by Boots Hart, CAP

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Mercury enters Scorpio: The Power of Thought

 Frozen ice lake in Ulriken-Bergen, Norway (cropped)
photo by Sveter

As Mercury moves into Scorpio at 9:20 (+0/UT, adjust to local time) it's time to start thinking in Scorpio terms and to recognize those Scorpio mannerisms which are now all around us and in the minds of others.

Scorpio is a water sign. It's thus all about our emotions. It's a fixed sign, too - and fixed signs are all about our ability to understand and in learning to tolerate however much we don't understand, to operate productively in spite of whatever insecurity or fear that provokes.

In opposition to Taurus, sign of security, values and self worth, Scorpio tests where we are with regards to those very issues.

So now our thoughts turn to our security, and what we value. Others may question our self worth or do things which amount to tests of our self worth.

Given that, you may ask why the photo of a frozen lake. The answer is this: when emotions (water) become 'fixed'...what does that equal? It equals ice. And this image of Scorpio as ice is an important one to keep in mind. So powerful is this image that when an astrologer finds a horoscope which has no planet set in any earth sign, Scorpio's sheer strength of durable, devoted  feelings and rock-solid loyalties are what they look to next.

This starts with the idea that ice can be thick enough to bear our weight - thus Scorpio is a sign which represents an opportunity. If and where we are able to rise above (and stay above) our own level of fear and/or whatever negative emotions are at hand (symbolically, all the water below the ice) we will be able to literally 'walk on water.' 

Certainly Scorpio is known for passion. But it's also known for feelings which are 'cold as ice.' Decisions arrived at under a Scorpio influence, provided they are arrived at through a 'conviction of correctness' which is not corrupt...those decisions can 'bear weight' - the 'ice' of Scorpio will support them.

At the same time, Scorpio is the plus and the minus of passion: it is dominance and control, it is vulnerability and surrender. Yet on either side of this equation lies the responsibility to own what you do. Being knowingly vulnerable is very different than simply giving up. Domination as a display of arrogance and desirous power is very different than the power of the guardian protector and 'take-charge' leader.

Remember, we're talking Mercury here. So we're talking about our mindset and our ability to think. So during the three weeks or so of Mercury's transit through Scorpio, maintaining control of ourselves and knowing 'what lies below the ice' - in our lives, in our minds, in situations and in the intentions and actions of others - that's  important.

During any Scorpio transit there's a marked tendency to project or focus on 'the other side' rather than to think through one's own rationale and dynamic.

And yet, the key to this sign is like that of all 3rd quadrant signs...whether a planet is transiting Libra, Scorpio or Sagittarius it is the process of interaction which is actually at stake. You need to know your own side, yes. And understanding someone else's point of view is vital too. But it's where and how the two sides meet up which is now the focus. What happens there will define success or setback, advances or costs.

That Mercury enters 0 Scorpio in the company of asteroid Lilith (that which we don't like facing in ourselves) and Panacea (making peace) gives us a clear picture that first and foremost, we need to cope with ourselves. Who we are and what we bring to any moment is all about how we deal with being who we are, how well we understand ourselves and the level of emotional responsibility we take for ourselves.

By implication, some level of peacemaking needs to go on now...and in all likelihood, we will need that in situations of the moment.

Left behind at 29 Libra is asteroid Child; it's apparently time to do a little more growing up.

In opposition stands Kallisto - a literal 'bear' of an image which represents our ability to go through and get past our own 'beastly' or 'animalistic' qualities (past or present) to the point where we can become a star and stand as a constellation in the sky by which others can guide their lives and future.

 The myth of Callisto, for whom is named the asteroid Kallisto,
ends with Callisto being turned into a prominently placed star in
our night sky. Is this a warning or inspiration? Probably both. 
Ursa Major - the Big Bear/Big Dipper - is the constellation which is
now Callisto's home. As photographed from Kalalau Lookout in 
Hawaii's Kokee State Park by Wikipedia contributor Gh5046,
the Great Bear's 'dipper' reminds us to 'contain' ourselves even
while realizing that given earth's precessionary cycle, everything
changes. Today's 'hard solution' may have to evolve - as life does
- slowly but surely, in time becoming something totally different.

 Whatever these next few weeks hold, they depend on us - on our ability to tolerate and even grow through those things which challenge us most, including how those things are tested by our interactions and society at large.

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