by Boots Hart, CAP

Saturday, September 18, 2010

News Flash: Transiting Jupiter conjuncts Uranus

(left image) Uranus and moon Miranda (top) and Ariel (bottom
left) - copyright: National Astronomical Observatory of Japan
(right image) Jupiter's south pole as viewed
by Cassini - source: NASA 

September 19th at 1:07 GMT will have gas giant Jupiter and ice giant Uranus conjuncting asteroid Hebe, with all three objects standing at 28 Pisces.

All three are in retrograde too, making this a substantial moment of internalization and internal recognition.

What does that mean? Well, instead of Jupiter being learning or knowledge, it's more likely to be getting the lesson...which fits nicely with Jupiter being in Pisces, a sign of rulership where Jupiter is more likely to manifest as emotional wisdom (the wisdom which comes from emotional growth) than as idealized information or practical learning, both of which are more akin to Jupiter in its Sagittarian form. 

As for Uranus, it's presence in Pisces is all about 'shake ups' in our emotional condition and makeup meant to cause us to feel our feelings ...and if necessary, to let go of our death hold on some emotional stance so that with less resistance and greater acceptance we can learn, grow and come to be a better, more mature Self. 

Put them together and the theme begins to look like the dawning of how to better use our emotions so as to get where we actually want to go, don't you think? Or maybe an acknowledgment of how some situations, even those which we try to fend off or hide from - that it's that exact pain, those exact emotional reactions which give us a greater feeling for others and our world. 

That's Piscean. The human understanding that wisdom is the acceptance of the vulnerability and fallible nature of mankind - that is Pisces.

And to have the added note of asteroid Hebe? Well, Hebe is about serving. Upon a tray Hebe bears the nectar of preservation in immortality not so that all can be a constant delight, but so that we can learn more, do more, relax more through recognizing not every little thing is the utter end of all.

So that we can live not just for ourselves and in ourselves, but grow into sharing our Uranian and Jupiterian feelings, our understanding of what it really means to be human. 

And in those moments that we share, when we serve, when we extend compassion and a ready hand or ear to someone else...we may feel like we are serving them.

But maybe not. In Jupiter, Uranus and Hebe we have one symbol of the 'beyond' we can never fully know: Uranus. We have one image of all we could hope to learn and thus become: Jupiter. And we have one symbol embracing the everyday experiences and interactions of daily life: Hebe.

And we have two fish in a 3rd decanate 'worldly' degree which teaches us that our successes come through interaction with, and feedback from others. So though the hand extended may be ours, through the grasp of others, so we experience.

We may help them, but in the end, they are our source of true personal wisdom. And thus the "lesson," the wisdom, the service is not about someone's about how we can better serve ourselves and our own aims by understanding all human foibles, needs and feelings with greater clarity....and greater compassion for all concerned.

Yes, including ourselves.



  1. What do you think about transiting Jupiter in Leo conjunct a person's Uranus in Leo in the 6th house?
    My Uranus doesn't aspect other planets in my chart except to trine my north node in Sag. by 1 degree and Chiron in my 12th by 3 degrees.

    1. With a few exceptions (which depend on the whole of the chart) Uranus in the 6th is a lack of or the unavailability of or issues with the classic 6th house precepts: health, work (job, responsibility), service - which CAN be what gets experienced through coworkers and others, but which typically leaves the Uranus native in a challenging position - at least to begin with. When combined with Jupiter in Leo (also in the 6th) we get all the exuberance of the Leo Jupiter in a house which is more about dedication and considered, considerate regard, which doesn't sound like a picnic. Yet since aspects very much like this are to be found in the charts of highly successful people, it seems that the distance between happy and irritated (or irritating!) with this kind of configuration is greatly about finding something to (6th house) "do" which fits and embraces all that Jupiter/Leo creativity and the Uranian instinct to change or work "outside the (known) box."

      As for the lack of aspects, when we see a planet (or in this case, planets) not 'tied into' the rest of the planets (asteroids and such don't count here) by standard aspect, the "isolated" planet tends to manifest with great "volume," if you will...though beyond that, the trine to the North Node does indicate that great satisfaction can come from taking on such long-term efforts.

      Does that help?

  2. Yes it does! Thank you very much!