by Boots Hart, CAP

Friday, September 10, 2010

News Flash: Mercury Station Effects Begin

Planet Mercury as photographed
by Mariner (source: NASA)

A little 'heads up'....!

Because Mercury will go direct on September 12th, the two-day "station leeway" period begins on September 10th and runs through September 14th.

Communications, incidents and encounters which amount to 'turning points' may occur during this period, and if they do happen, they may well be of particular  significance. So pay attention!

Timing-wise: the closer your "event" to the actual time of the station (on the 12th) the more quickly things can be expected to evolve. Theory also suggests that events in your world which happen before the actual station on the 12th are yet to take full form, while those which happen after the 11:10pm (GMT) station time pertain to things you already know about which are now 'taking a turn.' 

And now a request from the astrologer: as things happen, do us all a favor. Come back to this blog. Use the comment box (below) to post a little personal story. It's not for me - it's so others can see how stations work. Tell us if your situation or "news" happened before or after. Tell us if it is was something you knew about or a complete surprise. And come back when things pan out...let us know what came of your 'Mercurial turn'!

Help out! Lots of blog-reading folks are intrigued as to how to use astrology - nothing like sharing so we all learn together!

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