by Boots Hart, CAP

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

The 14 Virgo Full Moon

The Moon at dawn
(photo credit: Mike Lewinski, December 2012)
There’s a Full Moon in Virgo this Thursday. Occurring at 18:07 (aka 6:07 in the evening), its position at 14 degrees highlights our ability to pay attention and focus on effect and detail with some emphasis on hand-done work, handicrafts and -given Virgo tradition - how we ‘handle’ things (or people). Yet this degree also speaks to lacks, most of which have little (or at least less) to do with what we do on our own and which surface when or where we deal with others. Traditions and that which is ‘traditional’ is held as important and virtually ‘clung’ to with this degree, emphasizing the known, the cherished ... all of the ‘comfortable’ (or comforting) feelings.

But of course, as with any Full Moon story, the Moon’s position is only half the story. The feeling half, yes. The half we will tend to react or respond to? Absolutely.

Still, there is another side to things here, and with a Full Moon, that ‘other side’ is the Sun - emblem of that life, that ‘light’ which the Moon, in coming to its Full phase, reflects.

Which yes, is worth reflecting on for a moment.

The 14 Virgo Full Moon (glyph chart)
March 5, 2015 - 18-07 (UT +0) - Aries Wheel (Location Not Specific)
The 14 Virgo Full Moon (text chart)
March 5, 2015 - 18-07 (UT +0) - Aries Wheel (Location Not Specific)
So with the Moon at 14 Virgo, the Sun is at 14 Pisces, a degree known for serving up a decent helping of fairly good luck which unfortunately tends to get dished out in simple (or simplistic) forms which may not be sufficiently sophisticated to get the job done ... for which reason (as one writer puts it) the luck associated with 14 Pisces often ‘runs out’ unless there is (in the case of a 14 Pisces placement in a natal chart) there is support coming from other parts of the chart (i.e., other attributes in the personality, other people in the native’s life, etc.).

And that idea in a Full Moon chart? That means the Sun of this Full Moon will trend towards positive or negative according to how it’s aspected, and for those living on the planet this Full Moon is going to grace (that being you, me and everyone/everything else on Earth) that starts with the Moon in opposition (not always the world’s friendliest aspect) and goes on from there.

Plus let’s not forget ... this is the last Full Moon before the March 20th total solar eclipse.

In case you’re curious about the lunar eclipse which goes with this solar eclipsing of 29 Pisces (and fixed star Scheat, which happens to be positioned at 29 Pisces), this season’s Libra lunar eclipse happens after the solar eclipse, telling us to expect the emotionalism which accompanies any eclipse season to occur after the 20th.

But enough about that - back to our March 5th Full Moon, one which it interesting in its own right as it happens to be occurring hours prior to  Neptune exiting and ending its 2014 cycle, an idea which fits interestingly with the idea that any Full Moon is, among other things, the end of a ‘waxing’  phase based in (or on) ‘increase.’

Does this mean that some things will now be shown to be an illusion? Maybe - although the combination of Neptune and Virgo would probably be more akin to the ‘dissolving’ of something, be it a notion we may have held onto ...some relationship, or some effort we have been determined to carry through on (or maintain).

Where Neptune’s ‘dissolving’ of some curtain or veil causes us to see something we had hoped would be otherwise, we’re likely to be disappointed.

We’re even likely to not want to do ‘that’ again - which despite the pain or frustration of the moment really is Neptune in Pisces representing the need to face our own feelings facing off against the Full Moon in Virgo as life demonstrating what reality (and realities) really are.

As for the Sun side of this Full Moon, recalling how the degree references speak of 14 Pisces as needing support from other parts of a chart in order to bring the degree’s good luck into play, that list only starts with Moon-opposition-Sun.

For one, the Moon is conjunct Black Moon Lilith at 10 Virgo with Lilith exactly inconjunct Mars and the South Node at 10 Aries ... with the Moon itself inconjunct Uranus and Venus.

Inconjuncts denote ‘adjustments’ or the process of ‘adjusting.’ So both of these connection denote something which ‘shifts,’ or some dynamic which we respond to by shifting or adjusting something. Uranus-Venus speaks to instability or changes (or the changeability) of values or qualities of liking which at the moment aren’t being fully met anyway - that coming as a note about Venus in Aries. Some of us will like ourselves for standing up or for doing things we aren’t comfortable with while Venus is in Aries, though this isn’t Venus in any truly ‘receptive’ or particularly giving mode.

The thing to understand here about our ability to get what we want to get, however ... (that being the Venus part of things) ... is that this doesn’t come from a position of self-assurance. Venus in one of the signs of its rulership (Taurus or Libra) feels rewarded when others prosper ... partially because when passing through those signs Venus represents the type of warmth of feeling which inspires gratitude and a bountiful return of (and on) good deed incarnate.

Yet while transiting Aries (as opposed to a natal Venus in Aries, which operates somewhat differently), Venus is more - even most often a sign of want and wanting. In other words, nothing seems like it’s ‘enough’ or the ‘right thing.’ It could be fine. Things can be going along with nary a hitch - and sometimes that’s what’s wrong, people are bored. They want excitement. Venus in Aries often manifests with a feeling that there’s no fun, no romance, nothing to look forward to in life - and in that, it prompts us to dislike that so much that we do something about it.

In other words, sometimes irritation, boredom and frustration are motivations.

Then again, sometimes they’re just energy wasted and opportunities lost.

Which is which is somewhat of the question here, and with these twin inconjuncts from motivation, action-oriented Mars and desirous-if-unpredictable Uranus/Venus in a tussle with a Virgo Full Moon conjunct Black Moon Lilith (with the Moon trine Pluto, which is a drizzle of obsessiveness stirred into the mix)... sense and sensibility aren’t always going to match - not yours, and not that of others you're interacting with or listening to out there in the Big World.

There’s a lot of disbelief (rejection, denial and flat-out refusing to listen and think things through) going around, and that's of every type on every subject possible. So something may get said or something may happen and you may be totally astounded ... and the person next to you may yawn ... and the person sitting beyond them may not be surprised at the idea, they're just didn't believe anything would ever really happen.

Things are going to be unpredictable. And surprising. There’s a lot which wants to get done, and much in the way of personal insight which will ultimately drive whatever choices come to be made.

Continuing on with aspects, one of our favorites (I’m being sarcastic here ...) is putting in a Full Moon appearance: Pluto (which is sextile and Sun and trine the Full Moon) is square Mars, exactly square Venus and one degree off that exactness in squaring Uranus.

In being conjunct fixed star Vega by degree, Pluto represents a transformative force coming through ... or operating on something which has, or which has had 'charismatic' appeal. Notorious for expressions of potency positive and negative, this conjunction represents the purging of internal shadows,  often through projection of whatever is considered most incorrect or unacceptable about the Self (whether real or dreaded) onto others with a passion which is far more about fear of and for that Self than anything else.

In square to Uranus, this process can be electrifying and fascinating - or exciting and the sort of real eye-opener you're happy you didn't miss. But then again, this square can be the very essence of trying to escape those changes and realities about one's Self which though not particularly appealing are both inescapable and (in all likelihood) not as terrible as we think except for what we think of, and about them. Our current time seems awash with this square; since its formulation (by orb) began back in 2010 life has been full of an inexorable, implacable challenge to change our Selves which being human, we’ve tried to foist on everybody but our Self.

It doesn’t work. It won’t work. But we seem determined to make everything as difficult (i.e., as 'un-charismatic') as we can before learning there are only so many structural members which can be created, denied or destroyed (those being the Pluto keywords) before karma comes home to roost.

That 'un-charismatic' part would be courtesy of Pluto-Venus connections, which whatever they may be and wherever they might surface would and will always be Plutonically intense. 

And with Pluto trine the Moon, there’s a lot of ongoing emotional energy going into efforts to achieve valued or valuable ends which are now being either set off or offset by forces unpredictable (or unpredicted) which, when we consider Pluto sextile Sun says we can change things ... or that this is when there’s that change of luck referenced by 14 Pisces. That change could be for the better or for the worse, with the good-or-bad of same being that the net of whatever happens is something we probably couldn’t have predicted, and how its something we don’t or can’t control - or influenced by something we can’t control, resist, do away with or ignore.

Of course there is that critical Pluto factor which is known as where you're starting from. What I mean is that Pluto is the energy of transformation, or that which transforms us - which means changing what you come into this period with, as, doing, thinking (etcetera) since that is your current status quo. So for some, Pluto/Vega indicates increase, where for others it will indicate decrease - or maybe disruption as opposed to harmony.

Then there’s one other little detail - namely the fact that Pluto and the Sun are not just linked by just any old sextile of opportunity, but by one which is part of a Yod.

And that complicates things yet again - at least for a lot of us. It brings things 'back around,' in some sense. How and why will be entirely individual - depending on your chart. But the Yod itself feels rather fateful as 'moments of Yod' (which sounds odd) are composed of two inconjuncts (two separate adjustments) which emanate from a single point, which in this case is Jupiter retrograde at 14 Leo.

From that point - which would be our opinion on how things are (or should be) - we regard or have to consider (or take into consideration) two things which we are going to have to deal with simultaneously (either internally or externally). And to do that, we’re going to have to undertake some (adjustment or adjusting) process which is either foreign as a process or which is bound to lead to something other than what we were thinking - which with Jupiter in Leo isn’t defined as our first, second ... or even third choice.

But still, if we want to get anywhere, we’re going to have to stop insisting that we are in control - especially in our own heads.

And that, nobody’s likely to love.

But there is some good news here, namely that Yods are one of the few astrological configurations (or ‘planetary pictures,’ as they say in astrology texts) which come with instructions on how to find their ‘solution’ point. That point - astrologically - is immediately opposite the joint ‘base’ of the inconjuncts (the Jupiter of it all here) and half way between the two points which are in sextile (the Sun and Pluto).

In other words, the solution here is found at 14 Aquarius - a degree known for unusually eccentric expressions (physical, verbal and otherwise) and challenges or challenging status quos which are not of one’s making. There are too many variables (and unknowns in your individual chart) to make any sort of predictions here, but if your chart has a planet, dwarf planet, node, axis or cusp point at 14 Aquarius, this Full Moon has your name on it - don’t shy away from your challenges!

With all this said however, let’s go back and remember Neptune’s little part in this play. No matter how seemingly insignificant the ripple through our life seems to be, Neptune’s motions and effects unsettle us from within ... not because we’re actually weak or endangered, but because once we adopt something as part of our life, even if it’s a negative we’re going to feel ‘different’ when it disappears.

At least for a little while.

And we’re not going to know everything ... at least for a little while.

And we’re going to vacillate back and forth between an excruciating awareness of others (many of whom seem to be in some fog) and being that person lost in some thought.

A Full Moon under every circumstance is an upwelling of feelings, an outpouring of fervency and whatever actions reflect our convictions, our hopes, our agonies and desires.

And yet ... it is a phase. Unlike the lunar eclipse which lasts three months - or the solar eclipse which evolves over a full three years (36 months) this Thursday’s Full Moon is a moment in time, a passage through our own feeling core, a chance to reflect on what is darkness and what is light, not only in our world or the world ... but in our own spirit, soul and human life.


  1. I must admit that I need support from other parts of my chart as well as those within my circle

    1. Most of us do. Wherever we find Virgo in the chart (by house or by planet, asteroid, etc.) there is a challenge to do "our work" (in that area of our life) while maintaining our willingness to learn from others. The metaphysical work of Virgo - among other things - has to do with the 'building' processes which will help us achieve and stand us in good stead when we reach our various (Capricorn or 10th house) goals. So in that, especially given the natural Virgo/Pisces polarity, the task becomes maintaining our standards and our willingness to work without neglecting how what we do affects others ... and without 'surrendering' our willingness to BE the Self we know we should be to anyone or anything else in our world, environment or circle(s).