’s nice polished and ready, set to go. They’ll probably undertake something around the time of the New Moon, using its ‘Virgo flavor’ to propel something long and carefully planned into motion.

Get the difference here? This is Virgo-Land, folks! Forget that ‘slow and steady wins the race’ concept…in Virgo, efficiency, effectiveness and proper standards ultimately win the day – and that’s Mercury in Libra/Venus in Scorpio notwithstanding! 

This sort of Venus/Mercury combination can be a sign of persuasion and sweet talking. Even manipulation. On the other hand, it can also represent a time when real and honest facts get laid on the table, presenting us with choices likely to affect us long-term. There’s a very clear way to know which is which here: facts don’t need anything except simple explanations and sweet talking always comes with a bunch of verbal curlicues.

Remember…the Sun is still in Virgo as all this starts. That’s a call for a clarity of purpose with a caution not to get too married to any particular detail. There’s an old joke about how hard it is to remember that your prime directive was to drain the swamp when you’re up to your keester in alligators, but that’s just about the point – especially since Saturn conjuncting the North Node spells out choices and imperatives which need to be met and dealt with. 

Knowing that once you make your choices or choose your direction (and here you thought I was going to say ‘pick your poison…’?) that leads into Pluto’s station at 8 Capricorn – to be followed promptly by Saturn sextiling Pluto. 

Remember when months ago I told you that 2013 was going to be a year of Saturn/Pluto? That was evident in the first quarter, what with Saturn going retrograde at 11 Scorpio (Scorpio being Pluto’s home sign) and Pluto going retrograde at 11 Capricorn (Saturn’s home sign) come April.

And not to put too fine a point on all this, we’re headed towards a November Solar Eclipse which is going to eclipse the very degree (11 Scorpio) that Saturn went retrograde in.

Astrologically this is very much the ‘dotted line’ or a giant celestial lasso roping these factors into one. So, since Saturn is responsibility, career, worldly status and achievement on the ‘up’ side and limitations, loss and penalties of various types on the ‘down’ side…when we think of that in tandem with Pluto as a primal ‘validation: you win!’ against ‘invalidation: you have work to do!’ celestial indicator, those who have done the Saturn thing by earning their rewards will see a ‘turn of fate’ as Pluto goes direct and Saturn sextiles Pluto. And actually…so will those who have goofed off, tried to get away with things, or otherwise not lived up to their own potential. It’s just that their ‘just rewards’ will be taking at least one giant step back. (And if they’re not lucky, there may be a cliff waiting to engulf them…metaphysically, that is.)

That the end of the Month has the Sun moving into Libra as Mercury unites (by sign) with Venus in Scorpio suggests matters which test our stamina and values regarding ourselves and others are now coming to the fore. And that seems likely, seeing as September – starting back at the New Moon in Virgo – is the onset of all that which will test our ability to get where we want to go as symbolized by the upcoming early November Solar Eclipse.

With that eclipse being in Scorpio, our ability to get along with others and to choose those worth getting along with is coming up for examination, if not full-on questioning. Mercury and Venus being in Scorpio represent the mentality, the mindset, the willingness to marshal ourselves in whatever kind of give-and-take’s the world asks of us and in the recognizing where we may have gotten off-track not with who we want to be seen as, but who we really are. We are being given Venus-and-Mercury ‘notices’ along with Venus-and-Mercury ‘time enough to think things over’ before push comes to shove. 

And remember – it’s not the shoving that anyone else does to us which matters most in the end. It’s the emotions which rise in response which are the tip off to our vulnerabilities. That’s what Scorpio is all about…testing our vulnerabilities so that we can identify and come to grips with our inner glitches and ghouls.

If the Solar Eclipse is a feast, this month is setting the table and putting out the chips. No one is ever going to grade us any harder than we do, so no crinkling, no wrinkling – it’s time to iron out our own problems with ourselves!

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