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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Full Moon of September 23rd

Full Moon (2009) by Plismo

Note: occurring only a little over two hours after the Libra ingress, a Full Moon deserves its own blog post - it's a whole other astrological thing!
There's hardly anything which sounds any more of an astrological note about "beginnings" than 0 Aries, as 0 Aries is the first degree of the zodiac. And were this a New Moon instead of a Full Moon, we'd say 'drop everything, start again.'

But this isn't a New Moon - it's a Full Moon. So the symbolism isn't about 'starting.' It's about seeing things in full emotional or reflective light. 

Given that 0 Aries is the first degree of the first sign, it carries a whole aura of the newborn baby: the ego need plus the totally innocent perspective. So how do we reflect on that?

Well, maybe we need to reflect on how inviting that quality really is. Maybe we need to be a bit more like the newborn?

Then again, maybe we're acting too much like the newborn!

And again, this is a Full Moon we're talking about. Often things come to be 'highlighted' at the time of the Full Moon. So maybe in this moment things start anew, allowing us to see life as if we were starting all over again?


Given that we are talking about this Full Moon thing, there's also that the figure is the Moon on one side of the zodiac with the Sun on the other. So as the Moon is at 0 Aries, the Sun is sitting over yandrow at 0 Libra, recalling to the experienced the fact that super giant honking massive black hole M87 sits just inside the cusp of Libra...

 Hubble's view of jet ejection coming from Black Hole M87

...which is actually apt.

And how's that? Well, the first six signs of the zodiac (Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo and Virgo) are all about our Self. They're about learning who we are. And how to operate in basic human terms. The second six signs of the zodiac (Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces) are about how we take that Self out into the world. About how we affect that world. How we interact with that world.

This is a very basic difference - think of someone you know whose birthday is in the "other" half of the zodiac. Doesn't one of you come from a worldly precept while the other is all about personal life? It's a simple but useful thing to remember. And when you're dealing with someone from that 'other half,' do yourself a favor and don't try to change them! They are who they are. Yes it's sometimes annoying, but that's who they are just as you are who you are!

Anyway...back to the Sun and Libra. Given that black hole represent an 'alternate reality,' to have one positioned at the entrance to Libra is very fitting; think of it as the cosmos helping us make the shift from the personal to the worldly. Starting with Libra, we need to remember not to think just in terms of ourselves but also about the effect we have on others. And how the style or  manner in which we present ourselves (or what we do) to others pretty much determines how they respond. And thus how loved we are, appreciated we are - and what opportunities tend to come our way.

So here we have the Sun 0 Libra: life bringing us to the point where we need to see alternatives. Or where we are able to see alternatives. And since the figure is a Full Moon, the whole issue is 'highlighted' and probably evoking an emotional response.

But the Sun is not alone. Oh no...things are hardly ever that simple - haven't you noticed?

In this case, with the Sun and black hole we have  asteroid Atropos. Atropos is one of the three Greek Fates. One spins the thread of life, one measures it out, and Atropos cuts it off at the appointed spot.

But don't get all scared - this isn't about 'life' as in your life. Though obviously people will pass from this Earth at this Full Moon, astrologically there would have to be a whole group of other indicators on someone's individual personal chart to predict death. (And no, astrologers generally don't predict death. There are formulas for it, yes, but those of us who sign professional Ethics Oaths actually promise not to ever, ever use them with clients!)

To the point here: what Atropos tends to say is that 'something is over.' And it could be anything - writing that report for school, cleaning out your closets, looking for a job (because you found one) - anything.

As for that term "fate"? Fate is what happens. Free Will is how we respond to what happens.

So to have Sun/Atropos at 0 Libra could be just the end of a private/Self period and the beginning of a public/worldly time. It could be your needing to stop (Atropos) thinking only in terms of yourself in some way because you're thinking more in terms of a group - your family, your company, whatever.

The Greek Fates by Alfred Agache (c. 1885)

This 'ending' theme also applies to the Full Moon as the end of the waxing Moon and the beginning of the waning Moon phases. So maybe you're beginning to 'let go' of something you've felt strongly about. Or which you've poured your heart and soul into.

Full Moons are also traditionally the end of a phase in a project which from there goes on into some other format. And considering that this one is at 0 Aries (with the Sun at 0 Libra), it may well be that if you've been working alone you now have to work with others. Or if you've been working with others, now maybe you have to go on by yourself.

Now...we've talked about Jupiter and Uranus a whole lot of late (planetary blog hogs, those two!). So we'll simply say yes, they're involved at the Moon end of this figure, and if you want to read more about Jupiter and Uranus, check the blog archives or use the word cloud to find blogs which chat on those subjects.

But if you read the ingress blog you also know that this Full Moon is also in a double t-square formation. And it's to remember that the Moon-Jupiter-Uranus end of this double t-square is the object of our aims.

What do we have to get past? Ourselves. Our desire to do it our way, to not have to change anything and to have things be comfortable. We want to be done for when Ceres conjunct the Galactic Center at 26 Sagittarius tells us that it is those who contribute and participate who are going to walk away the winners.

With Pluto conjunct the 'I play it my way and lose all' Orpheus in early Capricorn, the key would seem to be playing on our talents but not looking back. Where Orpheus is concerned, you look back, you lose.

Full Moon of September 23, 2010

And this would be the Full Moon which starts the entire season? Maybe the whole three months is to reflect on. 

Moon at 0 Aries is about a beginning. It's about the essence of humanity and our essential humanity. Maybe it means we should all stop acting like babies and allow ourselves to be innocent infants, ready to love being our least pretentious, most accepting selves?

Maybe so.

A last note. It being so very often helpful to see how astrological events work in 'real time,' we're lucky to have one plainly scheduled for this Full Moon event. With Aries being the sign of the physical being, it's apropos that in the United States, September 23rd is the date when a series of provisions signed into law as the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010 go into effect.

Since this law is all about 'shining a light' on 'physicality problems' and fixing problems people have had with getting health care so that they can take care of their physical bodies (and thus preserve life) it's totally Aries. With this law having been signed on March 23, 2010 with Sun and Uranus just having moved into Aries, that some of this law's core provisions now take effect is the  metaphysical fulfillment of the bill having been signed into law.

Does this mean the USA's health care debate or it's problems with providing health care to its citizens are over? No. But they are now entering a new phase which is based on these provisions now being in effect.

That's so very Full Moon. Something comes to a peak. A 'high point' in a given tide is reached.

But life continues on. Life, like a tide, is a cycle. This is the crest of a wave - one wave in an ocean of time.

Hokusai - Ocean Waves

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