by Boots Hart, CAP

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Venus in Libra

Invitation by William-Adolphe Bouguereau (1825-1905)

It’s hard not to think of Venus in Libra in beautiful terms. The image of enchanting allure is simply too delightful not to contemplate.

And in a sense, that is what Venus in Libra is all about – though not as literally as many would like to think. In being the polarity sign to the ‘consciousness of Self’ sign of Aries, Libra embodies how all we do, are and ‘give out with’ affects others.

In other words, Libra is about the impression or the impact made. And being an airy sign which expresses itself (like all air signs) through ‘the idea of the thing’ Libra is more about what others think of what we are or what we do…hence its connection not to ‘beauty in the flesh’ (you’re disappointed, I know!) but attractiveness. So the plus and minuses of Libra in your chart (and to some degree, the associated 7th house of any horoscope regardless of the sign on its cusp) is all about the reaction…the response we get in this world – be that a response to our physical presence, our expertise (or lack of same) or whether we’re the one who gets picked or applauded or rejected.

Or even completely ignored.

Remembering that Libra is an air sign we should always remember that what one person likes another person yawns at. So your version of beauty may be something I just shrug at - which is true, by the by. I’m notorious for not thinking “standard” images of beauty are anything exciting.

And that idea highlights the difference between Libra and Venus. Venus embodies the ‘cause-effect’ point, so wherever your Venus is natally, that will tell us what you value and what you get ‘turned on’ by (not necessarily in the sexual sense, but possibly that as well). That my personal Venus is in a water sign (Pisces) means I will tend to affect and be affected by emotionality and in particular, someone’s willingness to be vulnerable and show they have feelings. Or their willingness to deal with the emotional difficulties of others and not shy away from their own sticking points.

As Venus moves into Libra on August 16th at 2:38 in the afternoon (UT/+0 time) I know my focus will move into the ‘I/thou’ realm of interaction and effect. I know three-plus weeks of Venus’ transit through Libra will be filled with prime examples of how I’m doing with regards to how I want to affect others. It will also offer me a chance to experience others and to hone how others now experience me.

In being the polarity to ‘Self-oriented’ Aries – our ‘causal’ energies now come into focus. Venus in Libra is thought to be ‘graceful’ in part exactly because of this quality…which may simply mean it’s always nice when we aren’t so hugely distracted.

But this is also about our willingness to connect. While passing through the sign prior to Libra (Virgo) there’s a natural tendency to focus on the little things without focusing on the whole. Venus in Virgo, has a ‘focused on what I’m doing’ vibe which you might associate with getting ready for some big debut. Or an important meeting. Venus in Virgo is great for getting things done and it’s well thought of as a time to get much done.

But once Venus moves into Libra, the curtain goes up. We see ‘them’…and are seen by them.

Thus we connect and the dance – in theory - commences.

 Constellation Libra (center) with famous fixed star Spica (above and
Royal Star Antares (below) as part of constellation Scorpio

Being that the first half of Venus’ passage through Libra is happening during the second half of the Perseid meteor shower, this is still a time for a ‘sprinkle of sparks’ – which makes the first week or so of Venus in Libra a time to ‘strike’ up a conversation. Or maybe some sort of deal, agreement or when by stopping to listen, we realize how to be or become far more effective.

Call it a time of focusing on our focus…and whether we’re doing what we should to get the effects we want. Or even whether we’re aimed in the right direction. Venus in Libra is a clarified vibration, one which allows us to see whether we’re doing the right thing in the right place, thus making it as good a time to bow out of one thing (or relationship) gracefully as it is to start something new.

For the first week of this passage the Sun will still be in Leo. And since Leo is all about how we ‘shine’ (or stand out like a sore thumb, depending) this would be a time which highlights us – in particular, I mean. The combination of Sun in Leo and Venus in Libra points the spotlight towards us, which some will react to by basking in the limelight while others get self conscious and still others get recognized for their abilities.

So don’t be surprised – anything could happen during these days of August 16th through 22nd. But then a series of things happen in quick succession: the Sun moves into Virgo (late on the 22nd in the UT/+0 zone), Mercury moves into Virgo on the 23rd (again, late in the evening UT/+0 time), Sedna goes retrograde (on the 25th) and then Mars enters Leo just as a transiting grand sextile moves towards formulation.

(And yes, you can look forward to all those posts to grace Ye Olde Bloggery in due time.)

What this amounts to is a lot of energy moving into the Virgo arena concentrated in the areas of what we’re doing and how we’re doing it – which when combined with Venus in Libra is a recipe for accomplishment or realization that things need at least a bit of (Virgoan) refinement or tweaking. And though at some points in time Mars in Leo could be too much strength or energy on the ‘how I like it’ aspects of life, the natural (whole sign) sextile from the Mars/Leo to our Venus/Libra suggests that we’re ready to make improvements and take feedback as a constructive (rather than offensive) thing.

Considering that Sedna is all about letting go of preconceptions (or “pre-programming) with the goal being greater independence of perspective on Self and personal abilities, this all sounds rather good. And for those willing to let go and trust a bit in life’s processes, the moving through of a grand sextile in earth and water can literally become a moment of being ‘moved.’

Or even making a move – however you take that.

But then…then comes El Fly in Zee Ointment. Or rather two flies which are flying tandem. Their names are Pholus and Ixion, and if you don’t know about Pholus and Ixion, I invite you to have a nicely unpleasant read on either one…

…or both – your call.

Before you say ‘so what?’ I’ll fill in that gap: both of these points are about self absorbed. And though Venus in Libra is something of a natural ‘linking’ energy, Venus’ well known strength in Libra isn’t always altruistic. That ‘pretty’ side of the Libra Venus sometimes surfaces as vanity. Or absorption on the shallow or ‘how does it look?’ (i.e., to others) part of something – as opposed to what it really means to you deep down in side (in spite of what others think, do or say).

Moreover, as of September 1st and 2nd, Pholus and Ixion are going on station in the same degree of Sagittarius.

From the wall of Pompeii's Casa dei Vettii, 'Ixion's punishment'

More on that then. But since Venus will at that moment be passing through Libra’s sextiling degree to said two-day, dual station (that would be 18 Libra versus 18 Sagittarius) this is a piping hot moment in the life of energy pouring through the celestial pipeline.

And there is the fact that as of September 3rd, we’re ‘officially’ into the eight-week ‘loosening’ of life bolts which precedes the November 3rd Solar Eclipse at 11 Scorpio.

Adding this to the fact that there will be a New Virgo Moon on the 5th, things are likely to be highly polarized at this point, which is to say sublimely fine or disgustingly awful. And seeing as this is about when Venus will be traversing Libra’s last ten degrees, for those who are in the mental dumpster at the moment, this isn’t any matter to just hole up in one’s cave about.

Yes, you can go hide in your cave – absolutely. But eventually we all will have to face our ‘out there’ Big World stuff.

So here’s the ultimate choice: would you rather try to deal with what needs dealing with, improve your odds or fix the leak in your psyche under Venus in Libra, a time which favors connections, or would you rather wait until Venus moves on into one of it’s sticky wicket signs (Scorpio) early on September 11th?

Venus in Libra offers us a chance to make good on our own ability. The trick is remembering that making good on what we want to do isn’t just about what we want, like or our personal perspective.

We don’t rule the world. The world…and time…does.


  1. Hahaha! Those planets (and things)... just when I thought they were going to ease up on my scorpio moon a tad, they have go pick on my Sag Ascendent too... AND ye ole moon! I think they're all just comedians now! :)


    1. Better to laugh and take the irony of the humor than to be fear struck or stuck in a rut!