by Boots Hart, CAP

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Cancer Ingress Update

The Cancer ingress - the year's longest day - occurred back in June. The chart is posted in the sidebar, but since I wouldn't want eyes to stray (no, not even for a moment!) here 'tis yet again...!

So what's up? Why bring this up now?

The 'what's up' is that July 31st is when, by implied progression (that would be astrological-ese, yes...) the Sun chart conjuncts the Venus of this chart, activating  Venusian properties.

And that's not all bad! Venus is Leo can be a very happy thing. It can symbolize good times and much fun. And considering that since the ingress, Venus has moved on into Virgo (where it's not so much fun!) we might all need a break. Even a day's break...might be quite welcome.

You with me?

But let's be real: Venus in Leo can also be a sign of self indulgence. And since Leo is ruled by the Sun, with the Sun actually reaching this position there's a chance to be 'struck blind' over the weekend. Not literally, but may not see something. Or you might not be seen for who you are or what you have to offer.

Then again, you may just welcome this effect. Sometimes we just don't want to see reality - we want a day off....we want to fling caution to the wind and go play. 

Whatever happens, the big 'down' side (if there is one) to remain aware of is about two things: keeping things in proportion (that applies to you and everyone around you, too) and the possibility that you may be arrogant. Good cheer is a positive, ignoring necessity or responsibility because you want your cheery time...? Not so good!

There's a temptation here to 'just round those jagged corners' - which may be the wanting to make everything sound or look nice (even when it isn't) or good old fashioned escapism. And so long as you don't over-ride good sense, the fact you're dancing on a rainbow which won't last may not be a problem. Making do and playing along - all fine.

Just don't kid yourself with thinking you can rob Peter, pamper Paul and never pay the piper! That kind of excess is going to come back come the end of August... sort of like too thin ice which holds up just long enough for you to get in over your head before you get plummeted into the drink. Youch!

So if something comes up...or is already on the table...? Maybe its better to solve the issue now and own the human glitchiness of life than risk an ice bath later?

That's up to you. This season is totally full of opportunities. But it's also strewn with personal challenges. And we each decide how to deal with them as little cosmic bells go off. Like now.

There's a lot of talk going on about planetary pictures and alignments and such. And not to rat out on some less-than-lovely tactics employed not just by astrologers but by Madison Avenue and media/political machines...getting you scared is a pretty good way to get your attention, allegiance, time and (yes), money.

And that - frankly - is part of the test: how much we are sheep and to what degree we are each willing to own our individuality as part of our greater world? That underlies much of what's now in the works: a big t-square involving achievement-oriented Saturn (the 'what we want from life') being challenged by Plutonic changes in the world and our world. 

In essence, we so want what we want. But will we get it?

Astrologically, this isn't about whether life is stopping us. It's more about life challenging us to be who we should be. It's less about denial and more about maturity; less about loss than it is about your/our willingness to accept the 'whole package' that life (and our life) really is.

Planetary pictures don't spell doom; they're a natural part of life's vast and intricate cycles. Those who would tell you otherwise are merely trying to 'work' you. Challenges turn up when we become stagnant because growth, not relaxation, is the thing which life relies and is built on. And from.

So these planetary pictures? They're no more doomsday than having someone tell you it's a-quarter-to three. By this I mean that it it's a-quarter-to-three and you need to get going, you know that.

In that self same way, you don't need anyone to tell you to keep growing - you know it. You may not like it, but you know it! 

As for how growth patterns will set up now? That's another matter. Some doors will be sticky and some are  truly locked. And there are some you haven't tried...and whether you know it or not, these are like as not exactly the doors you should be trying now.

Why? Because the object is to move from what we want to do towards what we are capable of creating, becoming or achieving. 

What that is...that's totally up to you.  

And that being it for the day (she said reaching for the apple some kindly student left on her desk)...class is now excused! Here's a link to the Cancer Ingress blog, if you want a brush-up...

....and I hope you have a fabulous Venus sort of day!

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