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Thursday, July 1, 2010

News Brief: Spies coming of (Aquarian) Age

Pisces Zodiac sign - Chartres Cathedral, France
If you were alive, breathing and listening to anything besides voices in your head during the 1960's, you heard a song called Age of Aquarius from a musical called "Hair." (And yes, if you know the song, it's now going to be in your head all day.)

That song was about something real - a real event; we are moving from the Age of Pisces (as above) into the Age of Aquarius, aka the Aquarian Age.

The change won't be instant; astrological ages merge one into the other like the colors of a rainbow. And yet, if I said that Aquarius rules all things electronic...such as computers, TV and cell phones AND how it rules systems - particularly those based on other Aquarian precepts such as electronics...

Then you'd think Internet...networking shopping...and you'd go 'Oh...! So the Aquarius Age started to take hold, and computers and all this other stuff became part of life.' And you'd be absolu-ta-mente, proverbially, bull's eye right.

The whole Age thing is a giant, fascinating subject, but we won't get into it whole hog right now. Nor do we have to, as each astro-age lasts 2,160 years. (So we have time.)

The point is that each Age has it's own chart - the "coloration" of the Age through which everything we know of as Earthlings is well,....colored !

What this amounts to is how a slow but important focus shift is going on right now. And this recent nabbing of a bunch of Russian spies in the US of A pictures the whole thing rather well. 

In order to get how this works, here's the chart of Ye Olde (outgoing) Age of Pisces:

 And here's one for our spanky (almost brand) new Aquarian Age:

The name of an Age tells us what sign is on the Ascendant - the far left hand point of the horizontal axis line ("9 o'clock" if you will).

Each one of those 'pie shaped' pieces being called a 'house', we count and number them (always, always, always) in a counter-clockwise direction. So with Pisces on the Ascendant and coloring the 1st house in the Piscean Age, and Aquarius on the Ascendant and coloring the 1st house in the Aquarian Age, we count our way around the wheel.

The last house - the 12th house - is colored by Aquarius in the Pisces Age, and Capricorn in the Aquarian Age. 

With me?

Okay - so now we come to how this relates to the Russian spy thing. Espionage is a  12th house issue. Being a spy? Also a 12th house thing - each house describes traits, professions and the nature of various actions. In this case, anything 'behind the scenes' or done (even imagined) in a manner which is 'unseen' is 12th house.

Throughout the Age of Pisces, espionage has been about stealing information. And 'information' as a concept is a very Aquarian thing - hence the Aquarian Age being already known in the media as the 'Information Age.' 

And as the ages have "overlapped" we've sort of had a double dose of Aquarius - meaning spying has become about stealing technology. And the act of spying has  become highly electronic. All that fits with what we said about Aquarius coming in - that it's all about things techy, electronic, computerized and new-fangled.

But Aquarius doesn't stop there. Aquarius symbolizes a functional society which at one end is about fitting in, equality and universality, and which at the other is about rebellion, the anarchist and all those who feel they know 'better' when in reality what they know is simply what works for them. Or their interests.

Given this, what have spies been doing for lo, more than several past centuries? Their primary function has been to help find the (Aquarian) know-how/information so some group could overthrow some government or 'ruling cadre.'

And that's where the change is coming in. The spies so recently snatched up are part of the incoming (Aquarian/information Age) trend. They were looking for corporate information. They weren't aiming at besting a government - at least not directly. They were looking to get corporate research, trade secrets and the like.

Which leads us to the ultra-important thing to recognize about this incoming Aquarian Age: that it's about commerce. In the Age of Pisces, government ruled. The image of the two fish going in either direction tied by a golden cord is all about one body in charge, one being ruled.

But remember what we said about Aquarius - that it's about systems, universality and equality? Pisces supported the concept of the 'ruling cadre.' Aquarius levels the field, making the "classes" subservient to the system.

In time, government and its society will be equal. The corporate/commerce system will either be part of, or on a par with government. But here at the end of the Pisces Age we still have some of that Ruler-and-ruled vibe going on.

So at the moment, it's a struggle. In fact...since time only moves forward (at least in this dimension) those who rule commerce may currently be in a position to more or less rule government - at least in the short run.

It does explain a lot, doesn't it?

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