by Boots Hart, CAP

Friday, July 9, 2010

Heads Up - Venus is about to enter Virgo

Magellan's hemispheric image of Venus - source: NASA
Come July 10 at 11:33 in the morning (GMT time), Venus enters Virgo.And though Venus in Virgo doesn't have a particularly good rep, that doesn't mean there isn't any good which can come out of it.

Far from it. And we can really sum up the basics here pretty simply. You know that old saying 'all work and no play makes Johnny a dull boy'?

Well, Venus in Virgo is the flip side of this: all play and no work makes (insert name) an unproductive person.

That's pretty much it: Venus in Virgo is about the need to do a little work. Maybe even a lot of work. And yes, it may just seem all the more annoying because in coming into Virgo, Venus is exiting Leo...where Venusian vibes are a lot carefree and not much duty bound.

Ergo, a lot of this is about mindset...which works, since Virgo is a concrete sign all about concrete things but in association with Mercury, is also very mental - and thus what we think about having to 'deal with' those concrete things! And thus, how well we do when any planet passes through Virgo depends on the attitude you have or...(let's be real here)...perhaps the attitude you allow yourself to have.

If you're the 'I want to do what I want to do when and how and if I want to do it' type, you're going to dislike anything Virgo and totally despise Venus in Virgo. And since the 'escalation factor' here is distinctly the whole Venus thing, understanding that may give us the operative clue.

Venus the planet is hot stuff. You wouldn't last a minute on Venus, though it might be a good place for toasting marshmallows without a fire (hope you like them crispy). Astrologically associated with Taurus (resources/security) and Libra (appearance and receptions/reactions to that), Venus is passive desire. We want to be loved. We want to feel secure. We want to know others appreciate us.

Notice please that there's not a single word about doing anything in any of those descriptions. That's the Venus thing. And why Venus is associated with luxury - you know, the not having to do anything, the doing and having ONLY that which YOU enjoy...when you're in the mood for it (fiddle-dee-dee...).

So if the Taurus Venus theme is 'having it all' and the Libra Venus theme is 'I just have to be me and you'll adore me' then maybe it's a little bit clearer why Venus in industrious, 'get it done' Virgo gets such a bad rep?

But like I doesn't have to work like that. For those who can either keep their eye on the delectibility of the goal (or...) for those who can get into the admiration which comes from being someone who gets to that goal or who gets the job done, or who is seen as the hero for making things work, Venus in Virgo is a great time to plow fields of fire, make headway on ridiculous projects, earn brownie points, climb tall mountains which otherwise you couldn't be bothered with and all such.

There will be a tempation during these weeks (four of them, seeing as Venus doesn't reach Libra until the 6/7th of August)...there will be a temptation to gloss over things and just make them 'look good enough.' And while this may work when passing off a klunker in a used car lot ('MAY' being the operative word here!)...if the thing is worth it to you, this is the time to do it right. This is rather 'extra-true' under this influence, meaning anything which is important enough to get your dedication now is worth your considered attention. And for that, you may be rewarded in kind - which is to say, things may turn out even SO much better than you thought they would. (And big huzzahs to that!)

Dealing with awkward necessities is often a personal Venus/Virgo test - as is pragmatism in the face of things you long for, lust after and otherwise mightily crave. Splurging is not typically though to be a good thing under this combination but buying quality...which is to say something which is good enough to last and do the job properly, yea verily excellently? That is so totally Venus in Virgo - no question!

A last couple of notes here...Venus is obviously going to be in Virgo when the Solar Eclipse hits on the 11th. Seeing that we have been seeing some of the effects of this eclipse hinted at through problems/situations/changes/challenges/questions handed to us over the last eight weeks or so, it's worthwhile giving a spoonful of thought to not just the nature of the problem/challenge (etc.) itself, but what made it hard for you. That underlying issue - whatever it may be - is likely to be connected to events which will unfold for you over the next 36 months.

And no, you don't know what the outcome is yet, so don't go nodding your head wisely and all that. You don't know. I don't know. Nobody knows! We know where we are right now and what we're coping with right now but that doesn't (read: DOES NOT) tell us where we will be at the of three years. We're still unzipping and shedding our old skin - we haven't yet even come to think about what comes next.

That much, I promise. And if you have a complaint about it, tell me three years from now.

We're going to end this conceptual parade (and parade of concepts) on a brief, calculatory note: 22 hours before Venus enters Virgo, it hits the very last degree of Leo - a degree which is notable for its 'I just want to do what I need to do now - can you get out of my way, please?' vibe.

Seeing that timing is apparently everything in life (well, time and location, location, location!) ...not packing so much in that you get critically squished at the last minute may save grief while allowing you to recognize the moment of shift instead of feeling hassled by it - which would be roughly the difference between a trip where you see nothing because you tried to see everything...and a day of fine savoring of that one thing (or person) in a way which becomes preciously special to your life.

To think about and do, or to not think - or not do...that would appear to be the question.


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