by Boots Hart, CAP

Thursday, October 7, 2010

The Libra New Moon

 The Moon as seen through Earth's atmosphere (source: NASA)

As October 7 brings the mysterious quality of the 'you see it but don't see it' New Moon to our skies, Venus is on station and many of us are indeed wondering 'what now?'...or 'are things going to get better - or worse?'

Like the New Moon - the unlit light in the sky, this  lurking sense of knowing what's real but also feeling 'in the dark' about things lingers, hanging in the air. It may  be all about truly not knowing. Then again, it may be all about knowing that you don't know what's going to happen - or that you don't know everything you want or feel you need to know about something important.

Or which you think is important...and yet...maybe it isn't as important as you think?

Oh, the unknowns! Its so very unsettling!

So what do we know. Well, for one we know that if you're someone whose natal chart has a point, node or cusp between 8 and 18 of Scorpio, Taurus, Aquarius, Leo, Pisces or Cancer, this New Moon like as not moves you into a 'new phase' with regards to the function(ality) of that point. 

And yet...given Venus about to go retrograde, though things are changing, you don't quite know what they're changing to. That part is yet unknown.

For you, things may see not entirely sweet. Even if they're good, there's a sense that the good may not last. Or that there's some important fact you haven't yet been told.

Just on the face of it, this New Moon occurring at 14 Libra (a 2nd decan 'emotional' degree) also says that this is a very 'feeling' time. You may hear emotions behind someone's words. Something may all of a sudden prompt a feeling reaction on your part. Given the semi-sextile between the New Moon and Venus' position on station, this isn't all comfortable, either.

And it isn't the final word. Things are in flux. They are 'taking a turn' but even that isn't the total bottom line.

Yet none of this needs to spell disaster. Far from it! For some, this will be a moment when you see how things work, when you recognize how to realign yourself or reorient, re-prioritize or reconfigure your efforts so that they become more effective and personally profitable. 

You may even figure out how to get yourself out of some sticky, ikky pickle!

Whatever happens, the thing to understand that with  Venus going retrograde 'easy' isn't the byword of the moment. Nor is 'instant gratification' likely to be on the mortal menu. Taking a bit of care now is apt, though we will all do well not to clog up the works - or to hesitate so long to make our decisions that we miss our chances or get caught in some messy situation! 

Remembering that Venus retrograde can manifest as feeling 'on our own' (even if there are plenty of people around) is also helpful as this New Moon may set up or initiate what you are going to have to work through personally during Venus retrograde. But again, this isn't necessarily "bad." It could be tedious or testing or even testy - Venus in Scorpio is notoriously stubborn and often an indication of frustration and emotional struggles.

Yet that doesn't mean all is lost. Those who work through this period holding to the facts and calm logic may well emerge from Venus retrograde literally enriched. Or at least emotionally enriched. 

As for this New Moon being  at 14 Libra, that adds a note of interactivity. Why? Because Libra is always at least about the 'I and thou,' whether there's one or a whole group on either (or both) sides of that equation. Libra can never simply be in your head. Or about your heart. Fair or unfair, balanced or unbalanced, Libra requires the give/take of interaction.

Libra is also an air sign, making Libra New Moon and the next 14 (and 29) days about the 'idea' of the thing. With Venus going retrograde in Scorpio, that would seem to emphasize the worth of the thing. The value and cost of it. The motives and motivations behind it. The honesty and experience being brought to the table. The integrity or lack of same which is being made evident.

Given this New Moon is at fourteen Libra, conversations are feeling - even emotional. Discussions, debates, even arguments are possible. Given Venus as ruler of Libra, how we handle emotionality (ours or that of others) is key to greater successes - and it's to remember that prompting someone's emotions or an emotional responses may be exactly what's required in order to get things to shift.

It all rather depends on where everyone is starting from. Those who are emotionally reticent may need to express more. People who are emotionally fervent may need to vent, then tone it down.

Whatever happens, people's feelings and perspectives need to be taken into account in order for some 'better' to come out of current doings.And that may not be easy. The Venus/New Moon semi-sextile may require some relinquishing of positions. It may prompt hard feelings. It may cause someone to 'dig in' until November, which is when Venus retrograde will end.

Masks of Comedy and Tragedy as depicted in a
2nd century CE mosaic which was part of the
Baths of Decius on Aventine Hill in Rome

With 14 Libra known as a degree which evidences a general ability to 'don the mask and play the part,' Venus in semi-sextile also asks 'who is behind that mask?' And if that means you stop to think something through or center yourself, that's apt. After all, New Moons have long been cherished as moments for re-centering and setting intentions.

This is exactly what actors often need to do; what separates the good performance from the Oscar winner is not just about knowing the character, but an actor's ability to know their own nature and thus what they have to draw on. And in part, each New Moon/lunation cycle gives us a new chance to know ourselves better and explore who we can be or become.

Here we are acting through Libra - the point where the "I" meets the "you" (or 'them'). And we're doing it as Venus, the idea of making things real in our lives is taking a turn in Scorpio, the sign which in being the polarity to Taurus tests our relationship to our self worth, talents and values - and our ability to risk those things through interactions with others in our world.

Change is likely and it isn't always going to be (or work) as we expect. The (Libra) balance is shifting anew. And (with Venus going retrograde) things are going to take time to resettle in some new configuration.

Speaking of which, this New Moon includes a planetary picture known as a "magic rectangle"....

October 7th's New Moon planetary picture

As pictured above, the objects at either end of the 'short' sides are connected by sextiles (opportunities). These are options, not requirements. 

The first sextile is between Sun/Moon and Ixion/Antares, suggesting you may not feel like 'doing' anything. Ixion is 'entitled ingratitude' and Antares promises success if obsessions are avoided. So should you do something? Should you wait on someone else? Should you require someone to raise the standard of their behavior? Should you write someone off - or could someone write you off now? Is this an apology getting made? One due? Getting ignored? Walking away from someone or something?

Specifics depend on where 14 Libra (the New Moon) and 15 Sag (Ixion and Antares) falls in your natal chart. Whatever it is, if this New Moon (or 13 Scorpio) aspect your natal chart with any specificity, this moment is going to 'mean' something to you. It may be "good riddance" or it may be "finally!" or it may be "WTF?" but it's something.

The other 'short' side being with integral strength of information/being informed (Rigel/Achilles/Aldebaran) and the vast potential (Chaos) which comes of that providing you care to avail yourself of an opportunity (the sextile) to begin something (Klotho)...with a little note that this 'something' is 'platonic' (Amor). 

In other words, this isn't the moment for new hot romance, but it might be the moment to make a great deal. Or work on a friendship. Or when you have an opportunity to learn something which could ultimately be valuable to you. 
The long sides of the magic rectangle are 'ongoing' situational trines with the whole of this picture being whether any of us are willing to own up to our mistakes and make changes. Are we? Are you?

The New Moon tells us this is the moment. Venus retrograde says whatever it is, its not exactly fun.

We might learn to like it, but in this moment...probably everybody's going to be a little resistant now to just about anything or everything.

And if it's just a little? Then maybe you should color yourself lucky!

One of the great Libra lessons is about broadening our perspective. And maybe that's the point. If we feel under pressure or frustrated, maybe this is the month, the time, the lunation when we realize that we really aren't all that terribly alone. Seeing as one of the big Libra precepts is the energetic we know generally as the law of cause-(equaling)-effect, maybe this Libra New Moon is all about learning to give to others and help them with what they need so that in turn, they'll help us with ours.

If that's true, then Venus retrograde becomes a lesson in realizing how selfish and self absorbed we've been. And though that may hurt to admit, once we admit it and let go, it's gone, leaving us to live a life enriched by the rich company we are privileged to keep and love calling our beloved own.

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