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Friday, August 2, 2013

Deucalion, Jupiter, North Node and Pluto

Speaking strictly (and in UT/+0 time zone terms), the lunar North Node moves into 11 Scorpio late on August 7th. And there it conjuncts Deucalion.

For you orb-ists, this does indeed mean that the North Node has been within orb of Deucalion for quite some time now – since back in early April.

So what were you doing back in early April? That was back when Saturn was moseying through retrograde at about 9 Scorpio, having (as we’ve discussed a few times) done it’s own station at 11 Scorpio in mid-February.

Getting a feeling we’re getting a real 11 Scorpio workout this year? Um…I’d say so, yes. And I know there are plenty of people with vital focal points at 11 Scorpio – even close by – who are getting a heck of a workout.

(Full Disclosure: I know this in part because I’m on that ‘close by’ list.)

As long as we’re on this subject for the moment, the standard orb to 11 Scorpio would be 5 degrees either way. (And yes, there would be some particular harmonic effects for similar placements in Taurus, Aquarius and Leo.)

Let’s face it: it’s a fixed sign sort of year. Between the eclipses, the Moon’s nodes (personal and societal relationships and the world’s functionality as a set of relationships) and Saturn’s transit of Scorpio, life is pushing us to get past our sticking points (be they hesitancies or reluctance). The whole fixed sign cycle (Taurus-Leo-Scorpio-Aquarius) being about creating the functionality and teaching us to recognize that ‘no (hu)man is an island’ in this world…how ultimately our satisfaction is about developing the whole of our being – not just those parts which are easy.

Even sort of, kind of, were-it-only easy.

Ultimately the issue is the good old fashioned Taurus-2nd house thing: how to get to a point where were feel secure and satisfied with our life. Taurus (and whatever the sign is on your personal 2nd house) indicate both our resources and the ultimate aim of developing those resources – that being the security and satisfaction thing. Our starting point being at some level our talents, abilities, self respect and self worth, those are what we carry with us into the ‘earning’ arena (this would be earning not just money but that satisfaction/security thing)…which we develop through challenges in the process of developing our abilities and Self (the Leo thing), and meeting the challenges personal, emotional and societal (the former two being Scorpio and the latter being Aquarius) in achieving the ultimate goal.

You know…security and satisfaction.

In fact, seen in this light, the whole idea of earning a living (you know, the money thing) is merely a necessity foisted upon us so as to push us through this very process. Income (as a concept) is Aquarian. (Aquarian and 11th house, to be more exact and nit-picky-personal.)

But to get that income, we have to develop some ability. And to do that we have to have at least enough self worth and self respect to get ourselves out there and give it a go.

Most of us are into the whole developing, experimenting, having fun with finding-what-we-like (what fits us, what we’re good at) part of the process.

That would be the Leo bit.

But after that comes Scorpio. And hardly anyone likes the Scorpio deal. Scorpio requires that we risk whatever sense of accomplishment we’ve built up through our Leo process – be that the developing of a skill or the development of our dating skills or whatever else you may want to cite.

Like, ouch. Either we get sent back to ‘Go’ (without the proverbial number of dollars) or we end up finding out that we need to learn to integrate ourselves into a group by offering that which we are complete with our vulnerabilities. You know, the I might have more to learn here part.

Some of us are good at one thing, some are good at the other and from what this astrologer can tell (after several decades in the study) it does no better to approach others as the total naïf than as the Commander-in-Chief. (Unless of course, you happen to be a commander-in-chief! But even then there are going to be things you need to learn.)

So…getting back to the orb thing. Eclipses cycle backwards through the zodiac – which makes sense if you think about how eclipses (either solar or lunar) only happen when the New (solar) or Full (lunar) Moon is within 15 degrees of the lunar nodes…and the Nodes of the Moon cycle backwards. (It’s a lining-things-up sort of issue.) You may remember this concept as part of our ‘the Nodes are at the Cross-Quarter’ point a while ago. If not, here’s the link:

The illusion I drew there was that by counting ‘down’ through the degrees the Nodes – in part – represent the various things we encounter which “bring things home” to us.

So the Nodes ‘count down’ through the zodiac as the planets (asteroids, etc.) move forward (“up”) through the zodiac. This in itself is akin to the spin-counter spin of electrons.

Or should you not be into things tiny, the twin helix of DNA. Or the inhalation and exhalation of our breath, the ebb and flow of tides, the process of life and death as the plus and minus of renewal and growth.

As things are brought home to us, we ‘shed’ the old and outmoded, the thing which doesn’t work, the idea or social masks which is too inhibiting or to far of the mark of truth…and whether we go through trepidation or we simply struggle to free ourselves, there is a trial to be endured if we are to grow and purify our being.

That – at some level – is the heart and soul of Scorpio, no matter where or when or through what or whom we encounter it. Scorpio is the process of transforming ourselves or being transformed through recognition. Through emotional encounter. Through risking our sense of safety and security on the way to creating those bridges and alliances and successes which ultimately lead to true and lasting security and personal satisfaction.

Augusto De Luca - Photo 5 (abstract)

Imaged as “AN OFFICIAL EMBASSY BALL” in the Sabian Symbols, 11 Scorpio tests our sense of perspective through situational exposure which embodies growth and risk and a reflection on who we are to have ‘come to this place’ in our lives.

Or who we should be. Or maybe don't want to be, whether or not we need to be it anyway.

As a symbol of finding our way, TNO Deucalion asks that we rise above whatever sea of emotion which may be assailing us now – which considering that August 8th (the first full day of this Node/Deucalion conjunction) is also when Jupiter perfects its opposition to Pluto.

Considering that Jupiter represents everything about (and involved in) the metaphysical process of growing our understanding (generally through use) which in Cancer is all about basics and our most intrinsic feeling experiences, to have Jupiter in opposition to Pluto signals a time of testing or change – depending on how we all deal with growth. That Pluto is conjunct fixed star (nebula) Facies says there’s a lot of ‘moving pieces’ and complexities to the process so one wouldn’t expect this to be a one-and-done sort of thing.

Jupiter is also conjunct Alhena – the star of Purpose – which if we take it into account as part of the Whole being presented here would seem to be asking what’s our purpose as a human being? Or maybe what does it take to BE a good human being? Maybe this is about what you do, maybe this is about what you don’t do. Maybe this is about how you see others (particularly those you have been connected to or influenced by in the past) and moving through (“transforming”) your relationship to them or to something you learned through your relationship with them.

With Pallas Athena (dispassionate wisdom) being conjunct headstrong Phaethon at 10 degrees of Cancer is most likely to manifest as convictions – some of which will be opposed (Pluto) by societal forces (or others who consider themselves to be “in charge”) and some of which you will recognize you need to disregard in changing your status quo.

As of August 8th, the Sun will be passing through 15 Leo – another of the zodiacal cross-quarter points. This suggests a ‘developing’ aspect of something which asks whether you are willing (yet) to move on. To take a ‘next step.’ To let go of whatever ‘has been’ your standard in the process of accepting and taking on a new growth phase.

The North Node will be at 11 Scorpio and in conjunction with Deucalion through August 18th. And since 11 Scorpio is the degree of the upcoming November 3rd Solar Eclipse…and because that means that the two-month period during which facets of your life which are no longer useful or authentic enough will begin ‘breaking down’ in (advance of said Solar Eclipse) come early September, this Deucalion-North Node conjunction would seem to be an opportunity to ‘get ahead of the flow.’ As in all things, astrology teaches that if and where we purposefully use the energy (which is going to be there regardless) there is less likelihood that the energy will come back to haunt us.

Or, to put it in the immortal words of honcho astrologer Rob Hand: use the energy wisely, lest it use YOU unwisely. 

Balls of World by Anastasiya Markovich (2008)

There is likely to be a desire to do what we want the way that we want to do it now, yes. (There generally is.) The North Node always being representative of that which we don’t really want to have to do (but which we need to do anyway), to have it combining with Deucalion is asking us to not see things as we might want to see them, but to see them in reality and through the lens of fact.

In case you’re interested, Saturn will be hitting this 11 Scorpio point in mid-October. Prior to that – call it September 16th – Saturn will have it’s own little encounter with the North Node. Again for the orb-ists among us, Saturn and the lunar North Node will come into 5-degree orb of conjunction as of August 15th, which yes, is during our North Node/Deucalion window of process.

Saturn being about responsibilities and long-term dedication, with the Nodes conjunct Deucalion, this is a grand testing period (and a grandly testing period) which is both about who and what we are in the world and who we are to others.

And who they are to us.

Not to make this simple or anything, there is also the not-so-little ‘little matter’ of the ongoing grand trine in water, too. Originally composed of Jupiter-Saturn-Neptune which added a little ‘dissolving of our defenses’ to the mix), Jupiter’s having moved on through Cancer has shifted this period of epic feeling-ness into a new mode which is composed of Jupiter in Cancer (emotional growth/growth which tests emotions), Saturn in Scorpio (valuing interactions, values learned through interactions and interactive values) and Chiron retrograde in Pisces (challenging ourselves to take on that thing we really don’t know how to do and which probably freaks us out to the max).

Many among us will simply say ‘this too shall pass.’ And they’re right. But what we do now would seem to be setting the table for what life will serve up next.

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