by Boots Hart, CAP

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Dateblog: August 2013

If we were simply to summarize August in a couple of words it would be dream your finest dreams, then fulfill them. That Mars and Jupiter are both in Cancer throughout this month creates a restless urge to ‘grow’ our lives. Mercury finishing up its own transit of Cancer during the first week of August with the ongoing Jupiter-Saturn-Neptune grand trine in water is likely to test us all with little niggles of ‘are you kidding me?’ and ‘am I kidding myself?’ which will manifest in various forms of pinging and ponging back and forth from yea to nay, from enthusiastic to discouraged, from gung-ho to ho-hum.

The Sun in Leo against Venus in Virgo for the first two-and-a-half weeks of the month represent tests of even the stoutest will to either keep up the pace, keep up the enthusiasm or just keep up the game face. This isn’t a necessarily graceful combination – and once Mercury joins the Sun in Leo there will be a rise in willfulness which for some (those prone to it) will spell frustration. Even people long used to (or really good at) the nose-to-the-grindstone routine are likely to suffer from a case of ‘can we be done with this, already?’

Fortunately, this only lasts until mid-month – and given the end of the grand water trine plus peak of the Perseids around the 10th through 12th, that would be around the time to expect light at the end of the tunnel. (Or at least directions to the end of the tunnel!)

Once Venus moves into Libra on August 16th, the wheels of progress will begin turning in some of our lives – those who have been working towards something, one supposes. With Mars still in Cancer, Venus’ passage through Libra creates a natural square-by-sign which in this case will prove more helpful and motivational than not.

Meanwhile, there will have been a very personal energy felt during the middle of the month (the 8th through 21st) which in reflection of the double Leo Sun/Mercury signature heightens the need for self-reliance. Some will no doubt call this ‘willful’ and in some conversations, Sun-Leo in Mercury can be willful in the sense that people may tend to see their own point or aim and remain curiously blind to the needs or perspectives of others. But as they say…it’s all in how you use things, right? Sun/Mercury in Leo can be a delightfully creative time. Or when kicking back and doing exactly what pleases you just scratches that inner itch. This is also a good time – especially during the latter days of this conjunction (say, the 17th through 21st) when answers to questions of how to make something work – in general – or work for you in your own life may just pop into your head in a ‘why didn’t I think of this before now?’ moment.

And perhaps you’ve noticed that Jupiter squares Uranus just as there’s an Aquarian Full Moon? That sounds like a moment, doesn’t it? Not only will we get the high water fervency of an Aquarian Full Moon but Jupiterian ‘expansion’ meeting Uranian ‘break out’ energy?

One can only hope (and guess) that in many a life this will be the dawning of great things yet to pan out. But this is also combination which, in combining the ‘group dynamic’ and social-societal ‘mass marketplace’ emphasis of Aquarius against Uranus’ notable reputation for clocking anarchistic expression makes one wonder. No matter what happens, the energy involved is meant to get us to think bigger – or maybe ‘more consequentially’ or ‘long term’ is a better way to put it.

We live as energy in a vastness of other energies…the ripples we create become influences on the lives of others.

Once we pass through August 22nd and 23rd and this Sun-Mercury pairing moves on into Virgo, the need and ability to think things through and focus on ‘perfecting the means and method’ by which we move on becomes thematic. Some of us will take to this like the duck in proverbial water. Then again, some of us who are more into the Venus in Libra ‘good time’ and the Mars in late Cancer ‘I don’t want to be told what to do’ vibe will need to be prompted more by need…or maybe simple responsibility…into getting ourselves into gear.

In local planetary terms the last piece to shift while August is still on the calendar is Mars leaving Cancer for Leo, which spells a general picking up of the intensity of energetics, and maybe also the pace of things. Just remember, this could also spell heels being dug in – and maybe a reason why you need to dig them in. It does all depend!

August begins with a personal planet lineup in Cancer, Leo and Virgo, emphasizing ‘localized’ doings. These are all signs which belong to the 2nd zodiacal quarter: they’re still in the ‘private’ zone even though they’re responsive to others. We know the world is there even if we aren’t, maybe aren’t ready to be or don’t want to be fully exposed to its elements.

But as August ends, the personal planet lineup has moved into Leo, Virgo and Libra. And since Libra is the first of the 3rd quadrant signs , we know life is intent on moving us into a bigger and more public, worldly realm of life activities. That the first planet to get there is Venus symbolizes the allure and temptation to grow our life through interacting with others – and we’re ready for it.

Or at least we will be as August becomes September, and September becomes October.

More to come!

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