by Boots Hart, CAP

Thursday, July 8, 2010

At a Quarter-to Solar Eclipse, Mercury enters Leo

Come July 9 at 4:30 in the afternoon GMT time (adjust for local time), Mercury rolls into Leo. And that marks a shift in the atmosphere of doings all over the world.

Why would I say that?

I say that because Mercury always marks the 'setting of the tone' to some degree - it's electro-celestial wavelength and relative motion relationship to Earth has long been astrologically identified as a timer by which we can to a subtle yet valuable degree diagnose and predict relative dynamics in thought, communication and the process of travel (e.g., conveyance of ideas, things or even you - from one place to another).

The 'up' side here is that Leo tends to be a very 'sunny' sign. So as long as you're in a good place to be thinking 'oh, happy day!' this two-and-a-half week transit works generally for the positive. Mercury in Leo is a great time for kicking back, hanging with friends and doing those things you think fun. Seeing that in the northern hemipshere it's summer, there are lots of vacations, picnics and beach-goings under way. It being winter in the southern hemisphere, it's time for a little rest, relaxation, reading a good book, curling up with a warm computer or...something else perhaps more personal and pleasant.

Speaking of such, Leo being a very creative sign, it's a good time to pay attention to all types of things you want to bring into being (yes, even kids!). It's a good time for things social, investing yourself (particularly mentally) in projects which can pay off if given time and due investment of's even a good time for athletics and physical training.

So far, all good, right?

Well, sorry to tell you with every sunny sign comes it's shadow. But that's not all bad since it's shadow, not light, which gives shape and a good deal of beauty to our world.

In Leo, the challenge is that we can tend to be a little myopic. A little stubborn. A lot hesitant and very big on wanting in our way (or whatever way we're used to - often even if it doesn't work very well!) It's like the light of Leo's ruling Sun is SO in our eyes that we're blind to anything except our own thoughts, goals, ideas and desires.

Or maybe it's so in our eyes that we're blinded and thus afraid of that we can't see and understand? Uh...yes. Maybe so. Catch a Sun sign Leo native on a good day and they may even admit same. (Catch them on a bad day and all you'll get is a dirty look for daring to say such a thing!)

Since its everyone experiencing this transit, given all this 'I know best' stuff, we can bet there's going to be some kerfluffling and spit-spats while Mercury moves through this transit (which ends on the 27th, by the by).

There's another Mercury in Leo stumbling block which is probably also well worth a mention. Remember I just said Leo is associated with kids? Well I wasn't just...uh...kidding! (ha!) And this isn't just the physical side of children - this is also childishness and immaturity and all which goes with same. So don't be surprised if during these days ahead relationships get a but lumpy because one or another of the parties is acting childishly or RE-acting from some childhood hurt (or maybe even fear). Immaturity, hurts, demands - these are generally the things Mercury Leo snits are made of!

On a global level, when either Sun or Mercury is in Leo, that tends to be a volatile if not problematic time for the stock market. Fortunately, this year we don't have a Solar Eclipse in Leo (you remember what happened the last time we had one of those back in 2008?)

Why these transits seem to make the marker so volatile I haven't ever really settled on, but here is my favorite personal theory: Leo being the polarity sign to Aquarius (sign of societal systems, corporations and income) is an oppositional influence. So when we bring thought and communication into an oppositional relationship, with both signs being fixed (conservative and often hesitant) the fluidity of the money markets suffer as a result. Suddenly things don't look so good. Speculators hesitate, and the least whiff of less-than-perfect news becomes a destabilizing influence....the proverbial snowball which under the Leo Sun melts away profits like nobody's biz.

Then again, there could be an ounce of people just not paying full attention to things as well too. Leo being a time of year when people are into their own thing, are they as watchful on that which isn't all about them?

Two last things to note here. The first is that about 12 hours prior to Mercury entering Leo it moves into Cancer's last (and most pressured-filled) degree. So don't be surprised if about 12 hours prior to the change emotional things get impacted in some way.

Taking one step more from that thought, if you have something which needs doing with feeling but a calm and centered mind, perhaps you need to do it before Mercury reaches 29 Cancer?

Last note (get ready for the trailer regarding a coming blog): Mercury is moving into Leo just prior to the July 11th (Sunday) Solar Eclipse. This means the eclipse (which is in Cancer) is taking place in the sign immediately before that where our mind is now going to be centered (Leo). This being a somewhat vulnerable position, since we're talking about an eclipse in opposition to Pluto (more on in another blog) it  probably pays to be up on what's going on around you and in the world. And if you have some 'past business' which needs clearing's better to be riding the crest of the wave rather than suffer the wipe-out, as they might say in surfing.

(Yes, astrology is cosmic surfing - didn't you know?)

Regardless of that, remember this simple idea: success with Leo influences is all about how you use them. Focusing on Self (or on what you can get from others) is FAR less effective than being warm, generous and magnanimous. We're all kids, we all can take a bit of kidding, but we all need to be cared about and hear a little praise now and again too!

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