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Sunday, March 15, 2015

Venus in Taurus

Strusta Lake (Braslau Lakes) in Belarus
(photo credit Zedlik, March 2011)
As 10:16 in the morning (UT/+0 time) rolls through on March 17th, you may feel yourself relax. Or maybe you’ll start feeling more comfortable about something in some subtle if vital way - not that you would even notice in the moment.

But an hour or two down the line - yes. You’ll look up, you’ll think back and you’ll know: Venus has certainly entered Taurus.

Venus in Taurus is Venus in one of its two signs of rulership. And where in Libra (the other Venus-ruled sign) Venus focuses its grace/lack of grace through relationships and how or whether we relate to someone (or are willing to relate to their ideas or even their presence), Taurus is more about personal pleasure.

Which makes sense: Libra is a third-quadrant interactive sign - it’s about learning how to relate to the world (and others in that world) where Taurus is a first quadrant sign all about experiencing and learning about one’s Self.

And that quality - the ‘learning about me’ part of all things Taurus, that’s both the Venus in Taurus triumph and its ultimate drawback. Venus in Taurus motivates us to do what we need to do in order to ‘feed’ our needs, whatever they may be, which is how Venus in Taurus comes to be associated with food and food chains, restaurants, chefs and food supplies.

Yet when we talk about anything so basic, there is a chance that such needs will not, or at times cannot be met. That’s one of the big Taurean (and 2nd house) negatives. Because we all instinctively know it’s possible for needs to not be met, that understanding fosters a basic sort of insecurity none of us escape.

And then of course, there’s greed. Theoretically a sort of ‘astrological inversion’ of the Taurus principle, greed is Taurus unchecked by responsibility and morality - those two notions being basic qualities associated with the zodiac’s other two earth signs, Virgo (morality of process) and Capricorn (the responsibility to uphold-adhere to world-national-cultural standards). In other words, greed is Taurus need converted to ‘me-only’ desirous form (in keeping with Taurus’ opposition sign, Scorpio) and taken to the ‘I want what I want, and nobody else matters’ level.

This is something to keep in mind (astrology students, take note): every sign has a negative side, and when any sign embodies its worst, they will do so by displaying qualities which have been ‘pulled in’ from the worst qualities the polarity sign tends to display.

The Moon above palm trees ... with Venus just below
and Jupiter to the right.
(photo credit: Downtowngal)
Yet all is hardly negative here. Venus in Taurus can be generous, magnanimous and caring even under duress as this is a combination which has a native understanding of value, and of the value of having values. And even if Venus in Taurus isn’t any guarantee that others will like what we like or want to join us in any given endeavor, under Venus in Taurus people who otherwise might be reluctant to discuss or negotiate may see the sense (or advantage) in doing so.

Part of this we attribute (astrologically) to the idea that fixed star Mirach is positioned at 0 Taurus. So anything entering Taurus is going to first enter Mirach’s aura (its orb of influence) and upon entering Taurus become ‘immersed’ (for however long) in Mirach’s ‘can do’ atmosphere so noted for its ability to promote and evidence possibilities.

Then again, let’s be real and realistic: Venus is entering Taurus only three days prior to a solar eclipse which is not only likely to ‘blow something out of the water’ in keeping with Saturn’s station ...

... but is also likely to prove that things are changing and that in response to that, values are going to change, like as not because needs will change and drive those changes in value. That Mercury conjuncts Neptune on the day Venus enters Taurus also suggests something either coming to be not as important as it had been (or seemed to be) or something ‘new’ turning something else into a ‘has been’ or something we don’t believe is “it” any more.

Or maybe it’s just a realization in our heart that we either don’t have to settle ... or (because of the solar eclipse) that something we thought we could do or could have is not going to happen - not at least in the way we thought it would.

And that leads us into a whole other side of Venus in Taurus, that being the level at which Venus in Taurus speaks to the kind of inner security which allows us to function from a position of security. Most people think of this as being about money, as money certainly allows people to feel like they have options. But because there are instances in life where money can’t buy you what you need - which against the idea that real security ... inner security ... exists come what may and is useful in all circumstances without exception, that’s one very good reason to know that the ‘security’ Taurus speaks of isn’t really about money. As second sign of the zodiac, Taurus is the yin (responsive) mode to the Aries ‘coming to be’ or realizing that we exist.

In other words, it’s about self-confidence, self-worth and everything about our Self that we develop or think well enough about to develop so that we can be ‘someone’ in this world, whether your definition of ‘someone’ is a person who has worldly importance or simply someone who knows who they are and in that, is content to pursue their personal interests, wherever that may take them.

Because of this ... and in light of the fact that this Venus in Taurus ingress is occurring just a few days in advance of the 29 Pisces solar eclipse, a lot of people (and situations)are going through changes centering on what they value and where certain values (theirs or those of others) may need reassessment. And since solar eclipses tend to ‘explode’ our myths (particularly those we tell ourselves about our Self) for those whose charts are in orb of eclipse aspect the whole of this Venus March 17th - April 11th transit of Taurus seems fertile ground both for discoveries and opportunities to discard or ‘clear out’ things which have compromised our ability to make good on our talents and abilities, whatever they may be.

In fact, on the date of the eclipse (March 20th) Venus will be passing through 4 Taurus, putting it in an inconjunct to the position (4 Sagittarius) Saturn just went stationary/retrograde at this past weekend.

Not that Saturn’s moved yet. Now in retrograde, Saturn will continue to occupy 4 Sagittarius until the 17th of April (UT/+0) - which is not but a few days beyond when Venus will exit Taurus.

That, among other things, tells us that whatever we are doing, the overhanging sense of need to stick with whatever we need to do (despite not being thrilled with where it seems to be going) is going to be with us yet for a while - and how whether that need is truly a need or not is up to us to figure out.

But then, that’s a common Venus in Taurus question. Just because we like something, does that make it the right thing to do or to invest our time, energy and talents in? No - which is why under Venus in Taurus, even without a solar eclipse in the works, we tend to re/direct ourselves towards paths which have a future, which hold promise and which can help us become the kind of person we would be satisfied with knowing ourselves to be.

Venus in Taurus is a guiding light of sorts. Yet the path it illuminates is seldom a worldly one. We think it's worldly because we associate Venus with opportunities to do more and feel better about ourselves (and how we're living our life). But that's about our using or embodying our Venus to positive effect, because Venus functions as an energetic hinge - that quality which tips the scales in favor of whatever it is we're wanting, whether it's good for us or not.

The effect ... the applause or love or that torrent of admiration? That isn’t Venus. We are our Venus - but only when we aren't focused on our essential Venusian qualities. In that, Venus is a bit like the famous pot of water which won't boil if you stand there watching it.

To work, Venus requires virtually no effort - which is one of the reasons why Venus (plus) Saturn is considered a stable and fruitful pair. Where Saturn requires long-term effort and all sorts of focused attention to process the rules and standards which generate Saturn's process of 'earning rewards,' Venusian gains are more about who we are, and how we go about being that person.

Which means ... in the end, Venus is all about our quality of being.

So be you. May Venus in Taurus grant you that greater comfort with yourself to be You more effectively ... more willingly ... more genuinely.

BE well.

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