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Friday, October 1, 2010

October Dateblog

 Calendula officinalis - October's flower

October is the sort of a month when there's plenty to do, but we're not sure what of that we really want to see done. 

Does that sound conflicted? Well it is....But it isn't. We all want results - we're just not sure about the process required to get those results.

October 1 - 2: Sun and Saturn in early Libra indicate a period of focused activity. With Mars and Venus in Scorpio (the sign right after Libra), there is a strong desire quotient in the air and everyone has their eyes on their own particular goal. Where sides aren't in sync (where your interests don't mesh with those of whoever you are dealing with) progress begins to slow.

Mercury in late degrees of Virgo suggests a lot of 'will that actually work?' conversations, but that's just masking a far larger issue - an overhanging uncertainty which is growing by the day.

October 3 - 7: With Mercury moving into Libra and the Sun reaching Libra's more emotional 2nd decanate (degrees 10-19) a Libra/Mercury willingness to discuss and explore evokes deeper and more feeling-based comprehension of what everybody needs, wants and doesn't feel so sure of. Saturn's exit from the shadow of the retrograde it began back in January 2010 indicates finally laying to rest some real issues which have been hanging like clouds off in the distance, freeing mental space to focus on new concerns. 

With Venus slowing to take station and go retrograde in Scorpio, those concerns are multilateral and involve personal values, our willingness to risk our ego standing (with ourselves, most of all) and why or how we tend to make commitments to one thing, not another.

Intense interactions may well occur now; if challenged, don't fight, explore the facts of the matter, especially as the New Moon of October 7th opens new lines of investigation.

October 8 - 13: As Venus goes retrograde and the Sun moves into Libra's 3rd and most public decanate (degrees 20-29) feelings surface under external provocation. For good and difficult, this can be a highly reactive moment which some will face up to, some will exult in and others will react to by 'hiding out' and refusing to communicate.

If you have penetrating questions to ask, ask them now - just be prepared. You may hear the explanation of all time, the evasion of the century or something you couldn't have dreamed in a million years which either delights or dismays you.

"Road in Maine" by Edward Hopper 

October 14 - 19: A lot of reactions surface, reflecting Mars' move into Scorpio's 3rd decanate (degrees 20-29). Because Mars/Scorpio is all about 'choice,' this may indicate something as simple as a difference or validation of taste or some request - even demand - for some sort of revision.

Where approval and optimism are forthcoming (either on your part or from others) it's likely to be somewhat tempered by 'unknowns' and considerations of what yet has to be done. This may feel like 'wet blanketing' but especially as Saturn is moving into Libra's 2nd decanate (where thoughts turn to feelings) such hesitation is likely to be an expression of thinking something is good enough and worth enough that it merits whatever care is needed to "get it right."

October 20 - 22: Mercury moving into Scorpio indicates a new 'level' of conversation or communication with the theme being 'investment.' This may involve the risk, this may involve the process, this may involve the need to plan out how a goal can be reached in a step-by-step manner or the focus which will be required to take something from 'theory' into 'reality.'

Saturn moving into the shadow of the retrograde it will take during 2011 tells us that it's worth our time to pay attention and think things through. Those who are bothered by having to defer/postpone gratification may be tempted to push the envelope or overplay their hand now - Venus retrograding back into personal (1st decanate) degrees is now adding a sense of 'I don't care - I just WANT....' to all and sundry.

And let's be real...this may work just fine. But take care where your impatience may curtail or eliminate connections and opportunities. This is one of those moments when thinking long term is annoying, yet probably the best thing you can do. Not insisting on 'having it all' (at least today!) leaves doors open where having a tantrum may earn you a bad reputation and thus limited opportunities down the line.

October 23 - 27: The Sun moving into Scorpio clues us on why things suddenly feel more intense, more critical and yet (given Venus in retrograde) more of a bother, more of a drag and less fun all around.

Mars rolling through Scorpio's last degrees also suggest the source of all such 'necessities' comes not from us, but at some sort of external prompting - be that personal or just things in the news or such.

By paying attention and thinking things through in both the personal and 'greater' (group, societal) terms is  enlightening, though there's a trade off to be sure. The  greater your perspective, the less you're likely to gain and solidify in the short run. Yet the larger and more encompassing your parameters, the more what you plan and do today can pave the way to easier success(es) in months - maybe even years - to come.

Opal - here seen as veins of Australian Opal - is
the birthstone for October. (photo by Aram Dulyan) 

October 28 - 31: Mars entering Sagittarius is likely to manifest as the pace of life increasing on the whole. People becoming more willing to 'experiment' or at least consider options is likely - but as this is done, like as not some 'glitches' will show up, necessitating refinements of thought or methodologies.

With Mercury now in Scorpio's more emotional degrees (which is saying a lot, considering we're talking about Scorpio!) there may be debates and what amount to tug-of-wars for control. Or for the last 'say' on things. Remembering that all Scorpio situations are most profitably approached basing the approach on fact not feeling is difficult maybe...but still pays off, so be wise, not triumphant!

...and Happy Halloween!

 A Halloween Jack 'o' Lantern (photo by Toby Ord)

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