by Boots Hart, CAP

Sunday, September 5, 2010

News Flash: Solar Explosion! Ejection Heads Towards Earth!

 The Sun ejecting a prominance - source: NASA

A spew of solar energy is headed our way. In fact, it's due to arrive any hour now.

What does this mean? Metaphysically, we would expect this to be an exacerbation of solar properties: life, will, the 'spark' of realization or recognition. This can be a very 'heated' effect - heating up situations and relationships for better or worse and certainly anyone with a birthdays would want to take note as your whole next 'birthday year' would be astrologically marked by this event.

Since none of the science labs are giving us a precise time (as yet) for when this effect will first hit Earth's magnetosphere, we can't pull a chart. But sometimes we just watch goings on around us and listen to news in order to learn how life works.

And who knows - that may be the whole karmic point of the event: to 'spark' our attention and 'get us out' of our own 'life skin' into paying attention to the workings of the world and universe and others around us.

For more science on the subject (and some cool charts and pictures), click HERE.

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