by Boots Hart, CAP

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

A Last Word from the Cancer Ingress 2010


 The 2010 Cancer Ingress chart (not place specific)

Depending on where you are, tomorrow the Sun moves into Libra either during the afternoon or evening.

But today we get a last commentary from the Cancer Ingress as the Sun (at 28 Virgo) conjuncts the ingress Saturn while opposing Jupiter and Uranus at 28 Pisces. 

For those who remember the Cancer ingress chart (which will remain be posted in the blog sidebar until tomorrow) the season started with Uranus and Jupiter in Aries. That was the call to know ourselves better and to do something new and different with our lives.

And with Saturn in opposition at that time from Virgo (it's now in Libra) we had to deal with limits and responsibilities. At times this opposition may have manifested as guidelines and safety nets, keeping us from harm. At other times they may well have felt like shackles we couldn't shake off. 

Limits and responsibilities, responsibilities and limits...they have bugged us and prodded us and given the native discomfort which is part of any Aries/Virgo combination we have known we had to change.

Change what? Change something about ourselves and how we have been approaching things. How we've been doing things. How we've seen ourselves and (in all likelihood) where and how we tend to go overboard now and again. ( let's hope it was only now and again!)

With the ingress Sun squaring this uncomfortable opposition, we've all had a season of challenging times. The ingress Sun (separately) opposition to Pluto and Ceres guaranteed emotional upheavals and as much being called on for support as being supported by others. And at times it just didn't any of it seem all that fair!

Considering the comments, emails and conversations I've gotten into (which I'll guess are pretty much typical of everyone's)...the summer has delivered on its promise to test our ability to be ourselves and scramble our personal eggs pretty well. We've all been caught once or twice coloring outside the responsibility lines and overstepping our personal boundaries.

So today, the transiting Sun conjuncts the Cancer ingress Saturn on its way to finishing up seasonal business. On the surface, that would tend to say it's a  day about practicalities.

But it's not that simple. There's a lot of unsettled stuff out there. Primal forces (Typhon) are in play. There are questions (Kalypso) circulating about what love really is. A lot of head-scratching is going into trying to figure out what needs to be gotten rid of (Atropos) in pretty short order now. There's even some (Lust-ful) fixations and over-focusing still drawing our attention towards things we know we shouldn't be focusing on.

Yes, about now we realize how we well may have contributed to shooting ourselves in the foot this year. (Like, ouch.)

But there is one rather nifty notice in the midst of all. Even better, this one will carry over into the Libra ingress. In the Cancer ingress we had Sun conjunct fixed star Betelgeuse and opposition Charybdis in Capricorn: hard times in our face at every step when we just wanted a little slack.

Now we have Charybdis still opposition Betelgeuse, but Charybdis is in Sagittarius, accounting for some of the feeling that while things may be tough, we can work through them. And while seldom will you hear any astrologer assert that a t-square is a good thing, they do promise huge potential. Found in charts of truly great and accomplished people, the t-square is a challenge, yes. But it's one which says that if you can get 'over the hurdle' in your path, you can triumph.

And the hurdle here? Today it's the Virgo Sun: accepting responsibility for ourselves and being willing to put in the time and effort to get things done.

As of tomorrow, the Sun moves into Libra. But the idea of the t-square remains. Whether the Sun is in Virgo or Libra the promise is that if we will work on who we are in life instead of what we want to get from life and not fall back on wanting to take some easy way out (Betelgeuse) that we will, we can eventually beat down those ugly demons (Charybdis) which have for the whole of this past season reared their ugly heads, trying to swamp our aims.

So...Will you accept yourself, your lot and move on?

Today is a moment, tomorrow is an ingress. Maybe learning to take one useful step forward as the purpose of each day is the best thing we can learn?


  1. I like it! I think there may be hope beyond the current turmoil that everyone I know seems to be dealing with. (Me too!)

  2. Absolutely - I think there always is. And that Jupiter has signaled that this is a TIME for us all to be experiencing a lot, and changing up a lot in what we're doing, directions we're heading and thinks we think - or think about (as I blog on in 2 posts about Jupiter over these last couple of days)...that's maybe the secret here.

    Apparently this IS the moment to have a lot of stuff 'thrust' in our face so that we are then prepared anew, and made willing/able to do new things as the Libra ingress comes upon us!