by Boots Hart, CAP

Monday, September 16, 2013

A Pisces Full Moon

 A Full "Super" Moon as it rises over the Altantic Ocean
(photo credit: Bubba73, March 2011)

Occurring at 11:41 a.m. on September 19th, the Pisces Moon will occur on the day before Pluto goes direct.

That September’s Full Moon occurs within the auspices of Pluto’s station is a sign of things to come at the same time that it is the ‘fulfillment’ point of our current lunar cycle.

Mind you, that’s ‘fulfillment’ in the cosmic sense, not necessarily in the sense of our feeling happy or content with any particular thing. In fact, it could be argued that any Pisces Full Moon (never mind one in late Pisces) is a sign of our feelings or our reactivity reaching a high water mark for reasons which may be entirely out of our control.

So…satisfying? Not necessarily, though there’s a plethora of reasons to think it could be just fine, dandy and even blissful. After all, Pisces isn’t the process of dreaming (as in REM sleep), but Pisces is the fantasy, the ‘dream’ we wish to be enveloped by, that nirvana of feeling we all so long for.

And that’s all well and good as long as we don’t try to substitute that longing for reality…or measure reality by that fantasy. That’s the Pisces premise, and to the extent that we can accept reality and see it as part of our dreams, or apart from our dreams (with both reality and the dream being fine in their own way), then we’re fine.

It’s just the resisting or denying one or the other which tends to get us into trouble.

Which leads to the idea of the degree this Full Moon is occurring in: 26 Pisces. We don’t tend to think of Pisces as a militant sign, but 26 Pisces has a sterling reputation for being willing to fight – even on the wrong side of the question. Also contrary to most general conceptions of Pisces, this degree tends to be rather materialistic, which means this Full Moon may well refer to a reality-based experience of that which is held as a belief.

And that leads us to the next highly interesting fact – the notion that this Full Moon comes complete as a grand sextile, the “magical” six-pointed star which the ancient Hermeticists referred to as the emblem of Divine or cosmic - even karmic - reflection embodied in the phrase “As Above, So Below.” 

 An Aries (non-location specific) chart wheel for the September 2013
Full Moon showing a diagram of the accompanying Grand Sextile (the
linking of two grand trines by sextile) at the center
On one level this is a reference to the ‘reflective’ quality of the small scale, and thus what may be happening on a world stage also happening in our lives, just in a localized manner. Seen in a more esoteric manner, the grand sextile (which is a linking of two grand trines set at 60-degree angles to each other) is where a grand set of ‘sextile opportunities’ becomes locked down as ‘fate.’ Or if you prefer, a ‘result’ – that secondary meaning going rather hand-in-hand with the idea of the Full Moon being an emblem of ‘phase fulfillment’ or the end of one part of a life effort so that we get to move on to the next.

The Grand Sextile is a highly potent and powerful figure. If your chart answers to any of the points in the above diagram you may be sure that your life will be in the process of being inexorably altered, and that this Full Moon is merely a step in a greater process.

No matter who you are or how your personal chart is laid out however, it is to be noted that the Full Moon itself is NOT part of the Grand Sextile. That tells us that this moment of experiential ‘highlighting’ is indeed part of a greater scope, a greater something going on in our world…or maybe ‘the’ world. And that there is such a difference in the scope of the degrees involved here (the Full Moon is happening in a late Pisces degree while the points associated with the Grand Sextile are all fairly early in their respective signs), that suggests an opportunity to have or gain perspective…

That in turn suggests that those whose charts center more on later numbers (say between 20 and 29 of any given sign) are likely to be ‘seeing things happen’ but be less likely to be involved. Such a concept works well with the idea of the third decanate Full Moon (the third decan of any sign being its last ten degrees) as anything third decanate tends not to be about our physicality or our actions as an originating point, though there’s obviously every chance that something going on in your environs or around you in life is going to affect you.

It’s just not ‘about’ you, per se.

On the other hand, those of us whose charts answer more to earlier zodiacal numbers are more likely to be more directly affected. What we do or how we do it may be affected. This may be or become a time of choice. We may suddenly understand why something is important and in keeping with 26 Pisces either be all for it or terribly defensive because of it.

It all depends.

In looking at this Grand Sextile, like the one which Sedna’s turn to retrograde set off the formulation of last month, this one is presented in earth and water signs. Earth and water can be the very essence of fertility. Then again, earth plus water can just equal a whole lot of mud and a muddy (or muddied) situation. That we have Pluto/Facies/Industria trine the South Node and the South Node trine Ceres/Agamemnon (which is obviously trine Pluto) involves the changing (Pluto) face (or Facies) of many (Facies) factors at (Industria) work or that we are (Industria) working on. Since Pluto is going on station atop Facies, there is an inordinate chance of our best and worst traits coming to the fore now – or having to ‘face’ (Facies) such factors particularly in any environment which has to do with the Capricorn ‘structure’ of our life.

Think home, family, job, marriage – that stuff.

With the South Node being trined by Pluto, there is inordinate pressure being placed on the idea of changing at a very fundamental (Taurean) level. Our very sense of values are being questioned – sometimes by others and at a very real and powerful sense, by our Self. Unlike the Scorpio-Taurus sense of challenge, this Grand Sextile effect gives us some sense that maybe we don’t know everything and maybe there is a more vital way we could live. Or a different set of parameters we could adopt which would be both more satisfying and more true to our nature, ‘arming us’ with tools with which we can live a more viable and satisfying life.

The third point in the triumvirate of earth positions is Ceres/Agamemnon, an emblem of plans which perhaps now need to be tweaked. Or amended. Or yes, even completely altered considering what we now know or are coming to understand.

Our sense of reality is changing. Our realization of what we can do…what is possible for us…is undergoing a period of intense (Pluto station) transformation which itself is a facet of the overall process of ‘breaking down’ our old ways of being and thinking reflective of the period leading into this November’s Solar Eclipse.

The second trio of points in the Grand Sextile are in water – our element of emotions and everything which tends to promote or provoke our emotionality. Black Moon Lilith/Child occupies the Cancer angle of this correlation, speaking to things (attitudes, habits, ways of responding) which may date back a very long way – to our own childhood. Given that all this traces back to Sedna’s station as the ‘ignition’ on this evolutionary phase we’re going through (which will culminate/shift gears at the solar eclipse), the Lilith concept of ‘denial’ may well be the letting go of things you were told way back when, your original concepts of what things “should be” or how they were just magically “going to be” (oh, how we all get bogged down by that stuff, right?) and some sort of willingness to ‘take a plunge’ in life which you might not have dreamed even remotely possible – never mind likely – only shortly ago.

The second part of the grand water trine presented is North Node, Saturn, Venus and Deucalion – which is (among other things) an evident and obvious sign that effort (Saturn) needs to continued (North Node) even though it’s really truly not what we like or what we want to do. This combination implies there’s something afoot which we’re not particularly enjoying, but which we understand has to be dealt with – and given Saturn/Venus/Deucalion – we’re likely to understand we have to deal with whatever that is with a modicum of grace, lest we lose out on everything we’ve been working for…or towards.

Since Grand Sextiles also come out to be a set of Magic Rectangles, that’s worth considering now as well…

If it's a Grand Sextile and thus two Grand Trines linked together, a
configuration will also yield three Magic Rectangles.
…with the thing to remember being that despite the fun-sounding name (anything with ‘magic’ in it tends to evoke a sense of childlike wonder) the Magic Rectangle represents things which go along rather ‘magically’ and marvelously right up until the time they don’t.

And once they don’t, then we get totally blown out of the water – sometimes with others, but mostly with ourselves. People who have Magic Rectangles in their natal charts tend to have a really rocky beginning which ‘turns out to be magic’ or they have a ‘magical’ sort of golden touch which inevitably – somewhere along the way – goes kaput.

Once a Magic Rectangle goes haywire, it’s a demon to get back on course. And why is that? That would be because – especially where something has come too easily to us, we haven’t learned how to try. So when something associated with one of these ‘golden’ configurations collapses, many get fixated on ‘how it used to be’ and flounder around haplessly because their life hasn’t taught them how to harness their own abilities.

In this case – and this is what we look to at any given moment when such configurations are an “ongoing” thing (which isn’t that often, a fact which marks this as a truly potent time in everyone’s life)…we know that Pluto is going station/direct on September 20th (the day after the Full Moon), we know that the November Solar Eclipse will occur at 11 Scorpio in conjunction with the Saturn-Venus-North Node-Deucalion mélange pictured here…and we know (or at least I know, and I’m sharing with you) that when Uranus goes direct this December it will do so at 8 Aries – setting off all all this earthy, watery energy with the plus or minus of same being how well we’ve been utilizing the energy pretty much from where it was initiated (Sedna’s station back on August 25th) into December.

Will we change…will we evolve…are we willing to grow up and be our own adult person based on our own adult capacities and understanding of life as it is, not as some ‘image’ presented by someone or something else?

And just to make this all a little more poignant (as if it needed any more piquant notes?) there’s also the fact that Venus will be going retrograde (yes, I hear you groaning) as of December 21st. And where will it be going retrograde?

That would be at 28 Capricorn – in sextile to this Full Moon, which is why I bring it up. Much as Saturn having gone station/retrograde at 11 Scorpio last February drew a metaphysical “dotted line” between events and choices back then to the peeling back of another layer of our personal façade as we’re experiencing now with the incoming 11 Scorpio Solar Eclipse, so this Full Moon will have a far fainter but still useful echo which will surface this coming December.

And if you know anything about Venus retrograde, that will be mid/late December until the end of January, when Venus goes direct again.

Energy has patterns, just as our auras have shape and that which the Chinese refer to as ‘chi’ manifests as patterns of energy in our bodies which reflect (or manifest) as our health and feelings of wellbeing.

Or the lack thereof.

Learning to recognize these patters and utilize or amend not the pattern itself but our reaction to it and how we utilize it, that is our key to personal betterment…in that concrete reality we call life.

Making that link…that’s the very essence of Pisces, and thus something to highlight in our own lives...for our own benefit (and thus the benefit of others who in the end will benefit or hinder us) at this moment of lunar fullness.


  1. Your review is great! Thanks 4 share the knowledge. What about Eris? Months ago you said Eris will lose influence now. How do you connect that with this?


    1. Hi, maz!

      What about Eris? Well, though I'm not recalling the exact comment you're referring to, Eris is currently at 22 Aries, which puts it in a 'not active' status vis-a-vis this Full Moon in particular. With Pluto going direct at 8 Capricorn, Eris isn't center stage there, either.

      But with that said, all 'wave energetics' - which is really what we're talking about when we talk astrology - are always active. They may be more or less active, which is probably what I was saying in the post you're thinking of. (If you can tell me which it is I can sound a bit less daft here, too!)

      Last July - and I think this must be where we're going back to on this - there was a series of shifts in conjunction with the development of emotional conditions we would associate with the Grand Trine in water. That grand trine started out being Jupiter-Neptune-Saturn and has since moved into being Chiron-Jupiter-Saturn/North Node. The general sense of this process would be to 'dissolve' (Neptune) some of our former barriers AND/OR preconceptions in the process of getting us to take on new growth - in particular, emotional growth - in conjunction with what our personal natal chart speaks to with regards to investments of time, money, emotionality and such as experienced through our relationships...and through what we choose to 'relate' to.

      That process has not yet crested, as Saturn/North Node is part of the incoming eclipse process. So there's a lot of angst and struggle and pain and knowing that we should get past things even if we haven't gotten past them yet. (And to be complete about this, we also haven't paid the full price of not having gotten past them yet.)

      Jupiter will go station-retrograde in a square to Eris this November...scant days after the solar eclipse. That's when we'll next feel big Eris effects again. It's to remember that Eris is currently in retrograde however - so the 'shake ups' are internal, not them reactive, whether to someone else or to our own psyche.

      Does that answer the question? If not, clue me and I'll try again!


  2. Hi, Boots!
    I thought Eris would be influential since february to september/october, but sorry, probably has to do with my poor knowledge of English!
    Thank you very much for your interesting answer ^_^

    1. Hi again, maz...!

      Are you thinking about Saturn perhaps? Saturn went retrograde in mid-February at 11 Scorpio, the same degree as the Solar Eclipse which will occur on November 3rd.

      As someone who went to school for a time in a foreign country where I had to do some of my studies in French, I know how hard it can be to understand a language which isn't that you grew up with...and I'm honored that you think enough of my work as an astrologer to read my posts here at the blog.

      Any time you have a question, feel free to ask, maz!

      All the best,

  3. Okay, so 2 things!

    1) I rarely ever post here because mostly I just enjoy reading your take on things and I never feel I have anything to add; but I just wanted to truly compliment your blog and your amazing insight and intellect! I take pride in being smart in general (Virgo sun conjunct late Leo stellium in 11th, and ascendant in Virgo, lol) but your posts always make me feel like I have SO MUCH to learn because suddenly I know nothing! You make me want to open a gazillion books - and I hope you take that as the compliment it is. You're awesome, thank you!

    2) My moon lies in 12 degrees Pisces, and currently chiron is wandering back and forth over it. So, if I've understood your (great!) post correctly, my moon is part of the grand sextile? What type of important change might one expect when the moon is involved? Is it still as simple as looking to the house the moon rules? And I know you said that the actual full moon isn't a part of it, but does it matter that 26 degrees Pisces/Virgo happens to be exactly my 7th/1st house axis, AND exactly conjunct my 12th house mars? I ask this assuming that my moon indeed was a part of the grand sextile, of course! I feel like it packed quite a punch on me, but then again, maybe the grand sextile is above the other things happening in my chart entirely.

    I realize I sound like I barely read your post lol. I'm sorry, but this full moon has completely made a mess out of me, since it hit me on vulnerable places, so my thoughts are even more scrambled than usual. I hope you don't mind! :)

    1. 1) Thank you! Me, my Blog and my Intellect thank you very much. With regards of how much there is to learn in astrology (and everything else) there's just no end to the learning no matter what it is you do or are interested in. As much astrology as I have learned, as much as I've learned about writing or any of my other interests, I still feel like a pup. So don't feel out-of-the're right there loop-de-looping with me!

      And I shall do my best to be worthy of your awesome 'awesome' compliment!

      NOW...! On to the matter of the grand sextile. Grand sextiles - like all sextiles grand or otherwise, require that aspects be within 3 degrees of orb - which at 12, your Moon doesn't fit with. Yes it's conjunct Chiron, as conjunctions get 5 degree orbs. But (just to pick a point) 12 Pisces is NOT in sextile to Pluto at 8 Capricorn.

      That said, between a Full Moon conjunct your natal Moon with both involving Chiron AND the Full Moon in aspect to your Asc/Dsc axis (with - if I'm understanding you correctly, a Pisces Mars behind the ASC in the 12th) is this a moment to feel like a scrambled egg?

      I would! As a matter of fact...let me check...uh, yeah - I have felt like a scrambled egg this week! It's just one of those weeks, which personally I have ascribed more to the Pluto/Facies quality with the Full Moon rather like whipped cream on top than the reverse. First of all, this Full Moon led us into the Pluto station (conjunct Facies). Second item on my list: Saturn conjunct the North Node conjunct Deucalion - a hard core lesson in hard to grasp challenges which at some level tell us that we had best get our head above our emotional waters or our head will be...well, somewhere else and the sun won't be shining, if you take my meaning.

      But ALL of convoluted as it already made evolutionary and destabilizing and challenging and very much out of the 'what the fern am I doing?' mold by Pluto being the 'outcome' ruler of Scorpio, and we are in the 'breaking down' period prior to a Scorpio Solar Eclipse.

      It's been good and bad an productive and bizarre out, right? You've felt hopeful and motivated and exhausted and somewhere between loved and unappreciated with your sense of all things flipping back and forth like a pinball. Am I right?

      We all are going through SOME sort of here-and-there, up-and-down, in-and-out-of-focus thing right now. Much depends on where anyone's natal Moon is (remember - you have to deal with other people while dealing with your own life, right?). Then add in where Pisces and Scorpio fall in any given chart ...and lets not forget about Mars!

      As Pluto has gone direct (which is a different post, granted) Mars is/was at 15 Leo, equaling big movements forward or substantial challenges and sometimes both. It's a real 'can you see the forest for the trees?' sort of moment which though not in an exact inconjunct to your Moon comes through 12, 13 and 14 Leo which HAVE been the inconjunct.

      Feeling a bit shifted are we? I would expect so...the object is to find what will work and go there.

      Enough? Did I answer your question?

      - Boots