by Boots Hart, CAP

Friday, August 30, 2013

Happy Birthday Mary Shelley

 Theodore Von Holst's frontispiece to the 1831 edition
 of Mary Shelley's classic tale, 'Frankenstein' as published
by Colburn & Bentley (London)

'Frankenstein or The Modern Prometheus' is without question, Mary Shelley's most famous contribution to literature.

As a writer, I was particularly interested to learn something about her life as I wrote the following blog post looking at that life from the astrological perspective.

Mary is, of course, no longer with us. But as today would have been her birthday, let's all give her a Frankenstein-worthy groan.

Wherever she is, maybe she'll laugh...!



  1. I hope she is laughing now, she didnt have much to laugh about when she lived.

    The linked post was a great read! I'm a fan of the novel Frankenstein and the Boris Karloff pic is a classic, too. Love it!

    1. You're right...Mary Shelley didn't have what we could call a fine and frivolous life. It's sad but insightful how many great artists seem to live a life which is so troubled or problematic.

      There's a post here on the blog on Agatha Christie which also seems to make this point: (Or just look in the sidebar under "People Posts.")

      As for Boris Karloff - to he's just the classic Frankenstein!


      (For the benefit of others reading the above comment, the Boris Karloff as Frankenstein photo being referred to here is posted on the astroPPM Facebook page.)