by Boots Hart, CAP

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

New Moon of September 8th

 New Moon Over Brushwood Gate (1405)

A New Moon at 15 Virgo occurs on September 8th at 10:31 (GMT). This being one of four mutable New Moons of the year, we know it begins a month when we learn a little at a time, doing, getting input, changing course, trying again and refining our methods according to results.

The degree 15 Virgo is an emotional degree; given Virgo's penchant for getting things done and done right, this may mark a time when it becomes evidently that things haven't been done correctly. Or maybe that they're just not working any more. This would be a classic time to realize that you really need to replace something or figure out how to get things done more effectively.

But there's more to 15 Virgo than just that! This being a degree indicative of people and processes which are supportive (or meant to support), the person who is mannerly or the means by which something is done by prescribed means, the flip side is anything but pleasant. When 15 Virgo dynamics go wrong, there's a whole potential for treachery, a wreaking of vengeance upon those who apparently have 'done you wrong.'

Coaching in Athens at New Moon (1904) 
by Csontvary Kosztka Tivadar

So...what are the odds here? Well, to state the astrological obvious, if this position conjuncts, opposes, squares or inconjuncts a problematic point in your own chart...this could be the beginning of a rather stormy period. And if it aspects something pleasant in your chart, the opposite would be true. 

There are also a couple of intriguing specifics which go along with these generalizations. For one, Vesta (a symbol of service) is sitting conjunct asteroid Lilith at 15 Libra at the moment of this New Moon, giving us a testy little semi-sextile to contend with. Given how in application asteroid Lilith represents personal attributes we don't like acknowledging to ourselves (never mind others!), throw in Vesta and this becomes a situation which needs attending to. 

Then there's Mercury - which rules Virgo. Currently at 6 Virgo in conjunction with Thuban (success after much effort) and opposition calculated Lilith (societal denial) you may be tempted to avoid or evade...or then again, you may be about to be find out what happens when you do avoid and evade the reality of...

Of what? Either of what you have sown prior to now, or what you have failed to sow or properly (at)tend to. Remember - Virgo is always about a 'harvest.' So this New Moon is supposed to be a time of results.

And like as not it will be - but are they the results you really want? If not, this would be the time to begin working towards those things which in the end, really matter.    

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