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Monday, August 12, 2013

Generation Y / Pluto in Scorpio

image based on 'The Legend of the Phoenix' by Evangelivm

In continuing to think through the astrological generations (evidently I don't have enough to do) it struck me that as a member of Pluto in Leo I’m always attracted to people through whom I can learn how to better develop myself as my own ‘product’ (if you will) just as my Gen X friends are drawn into relationships with many and sundry (and a few other people besides that) in order to feel themselves experiencing their Self through relationship and through how they are and aren’t received, through their successes and catastrophic failures…

Gen X people do seem to create and experience failures on at truly grand scale. It’s part of the Pluto in Libra signature as a public, worldly, ‘not entirely private and in my control’ sort of sign. And that's the point...for a hundred-odd years prior to Gen X (Libra being the first 'above the horizon sign' in the natural zodiac), Pluto transited the personal-and-internal signs: Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo and Virgo. Thus, just as Pluto in any of these signs spoke to the 'energetics so Plutonic' which worked to transform such lives directly, so Pluto’s transit through the six worldly/public signs (Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces) is always going to represent various processes where the native is transformed through experiences and interactions and efforts which are external to the Self which then end up transforming that Self.

Taking this into account, Pluto in Libra (Gen X), Pluto in Scorpio (Gen Y), Pluto in Sagittarius (Gen Z - the Millennials) and so on are always going to 'feel' (particularly to each other) more like each other than any of them is going to feel like Pluto in Leo or Pluto in Virgo (Yuppie) folks.

That doesn't mean that they can't get along - far from it. But the means and methods through which each group is transformed are going to differ. 

There's another way to look at this which also seems apt...if you’ve ever heard about how in family dynamics seem to skip generations, astrological generations seem to work a bit like that. The every-other-sign thing seems to hold...and maybe that's because that signs alternate through the zodiac between yin and yang. The traditional “measure” of family generations being 18-20 years is just enough to suggest that every-other sign in the astrology of Plutonic generations.

Or at least it has during the hundred or so years when Pluto was moving at a more or less consistent speed through the zodiac. Currently moving through the 'quick' section of its travels, Pluto is throwing this game off. So...question: is this manifesting as the trend towards people waiting to have children? Or not having them at all?


image generated courtesy of JPL's Small Body Database
This aside, it seems obvious that there is some great shift which has happened when Pluto moved above the horizon of the natural zodiac.

Simply in switching zodiacal hemispheres by sign, Pluto signaled a shift in orientation – a change in the way we go about learning in our life and about life (and our life), in other words.

So what is Gen Y, Plutonically speaking?

Pluto in Scorpio is all about the utilization of Scorpio energies in a singularly driven, rather obsessed manner. With money, through sex, through the sheer wielding of power, influence, talents and everything about those things and all that they entail, so Pluto in Scorpio people tend to make their way in the world.

It’s sort of like Gen X people being constantly exposed to others. And their feeling like they need to ‘belong’ or ‘fit in’ or be ‘part of the group.’With Pluto in Scorpio, the energetic is deeper. The potentials are greater, but so is the danger – to the native, to what they’re doing and to those involved or intertwined in the process. Pluto in Scorpio people are either all about feeling their feelings in conjunction with your feelings or they find your feelings entirely dangerous - and maybe their feelings too.

Scorpio is funny that way. As much as we crave Scorpio's connective energetic, many of us are frightened to tar of it, too. This brings up an old astrological rule we apply when analyzing natal charts. It’s instrumental in understanding this Pluto in Scorpio challenge, which is why I bring it up. One of the first things an astrologer looks at when they survey your chart is the check of elemental presence. Earth, air, fire, water – are they all there? There are rules for how to cope with each elemental ‘lack,’ and when it comes to a lack of earth, the rule says ‘look for fixed water.’

The term ‘fixed’ literally means the astrological mode. Fixed signs have a stabilizing force…although yes, when they’re out-of-adjustment (or where we see them in a chart which lacks balance or the life of a native without sufficient insight) they tend to spell reticence, reluctance, clinging to the known and a whole-hearted dislike of change.

Scorpio is a fixed sign. And in Scorpio’s case, we can make that ‘whole-hearted dislike of change’ into destruction – even self destruction under the right circumstances.

And yet…Scorpio being the sign of transformation, a little destruction is par for the course. And no sign regenerates like Scorpio, which is why we see this sign prominent in the charts of healers, fixers and survivors of various kinds of disastrous events who have mastered the famous ‘turning lemons into lemonaid’ (aka “all things happen for a reason”) mentality.

But think of ‘fixed water’ in the natural sense. Out there in the earthly wilderness, ‘fixed water’ is another way of saying ice. And ice – provided it’s not ‘thin ice’ – is something you can walk on.

And that’s why astrology says ‘if you lack earth, look for fixed water.’

Of course operating Scorpio is a whole other issue...a concept which multiplies geometrically when we get to the subject of Pluto. Pluto being Scorpio’s ‘outcome ruler’ (the transformation we experience because of the choices we have made) to have Pluto in Scorpio is to double your benefits and double your downs. Gen Y is always going to be prone to great achievements and pitfalls the depths of the Mariana Trench – which at 6,831 miles deep at its deepest point is the deepest trench in any of Earth’s oceans.

image courtesy of Google Maps and the US Department of State
And since Scorpio is a water sign, the oceanic reference is entirely apt. Pluto in Scorpio people will all try to ‘skate’ on the ice and most of them will eventually find some crack or get careless enough to fall through.

Scorpio’s water can be very, very cold. And yet, much like with an iceberg (70% of which is usually below the water line) to simply try to stay above water is never to realize the scope of our potential.

That’s a statement meant for everyone with any planet in Scorpio…and specifically extended to Gen Y, a generation which is challenged by its willingness to find that which is ‘occulted’ (hidden) and thus to discover the fullness of options both good and bad.

And maybe where they meet and exchange values.

 As the opposition sign to Taurus, Scorpio is always about ‘testing’ our personal sense of value through the values of others and how well we are able to negotiate differences while honoring everyone’s needs in equal measure. The Scorpio temptation of course is to manipulate your way to success (i.e., what you want) or to simply wield naked power.

And yes, those things can be done. With Pluto in Scorpio, that certainly can be done. Where Gen X displays its beauty, where Yuppies display their achievements, where the Baby Boomers display what they’ve made of their lives or during their lifetime, Pluto in Scorpio shows its native power.

That would be the power of transformation. But lets remember…Pluto in the natal chart is always about how we are transformed or how we gather the lessons and information through which we can transform ourselves into the person who has that life we’d like to live.

Or which we should be living, depending.

And when it comes to the basics of zodiacal learning, that’s always a first-six-sign sort of thing….which is why the lessons Pluto in Libra (Gen X) people  learn through associations and how successful-or-unsuccessful they are in ‘putting themselves (or their abilities) out there’ is a road map for self discovery.

The opposition to Libra is Aries – the sign of ‘I am’ and thus the Self. And the opposition to Scorpio? That's Taurus, the sign of my self worth, my self respect, my true belief in my value and the value of my abilities - hence the issue Pluto in Scorpio folks have with feeling their feelings, your feelings and their-and-your feelings in the same bowl. The mixture could be utterly delicious. Or simply terrible. And some Pluto in Scorpio people will want to savor every bowl for good and bad as their way of learning and occasionally end up with a really bad astro-Plutonic stomach ache (or emotional poisoning) and some will want (even desperately want) to know all about emotions but not be able to bring themselves to tolerate them - yours or theirs.

Then there are the more immediate, socially recognizable attributes. Where Gen X tends to invest in appearance and 'how things look' as a reflection of Self (which is why a messed up Gen X person feels they’re living a messed up life no matter how successful they are) Pluto in Scorpio people exude a high level of allure which they may or may not be able to cope with. This is a generation all about allure...and power, and the ability to wield influence and/or power...but in case you're thinking that's about wanting you - or even because they feel their allure or power or potential...? 

That answer is "sometimes" and "not necessarily." You may be part of a Pluto in Scorpio's day-to-day life, but what others and money and power and success and sexual intimacy - what all these things represent to a Pluto in Scorpio person is nothing compared to their sense and sensation of recognizing their own viability through the action or interaction.

Try thinking of it this way...if everyone is a Gen X mirror (that Gen X sees themselves in) then Gen Y person is looking for their value in your eyes. It's the difference between who they are (Gen X) and what their worth really is (or if they're going to feel worth) - that being the Gen Y challenge.

This lends a curious quality to Gen Y natives: they're there in body, their allure is so palpable you could almost bottle and sell it like perfume. But there's something which isn't always quite there - and that would be the Gen Y ability to reflect back to you (which is part of any relationship) because they're so busy feeling whether they're present in (and what they're worth) in your estimation.

All relationships are about the 'me' and the 'thee' in the interaction. But when we talk about natal Pluto in a natively above-the-horizon (public/worldly) sign against a below-the-horizon (personal/private) sign, the big question is who owns your life. Pluto in Leo people (the Baby Boomers) may well have a darker sign of being all about their "me" individuality, even to the extent of screwing things up because they never learn how to take anybody else into account. And the Pluto in Virgo Yuppies are famously infamous for their negative obsession which lives among this generation which manifests as true and utter materialism. But with the worldly signs...Gen X, Gen Y, the Millennials and beyond...with all of those signs we have people who run the risk of trying to live their life by some standard someone else sets. Gen X will worry about what you think of them, Gen Y will worry about whether you buy into their values and the Millennials will worry about who being 'like' the movers and shakers in this world (or achieving as much as they have/do).

None of these tendencies are about being your own person and living your own life as the individual that you are. There's a longing to be approved of (Gen X) or loved (Gen Y) or acknowledged (the Millennials) which takes the focus off the Self.

And of course none of this is made any easier by the fact that Gen X, Y and some Millennials are growing up having to deal with parents who are Pluto in Leo or Pluto in Virgo.

What is to be expected here is that everyone born under Gen Y (or any of the public Plutonic signs) is likely to go through a lengthy and trying cycle of learning that the basic part of having your own life is being whole in accepting who you are no matter what others think...or say...or whether any given person or group likes, loves or loathes you. To have Pluto natally in a public sign dares us to realize how all that comparing, rebelling and feeling threatened, devalued, unloved or otherwise unworthy is not about what 'they' think...but rather that 'they' will appreciate, love and value you to the degree that you do.

That's the astrological "magic" so many think of as Plutonic. Though Pluto is so often thought of as the obsessive, carnal emotionality we associate with passion, sex, revenge and people who wield any sort of power or ability to control...the real power of Pluto comes from being willing to reflect on who we are in conjunction with, yet separate from others - and from there being willing to be that Self which earns the respect of someone else or some large group.

Real power isn't about abuse or violence. Real power is that people grant to those they trust to care about not just the moment, but the days yet to come.

Taking this back to Gen Y, this is why when Gen Y goes through its 'reflecting value' cycle wanting someone to 'buy into' their worth (or their notion of what's worthy) that sets up an interesting sort dynamic. The Gen Y person is seeking to get energized through their  emotional reaction/interpretation of the relationship or situation. This generation is motivated to change through their respect for others but which initially is likely to have a harder time than some tolerating the normal up's and down's of human emotional fluctuation.

Its a search for self validation which in the end comes from simply validating the Self and beginning to operate as that Self, replete with mistakes, misjudgments and a willingness to try, try again.

And all of that leads to considering some of life's 'automatic' transits. Around the time we move through our mid-20s, the Neptune-trine-Pluto transit hits. Neptune having recently (as in 2012 recently) arrived in Pisces, with Pisces being the trine to Scorpio, the years between 2012 and 2025 (when Neptune enters Aries) are going to see each and every member of the Pluto in Scorpio Gen Y tribe experience Neptune-trine-Pluto.

What is this transit about? Well, at one end of the scale, Neptune trine Pluto pushes the ideas to an idealistic height. At the other, Neptune trine Pluto makes everything completely confusing and unreliable.

No, this isn't likely to go over well with the Gen Y crowd. But the object of the transit is a good one: known as a time when it's not that fabulous an idea to make serious commitments or to get involved at any level which is over-idealized, this Neptune trine Pluto thing - which hits every generation in their mid/late 20s - is a time when we need to learn how to let go of obsessions and obsessive behaviors.

And if you don't get it then...well, then a transit known as Pluto square Pluto - which happens in the late 30s or early 40s depending on your year of birth (see diagram below) will sort that out by presenting situations which can only be solved through taking yourself and your out-of-balance (or unowned) tendencies in hand in learning to create your own life not through catering to your desires, but by utilizing your abilities to create that which will earn the kind of respect which in turn will fulfill that inner sense of vulnerability (or craving for viability).

 The years at the left represent your birth year with the age at which you
will experience the various 'mid-life' crisis transits being shown by
colored blocks. Red stands for Pluto square Pluto, green stands for
Uranus opposition Uranus and blue stands for Neptune square Neptune. 

Looking ahead, it's to be expected that the 'mid life crisis' passage is going to be hard on a lot of Gen Y folks. But the lessons they learn? Those will be (as they say in commercials) - priceless.
With Pluto’s current transit of Capricorn comes the opportunity for this generation to find its inner voice – a voice which begins with an internal dialogue on the subject of what really matters. To the extent that this generation focuses on their own issues without comprehending that everything and everyone around them has equal value they will tend to project their values on others and incur diminution of their value with or to others. And as Pluto finishes its transit of fixed star (nebula) Facies (which has been going on in a seriously focused manner for the last year and a half or so) and moves on to conjunct the astrological brilliance of charismatic Vega (for the next couple of years), Gen Y people finish sorting through that which though complicated is more mundane and tackle the esoteric questions of life.

As an astrologer, I’m starting to work with more and more Gen Y people. I like their warmth, I like the fact that though they tend to ask the same money and love questions they tend to ask them in a singularly penetrating and insightful manner which speaks to their deep inner core, their mortal fears and their willingness to make themselves vulnerable to those they think will show them kindness.

Even – yes – a bit of people love. Though Scorpio is known as a sign of sex, love is vitally important. Some of the most love-deprived and desperate to be loved people have Scorpio Suns and Moon or Scorpio on any of the native water sign houses (houses 4, 8, or 12). 

Starting from the bottom and going counter-clockise, the 4th house is native
to Cancer (CN), the 8th house is native to Scorpio (SC) and the 12th house
is native to Pisces (PI)
And that’s even without having a native Pluto in Scorpio signature.

Many Gen Y people are past masters at putting on a social mask. They often subscribe to the notion that ‘if I can get you to believe what I want you to believe that makes it true for me, too.’

Unfortunately, life doesn’t work that way. As transiting Pluto moves past Vega (currently positioned at 15 Capricorn) and then Saturn moves through this area of the zodiac during the year 2019, a lot of Gen Y people will recognize the difference between using life to establish themselves and establishing a life which allows them to be of use and thereby realize (earn) all the supportive reinforcement of what to date is merely a dream, a longing or suspicion of possible viability or validity.

It’s going to be wonderful watching this generation come of age in its own eyes, for in the heart and soul of Gen Y lies the power of reclamation and the potential of the phoenix.

Some will rise, some will raise the hearts and minds of others. It’s something to look forward to.

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