by Boots Hart, CAP

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

News Flash: Venus Station Effects Begin

 Sandro Botticelli's 'Calumny of Apelles (detail)

Because Venus goes retrograde on the 8th, the so-called 'station effects' begin today and end on the 10th. 

To the negative and for the positive, everyone's feelings are ramped up. And our sensitivity is amped up. Maintaining perspective is important. And maybe difficult. But definitely important! 

As with all station periods, things may 'take a turn,' and considering this is a Venus station we're talking about, the theme would be the 'reality' of something. You may be trying to bring it into being...or you may be so wanting it to just go away and leave you alone.

Whatever is going on, with Venus/Huya telling us we need to think beyond ourselves and Mars/Eros representing a whole lot of hyped up energy, this is hardly a subtle set of days. Dynamics are in flux. The air, our bodies, life itself is charged with emotional energy.  Things people don't mean to show get revealed while those they would prefer to be known for seem to get annoyingly downplayed.

We're all a little out of control. Heck, life itself seems out of control!

It's a classic 'left hand doesn't know what the right hand is doing' sort of moment.

 'Drawing Hands' by MC Escher

We all feel a little isolated - and yet not separated enough to feel in control. 

Can we change it? No. But we can dig in and see what's bothering us. That's the real question - why things are getting our attention and evoking our reactions.
With Moon in Libra moving into this station there's a lot of focus on 'the other guy' and the power or talent or position they hold. But don't be fooled. Even if you think they're the star, remember - the star isn't anyone without a positive audience reaction.

Those who have felt undervalued are likely to speak out now. Those who have 'taken' too much on themselves or for themselves will be facing what such imbalances do. 

The challenge is not to contest but to join together. It won't be easy as everybody is feeling more than a little vulnerable. But it is the best way forward; the honesty we are forced to fall back on now in making alliances is testing and telling. Yet in the end if actually expressive of our internal realities, vitally liberating.

"Success" is not the aim in the moment: freeing yourself from emotional bondage...that's the key which in time will allow you to be the person you actually are.

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