by Boots Hart, CAP

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

How Hubbling is this Universe!

Hubble Telescope in orbit

Fellow astrologer (and occasional astroPPM guest blogger) Alex Miller forwarded a link to me yesterday. I thought it was really wonderful. So in order to find out which would be the best source to link to here on the blog (such videos always have multiple postings) I went about tracking said sources down.

As it turns out, it's basically a NASA video based on really amazing and thought-provoking deep space images captured by the Hubble Telescope. (And yes, we love NASA!) But then someone took that posted video and added some imagery to the front of it and narration over all. 

The original (NASA portion) is spot-on, crystal clear - as we would expect from NASA. But I will warn you in advance that the front end of this video (about the first minute) is a wee bit fuzzy. Bear's worth watching.

If you can, watch this full screen. To do that, (if you're not YouTube savvy) look for a  little box with the two overlaid squares at the bottom of the image - it's third from the right. Click on that: a little box will come up. Click on the 'enlarge' button at the top of that and you'll go into 'Full Screen' mode. Once the video ends, hit 'Esc'ape and you'll go back to a "normal" view.

As I said, there's narration, so you'll also want the sound up.

With all that now duly recited, here's the LINK TO HUBBLE DEEP FIELD VIDEO  

And don't worry...I'll wait while you go watch. I'll just look at another of those wonderful images of space which I find so irresistibly beautiful....

The Horsehead Nebula - source: NASA

So why should you care about anything beyond yourself - or your world?

Because knowing that helps put your life in perspective. And that's not about making you feel small. Quite the contrary...once we know how big the universe really is, that's when we also open our minds to the true vastness of total possibility.


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