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Monday, September 27, 2010

Money Matters: Giving Credit Where Credit is Due

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Not too long ago, I was in an auto accident. It wasn't tragic or even all that serious in the sense that such things can be serious: my vehicle got crunched at both ends and I'm working through some whiplash.

And that isn't my astrological point, either. The astrology thought came to me as I was talking things through with my insurance company. The subject was rental cars and how I was going to be asked to give the rental agency a credit card against damages. Yes, even though I'm insured driving whatever I drive and in spite of the fact this current accident was 100% not my fault (I was sitting at a stop light when along came a car who failed to stop).

My reply to my insurance company: I don't have a credit card.

Her reply to me: We hear that a lot now. More and more, in fact.

That's what got me to thinking.

Thinking astrologically is sometimes a bit like painting a picture. My father having gone to art school, he taught me that most artists use big brushes to lay down 'washes' of color, the broad strokes and background against which all else takes place.

In my many years now of studying astrology, I have come to realize that all symbols far and near have something of this 'background' function. And when we think of the world went all hog-wild with credit and credit cards, leading to the deep water struggle we are all swimming through now, that tends to suggest Pluto. The great upswing in credit usage came in the 1980 - when Pluto was transiting Scorpio, sign of 'other people's money,' investment and debt.

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'Credit' isn't known as a particularly Scorpio word probably because the word credit is about a 'plus', and in Scorpio the 'plus' is what's is 'borrowed' and thus owed. Scorpio is entirely interactive - there are always two parties in the mix. So 'to one's credit' as we think of it emotionally or as a resource of talent or ability, that wouldn't be Scorpionic, that would be Taurus/2nd house - the source(s) which we draw on in order to build a bigger, better whatever.

A long time ago, some well-known astrologer made the statement that until you incur sufficient debt that you could not pay it off with the totality of your life's work you're not actually in debt. I don't recall exactly who it was, though several names dance though my mind as I type this. In any case, the statement was made during the 80's and is endemically emblematic of those times, since we and our world were in the 1980's and 1990's plunging on as though growth would never end.

But of course, it did. Courtesy of Pluto in Sagittarius,  with the plus of a great boom in knowledge technological and otherwise we got the Sagittarian Plutonic trampling of limits and boundaries. Common 'rainy day' sense was tested with 'but what is actually possible?' In some cases this 'let's push a little more' was a very good thing. Without that, we wouldn't know or have many things of everyday modern life.

But when we go with Plutonic obsessions to great extremes, then we take a fall. And given Pluto as the 'outcome' ruler of Scorpio, the lesson there really is that we've taken a fall because we made a bad choice.

And don't we all get that by now - that a couple or three fiscal bad choices got made? On the Pluto level, today's angst, today's frustrations, today's ill feelings, they are the outcomes of choices. Being 'mental feelings' they are also the metaphysical 'voicing' of what we did...when? 

When Pluto was in Scorpio. That would have been 'one,' and Pluto in Sagittarius would have been 'two,' which makes Pluto in Capricorn 'three.'

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And that being so, we have a pretty good indicator about at least one facet of Pluto's passage through Capricorn. What it's about, I mean.

Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, our symbol of structural growth. Or structural limitation. Either way, Saturn can represent determination or fear. Even determination to overcome fear, defense against fear or some sort of  fearful circumstances - real or imagined.

Yes, that's right - even though earthy Capricorn manifests as the tangible and concrete, that doesn't mean the need or feeling which motivates Capricorn is tangible and concrete. And that's a separation which seems important in a world where everything about life seems to prey on feelings of competition, greed, fear, lust and whatever else to get us to do (or not do) most everything.

But we also should suspect that will only go so far. Why would we think that? Well, Pluto is currently moving through Capricorn's first, physical/action-oriented decanate. And the air is filled with 'what are we going to do about...(insert issue).'

As of 2013, Pluto will move into Capricorn's second and most emotional decanate. At that point, one supposes, the emphasis will shift from 'what are we going to do' to 'how are we going to feel when (insert issue) happens?' Or maybe 'how can we allow ourselves to feel (description) considering (insert issue)?'

Interestingly, as Pluto finally reaches Capricorn's third and worldly 'results' decanate (degrees 20 through 29) in 2018. And this is also Saturn moves into its first 'home sign' of Capricorn in December 2017, catching up with Pluto by conjunction in January 2020.

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This is also just after when the chart of the US Federal Reserve tends to suggest current monetary mire will have actually come to a point of resolution. Considering how interlocked the international monetary system is, we can easily thus deduce that as US finances begin to improve, so will the financial fortunes of most of the rest of the world. (link to article on the astrology of the US Federal Reserve)

In the end though, what this may well point to is a whole other issue. One which also centers in Pluto as the experience of emotional transformation. With Pluto as secondary 'outcome' ruler of Scorpio, it would seem that just as 'credit/giving ourselves credit' against debt/feeling indebted to others as an outgrowth of the Taurus/Scorpio 'my/other people's' resources (of which money is just one sort) is really the biggest issue we can grapple with.

After all, part of what has driven us - nations and people all - into the cycle of borrowing/debt/refinancing and all the rest which got us into this mess is how we have generally come to think of the word "worth" as being a monetary worth. You know, as in 'what am I worth?'

In truly obsessive, Plutonic, 'others' Scorpio style, with Pluto's passage through Scorpio the world seemed to lose its sense of self and focus hugely, even totally, on what others thought of us.

And that's always bad, since no one is going to think of us any better than we think of ourselves. Scorpio - the other, is the 'effect' in 'cause/effect ' with the cause being Taurus: self worth, satisfaction, respect for our own being and our abilities as people and to be people.

The good news is, we're still alive, and therefore able to reclaim our mortal worth - in every sense. And don't we deserve to give ourselves a little credit?

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