by Boots Hart, CAP

Saturday, July 17, 2010

A Chip off the ol' Intel Silicon Block...!

Chip maker giant Intel is celebrating a birthday today - it's 42 years old. Having had it's 11th house of marketplace (meaning, income) just eclipsed, we can expect some changes a-comin' around the ol' digital Intel corral.

intel's Corporate Chart

One interesting thing to note about this chart is that its Sun stands conjunct Drakonia and Kallisto. Drakonia is the signature of 'playing,' 'being played' or 'being a player'...and when coupled to Antares and asteroid Child at the Nadir, that suggests a couple of things.

Child is just what you think it is. In a person's chart it can be your kids or you own childhood. But in a corporation's chart, it's far more likely to be 'about children' - either as your market or something you need to be concerned about with regards to exposure to or use of your product. 

Fixed star Antares is a symbol of all you can do/get done providing you don't get obsessed. So add child and the idea of 'player' or 'playing' in the big digital Intel world and a bunch of issues jump to mind. And let's remember - anything posed at the Nadir/IC of any chart is the thing the chart (or life of the entity/person) is 'built on.' 

Voila! This is a perfect image of Intel's importance to everything children grow up using, everything they can run afoul of while growing up, and everything Intel might do to enhance or assist their formative years.

But it's not just children, per se - it's the kid in each one of us. As much as companies like Intel want us to be fascinated with products they have a profitable part in building and bringing to market there is that problem of obsessions. Even addictions. Evidently Intel has to guard against that. Or use its chips to prevent that or provide ways for parents to guard their children against those many adult no-no's.

This last is especially apropos when we consider Kallisto in the mix. Kallisto is all about getting turned into a 'beast' before one is finally reprieved and set amongst the stars. Coming from the 11th house this implies Intel is vulnerable to being made into a 'villain' in the marketplace from time to time - even if someone uses their chips for some nefarious purpose.

Given that the Solar Eclipse of July 11th was at 19 Cancer, it not only hit both the Cancer 11th house cusp which describes Intel's reputation, income and market share (etc.)...this eclipse affects the Sun-Kallisto-Drakonia group simply because they're in this 11th house. Also in the 11th, the eclipse hit Mars (taking action), Orcus (judement for deeds done which cannot be changed) and Eurydike (sacrificing or paying the price) head on, too.

This implies Intel is taking some hit. And that it's going to continue taking a hit; there's also a Leo Venus in this 11th house and it too is connected to Drakonia. That sort of suggests stocks. Players in the market. Maybe a bad marketing ploy or defective products - something.

All and all, this is about Intel's position in the market, it's got a strong line towards the gaming side of things and let's not forget, chips aren't just about computers!

The whole of this 11th house complex being ruled by the a Taurus Moon in the 9th adds to this thought by telling us that the 'source' of whatever is going on is probably overseas. Does this point to some sort of electronic espionage? Maybe, but given this is an eclipse and thus a long-term shift, it's more likely to concern where the company is going and how they're going to profit from and by going there.

With Pluto wending its way back and forth through the 4th house of basics, 'home life' at a point where it's working over servant/servile Hebe ("what I bring to you") and Atlantis (the scary thought of having to abandon something you know) ...and with the 'what I don't really want to contend with' point (asteroid Lilith) going to be  conjuncted by Pluto early next year...that's another sign of change.

Third sign: the January 2011 Solar Eclipse is going to hit Intel's Vega/15 Capricorn 5th house cusp. And because Saturn rules Capricorn and Saturn is the premier symbol of business...well, by jove, I think we've found it.

Intel is about to make a big business move, probably involving something overseas from its US home base. Given the general emphasis on 'play' seen in the income producing 11th at the foundational IC core and the fun, film and theme park oriented 5th house to be eclipsed early next year, like as not Intel is moving ever more towards things having to do with 'entertainment.' The company is probably working behind the scenes right now on some form (or forms) of media we aren't even all that aware of. 

The world is Intel's digital oyster. Either that - or if all goes terribly wrong, Intel may get eaten like an oyster.

Why would I say that? Well, the solar chart suggests Intel is in for a very hard run for it's money. Yes, literally.

Intel - Solar Return 2010

And don't kid yourself - the company is aware of it, too.

The good news is that with Spica on the Ascendant, there is something very new and brilliant brewing. With Eris at the De-scendant, it's going to either disrupt or truly rock our world!

Will they give us even a little hint about what this is all about?

Probably yes - a hint in mid-January (2011) about things which will happen in May (when Jupiter conjuncts the Descendant of this chart).

So keep your digital ears on, and in the meantime, happy birthday to Intel! Let's hear a big digital cheer!

Do you think they're serving chocolate chip ice cream at corporate headquarters today? 


  1. This sounds like a great product. Thanks for the review and bringing it to my attention.

  2. You're welcome. I'm thinking digital chocolate chip ice cream is crunchy but yummy. I'll bring two spoons, you bring the bowl, agreed?