by Boots Hart, CAP

Thursday, October 14, 2010

From an Astrologer's Notebook: Venus' Planetary Station

 A digitally altered version of NASA/JPL's photo of Venus

Venus went retrograde last Friday - October 8th. It was an interesting week, listening to people. So much emotional and physical turbulence, confrontations, frustration and bouts with depression (or whatever one found personally 'depressing' to have to deal with).

Friday brought much to a head.

But as Venus actually went into retrograde, personally, I felt the mood begin to lighten. I noticed that my attitudes towards various matters had shifted into a more reflective, cautious mode. My focus turned more towards things in my life which needed preparing for, straightening out (or up) and that which needed to be pruned, repaired or let go of.

With the two-day planetary station "leeway" period ending as of Sunday, I was interested - not overjoyed, mind you, but intrigued by a series of events happening in the lives of people I know personally.  Those who had continued to focus on 'others' were taking the hardest 'hits' and finding life more sour.

Those who had shifted from the perspective of Venus as ruler of Libra and the relationship with 'the other' (where we tend to project the most) to a Venus as ruler of Taurus (as oppositional sign to Scorpio, where Venus is now retrograde) were doing better.

And those who by natural inclination are more of the Taurean type who recognizes all comes - first and foremost - from our own self worth, our values and how we utilize our native abilities or inclinations (Taurean resources)...they were already contemplating how to move ahead. Not instantly, but with a plan. By working through a process.

Some of my friends are into astrology, but not all of them. So that this 'trend' to shift towards consideration of personal values, abilities and how all could be worked on or reshaped or put/packaged differently in order to be better received (Scorpio) in the long run...

...As an astrologer, I just find it interesting to see trends and transits at work in the lives of people, companies and governments which plainly have no knowledge of astrology.

It says so much. But does it mean that by knowing you can go from inertia to going full guns with the flip of a mental switch? No! Yet it does suggest something of the 'going with the flow' nature. If you can figure out how to go with the flow in a direction which suits you, you'll expend less energy and get farther in less time, no?

Some of us will use this retrograde to figure out how to do that. Some of us will have life get sufficiently murky or sticky that in spite of our not wanting to change, we get forced to.

And some of us are inclined to realize that the old saw 'wherever you go, there you are' is really true. We can't be satisfied without being basically happy and secure - and it's that security part which is getting tested during this time.

Among other things, Venus retrograde in Scorpio puts us in situations which test our understanding of what 'security' really means to us. A couple of examples:

Some think that's all about money - and for them, maybe it is. But why? What would they feel if they didn't have money?

Some think having someone to love and be loved by is security. What would they feel if they were totally on their own?

Knowing who we would be if we were 'without' and how that affects us, what it suggests we are or aren't comfortable with about ourselves...that's ultimately what Venus retrograde is about.

I hope to help my friends, be there for anyone lost in some patch of personal darkness and do some work on myself. So far I've wrangled my insurance company into stepping up to get my car fixed after an accident over a month ago where I was not at fault. That's plainly their Scorpio-Venus job. But maybe more important to me is that in doing that, I recognized my ability to get one of these corporate megaliths to cooperate with me hasn't vanished just because I left the 9-to-5 workforce.

And that makes me more comfortable with me, setting the stage for me to feel capable to get other things done...wish me luck!

So here's to your Venus retrograde journey being enlightening and empowering, too. I'd also enjoy hearing hear your Venus retrograde stories - as would (I'm sure) other readers of this blog....which much to my surprise is, in less than six months, being read by people on every continent except Antarctica.

(Anyone know anyone working at one of the science stations in Antarctica?)

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