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Sunday, September 19, 2010

NASA News: Close Encounters of the Jupiter Kind


Jupiter's aurora's in UV light - source: NASA

Seeing a second blog post on Jupiter in as many days, you might be thinking we're in a very Jupiterian moment. 

And if you were so'd be right! It is indeed a very Jupiterian moment.

This part of the Jupiter News comes courtesy of NASA, which has sent out an email. In this email, NASA is letting us all know that as September 20th turns into September 21st, Jupiter will be making its 'closest encounter' with Earth until 2022 - a timing which makes perfect sense seeing as one orbit of Jupiter around the Sun takes 11.86 years.

Now, before you run out and start shouting 'Jupiter's coming, Jupiter's coming!' let's be real. 'Close' in this scenario means 4.9 astronomical units (au) - which isn't all that close as we humans think of it.

One 'AU' (astronomical unit) is defined as the 'mean' (standardized) distance from Earth to the Sun. So almost five times that distance between Earth and Jupiter means we aren't going to feel any Jovian wind rushing by in the next few days or so. Which is probably good, seeing as Jupiter is a truly windy place.

Does that connect with why (considering we think of the metaphysical Jupiter as symbolic 'knowledge,') we might think of 'know-it-all's as 'wind bags'? Maybe so!

And that's not as far fetched as you might think - metaphysics is full of this kind of linguistic/mental association. Which makes sense, if you get what metaphysics is. Metaphysics is a study of all Existence. If life has purpose, if the universe manifests according to some order or aim - even if that is 'chaos' or 'quantum' in nature, then everything answers to the same set of facts.

That would be you, me, the doorknob, economics, childbirth, love, spiritualism, the Big Bang and - yes - Jupiter.

It's why we understand that the archetype of myth describes humans which think as a matter of being incarnated as humans in a world in a universe which is so very cohesive.

And to be saying this as Jupiter comes close, closer, closest ...? Maybe that's me bringing an idea 'closer' to you. Maybe this is your coming to have an even better understanding (Jupiter) of why knowing (Jupiter) about science and astrology as metaphysical mirror images is so useful to your everyday life.

With Jupiter coming "so close" to Earth, we would expect a plenitude of matters to be afoot, in mind and still in the air. We would think of this as a time to be expanding our minds - and our experiences (Jupiter as ruler of Sagittarius).

We would expect this to be a time when we emotions would run high, wide and wild, and when many of us will have to confront our feelings....even our lack of feelings (both Jupiter as ruler of Pisces).

Sense and sensibility, one might call this. But it's not just the 'thing' it's the experiencing of it.

There's much good going on. And much difficult to bear, face or cope with going on. Everyone is overloaded and underwhelmed, maybe stressed, confused or just plain boggled.

In yesterday's post on transiting Jupiter conjunct Uranus, we talked about a particular dynamic of innovation, revelation, sudden shifts and changes. Yet it's in this chart, the chart of Earth's 'close encounter' with red giant Jupiter that we see the actual solar opposition: Sun opposite Jupiter.

Jupiter's Closest Approach to Earth
September 20/21, 2010

Astrologically, this is colloquially known as a 'trigger transit,' meaning you have a 'major transit' (Jupiter conjunct Uranus) going on and a personal planet 'sets' the transit off.

So you may have felt something arise on Saturday as Jupiter/Uranus came into focus. Remembering that both planets are in retrograde, this 'realization' or feeling of suddenly getting to where you understand (or know you need to make a change, or recognize that you have been laboring under some false pretense) ...all that would have been internal. Retrogrades are things which happen 'inside,' not through action. Events or situations may stimulate your responses, but it's your response, your thinking, your feelings which are symbolized by retrograde symbols.

But with the Sun now coming to oppose Jupiter and Uranus (both still at 28 Pisces) with Sun in late Virgo, this is a plain sort of 'workability' or 'functionality' cue. And given that it's coming from so late in Virgo, it follows the rules for all 3rd decan (last ten degrees) of any sign 'rules': the stimulation, the judgment, the feedback, the input comes from outside of us. 

A couple of other dates which may feed into what is something of an astrological process:

1. July 28 (Mars at 28 Virgo)
2. August 5 (Venus at 28 Virgo)

Mars is always about initiation and conviction. In Virgo it is often about making plans, undertaking efforts or 'job's and making commitments. 

Far less gracious in Virgo, Venus would tend to be social disruptions, failure to get your 'way' or be pleased, having something fall through, not work, fail to 'come to be' or undertaking to correct or assist in situations which have become disabled or otherwise 'broken down' or 'gotten off track.'

Chances are, if these were "big" dates in your life, you not only know it - you have something in your chart at 26, 27, 28, 29 or 0 of some sign. For you, this weekend and the early part of this coming week are going to be vital. We aren't talking necessarily catastrophic, but this is recognition of realities in the not necessarily jovial Jovian wind.

And what else? Is there anything yet to come in short order you should know...?

Well, the Moon passes through 28 Pisces (the conjunction to this point) on late September 22nd or the 23rd, depending on where you are. Given that the Moon manifests in areas of feelings, finance and all things we interpret as 'part of my security,' things may get unsettled here. But remember - while the Moon can indicate a timing mechanism, it is also notoriously just a mood. So expect instability. But panicking won't help.

After that, October 2nd has Mercury at 28 Virgo, bringing 'informational' and decision making operands into play. Considering Venus is about to go retrograde in that moment, it's likely we will all feel a bit pressured. Things may well be emotionally sticky. Dealing with issues logically is the strong suit here, though you may feel like your heartstrings have been painfully tied behind your back.

Remember - the strongest of these effects are going to be encountered by those with planets, axis points, nodes and such at high numbers of any sign or the first few (zero or one) as indicated above.

Unlike to be the end of your world, this is the quintessential moment to learn from. It's more like that old saying...what we learn from, we profit by...which is not only a rather inspirational thought, but one which is very Jupiter!

To read the NASA article behind their release, click here

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